How Insulin Will Harm You?! Dwight Lundell, MD (Heart Surgeon)

I’ve been a heart surgeon for more than 30 years! The best part has been emergency medicine! The ER is pure brilliance. It reflects man's victory over premature death.  

Dwight Lundell, MD (Cardiology / Heart Surgeon))


But there’s a dark side to medicine, too - the untrammeled greed and disregard for human life as reflected by risking costs for meds. For example, the cost of insulin has soared to unconscionable highs! And this has led to wrongful and downright criminal prescribing habits among Type II diabetics. If you’re currently jabbing yourself to beat this type of diabetes, you might as well write a suicide note.


There are better natural ways...


But first, you must understand how insulin will harm you!

Insulin is the hormone that regulates blood sugar. It’s essential for life. Before 1921, if your pancreas didn’t make insulin, you were doomed as a Type I diabetic.


Dr. Frederick Banting came to their rescue. His team successfully extracted insulin from an animal and injected it into a type I diabetic, thus saving his life. He knew his discovery could be exploited for great profits because the patients could not live without it. So, he sold the rights to the University of Toronto for one dollar. 


Think about that…

The university, unfortunately, had no experience in producing medicines and did not keep up with the demand. Eli Lilly took over. It now costs around $100,000 a gallon. 


Not only are Big Pharma and Wall Street robbing insurance companies, but they're also poisoning Type II diabetics with insulin jabs!


When you’re suffering from Prediabetes or Type II diabetes, you have TOO much insulin, already! Adding gas to the fire, prescription insulin causes you to gain weight and FURTHER complicates insulin RESISTANCE! This leads to heart disease and cancer!



I hope you’re not one of the 30 million with type II diabetes or the 84 million with pre-diabetes, but if you are, I urge you to take your health into your own hands and control your blood sugar naturally.


For over 15 years I've been using all-natural botanicals as the definitive solution to high blood sugar and the complications that follow: obesity, high triglycerides, and A1C...while simultaneously avoiding meds, insulin, Type II diabetes, heart disease, and cancer!


Dr. Lundell Continues,

Here’s why it works so well:

Most conditions are a result of chronic inflammation which disrupts normal bodily functions. Your body is a healing factory. Just like women can create a human being, the body can create good health. No matter what it is from diabetes to cancer to heart disease, the body can eliminate all of them when sugar is controlled!


Even the bastion of medicine, the Mayo Clinic has confirmed that controlling blood sugar is your greatest health asset.


1 out of 3 Americans are pre-diabetic and 90% of them don’t know about it (according to the statistics published by the government agency: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). 
84 million people have prediabetes, which puts them at risk of developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.  


Pre-diabetes has no clear symptoms and therefore it can go undetected for many years until serious health problems arise. It is not guaranteed that your doctor is screening for prediabetes during your annual physical, which is why most people don’t know that they are pre-diabetic.

For anyone battling sugar woes, a good quality formula that contains all-natural herbs, vitamins and minerals is the surefire way to make a healthy comeback… 


* Without it, excess sugar binds to fats to make triglycerides. 


* Excess sugar binds to hemoglobin to raise A1C.


* Excess sugar also binds to arteries, causing heart disease.


* Excess sugar also feeds cancer.



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3- Fulvic Acid, able to easily pass through cellular membranes, allowing nutrients to be properly absorbed. 


4- Chromium, working with insulin to help transport glucose into cells. 


5- ALA: Shown in multiple studies proven to have a role in preventing B-cell destruction and enhancing insulin sensitivity.
6- Amla Fruit Powder and much more…
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Note: consult your physician if you're using any medications or if you're pregnant. 
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