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Green Tea: Does it Really Prevent Cancer ? Dr. James Meschino

Green Tea- Does it Really Prevent Cancer?

Dr. James Meschino

→ Some studies suggest that green tea may have cancer preventive effects

  • Green tea comes from the same plant as black tea (green tea is not fermented like black tea is; That’s the difference!)
  • Green tea contains higher concentrations of anti-cancer agents known as polyphenols.

EGCG is vital.


  • Acts as a powerful antioxidant
  • Quenches free radicals
  • Increases detoxification in the body
  • Reduces risk of cancer in the liver, lungs, intestinal tract, stomach, and esophagus

 These polyphenolic compounds also increase detoxification in the body.

Drinking green tea has been linked to a decreased risk of stomach cancer 

Other Anti-Cancer Effects

  • Inhibits formation of cancer-causing nitrosamines
  • Attaches to estrogen receptors (reduces the risk of breast/uterine/prostate cancer)
  • Mildly reduces cholesterol and blood stickiness 

With respect to heart disease, green tea has been known to mildly lower LDL and tends to make your blood a little less sticky, being a little less prone to abnormal clots forming that can be problematic.

But Wait, before you jump into your car to purchase another green tea product, Know this,

University of Colorado: " Green tea without lipid delivery could not be detected in the blood at all! (As seen in the chart below)

Thus, if green tea has such magnificent health benefits, but for all these years, these benefits were not delivered to the bloodstream, yet many still hail of its health benefits, just imagine of the tremendous benefits when EGCG is delivered to the bloodstream with New Lipid Technology, and this is only possible with the formulation from

Look for new formulas, and one will contain green tea along with a few amazing ingredients. (In R&D  and should be ready for shipping end of July.)

Cheers to your health