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After more than 30 years of cancer research, the best the conventional cancer establishment can say is "we're making headway." In 1996,  Scientific American devoted an entire issue to cancer. At the time, editors John Rennie and Ricki Rusting said, "There is no way to skirt the fact that the combined death rate for all cancers has yet to come down."

Dr. Burton Goldberg


There are many steps you can take to decrease your risk of contracting breast cancer, according to Dr. Burton Goldberg, noted alternative medicine authority, in his ground-breaking documentary video Cancer Conquest.
The alternative medicine community believes cancer must be fought on the multiple fronts on which it attacks the body. The body is a complicated biological system in which each component affects the others. In fact, 33 individual factors can contribute to cancer, including sunlight, diet, nutritional deficiencies, exercise, chronic stress, hormones, polluted water, irradiated foods, food additives, viruses, free radicals, genetic predisposition -- the list is extensive and the factors are interrelated. Only the multimodal approach I espouse addresses the interrelation of these many factors in formulating a treatment protocol to attack cancer on every front. 
  • Avoid high-fat, high-calorie diets which increase your cancer risk dramatically. Fat is a source of estrogens, free radicals, and pesticides, all of which can promote breast cancer. The ideal fat content is 10-20% of your diet's total calories, the balance achieved in a predominantly vegan diet.  
  • Estrogen Replacement Therapy (ERT), often recommended for postmenopausal women, can significantly increase the risk of developing breast cancer. The use of estriol, a relatively harmless form of estrogen, and natural progesterone can help relieve symptoms without exposing women to the increased cancer risks of ERT.
  • Buy organic foods, available these days in most local grocery stores. Chronic low-level exposure to pesticides and other organohalogen compounds is prevalent in the general population. High concentrations of PCBs, DDE, and DDT in the breast tissue of some cancer patients have been traced to food. Pesticide use represents a   hidden killer because these chemicals not only directly promote tumor growth, but can suppress the immune system, thereby increasing susceptibility to disease.
  • Minimize exposure to low-level ionizing radiation.
  • Increase the intake of dietary antioxidants (from fruits, vegetables, and vitamin supplements).
  • Exercise regularly but in moderation. Engage in regular aerobic exercise that strengthens the heart and burns fat.
  • Have a baby (pregnancy reduces a woman's lifetime estrogen exposure).
  • Breastfeed your baby (lactation helps discharge pesticides and other toxins from the breast.
  • Avoid magnetic fields from power lines, electrical appliances, computers, and geopathic lines as these electromagnetic fields may alter the brain's ability to heal and repair, as well as hampering protein synthesis and melatonin production. Melatonin appears to help prevent breast cancer.
  • Detox
  • Try Intermediate fasting 
Remember, once cancer and other diseases are diagnosed after years of health negligent, It's a lot harder to treat and much more costly...
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