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Folic acid has been linked to cancer!

When Do We start Applying Knowledge Based On Undisputed Science / Stop Trusting Our (Emperors) Physicians regarding prescriptions like for Folic Acid?

Subsequently,  when people (particularly women of childbearing age) consume large amounts of folic acid through vitamins and other fortified foods, the body cannot break it down and elevated levels of unmetabolized folic acid ultimately enters the bloodstream.

One of the dangers associated with this boost of folic acid in our systems is that it has been linked to cancer.

In her article published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Cornelia M. Ulrich from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, sums up the research nicely:

“Although increases in folate before the existence of preneoplastic lesions (such as aberrant crypt foci or polyps in the colon) can prevent tumor development, supplementation with synthetic folic acid may enhance progression once preneoplastic lesions are present.”

The perfect example of this can be seen in, an article published by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in 2007.

A randomized controlled trial of nearly 1,000 people conducted over a three-year period uncovered that supplementing with folic acid (1 mg/d) literally showed an increased risk of advanced cancer (multiple adenomas). In Ulrich’s words;

“These results suggest that the role of folate in fostering the growth of pre-cancerous cells is a real concern for humans at intakes that can be achieved with a combination of supplement use and fortification with folic acid.”

High Foliate Foods

It is important to keep in mind that folic acid was relatively non-existent in our diet until being first introduced in 1943. After it was shown to help prevent the risk of developing neural tube defects in infants, it became part of the mandatory food fortification list in 1998.

Until then, humans received their vitamin B9 naturally in the foods that they ate.

The highest folate foods include;

  • Citrus fruits and juices
  • Dark green leafy vegetables

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