"Diet and Lifestyle Conditioning Can Change Your Genes Expression".Rhonda Patrick Ph.D.

"92% Epigenetic"

Let's start first with Dr. Russell Jaffe

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Rhonda Patrick Ph.D.

  •  Your diet especially micronutrients, exercise and hyperthermic conditioning can change your gene expression.


    What does gene expression mean?

    • Genes that are expressed are active and they are doing what they are supposed to do while genes that are not expressed are inactive and not doing what they are supposed to do even if they are present. This is known as gene expression and expression of thousands of genes can be measured at once by gene microarray profiling
    • Changes in our genes are regulated by our diet, sleep patterns, stress levels and exercise etc. For example a particular micronutrient vitamin D, which is fat soluble, is converted into a steroid hormone that regulates the expression of over 900 genes in human body, regulating 124th of the human genome. Vitamin D can also turn on and off the expression of genes.

    Mechanisms of Vitamin D

    • It regulates brain functions which impact behavior. It turns on expression of a gene that makes an enzyme tryptophan hydroxylase, which is a rate limiting enzyme that converts tryptophan into serotonin. Serotonin in turn regulates wide variety of behaviors such as aggression, anxiety, emotional behavior, cognitive functioning, learning and memory.
      The importance of vitamin D can be seen in this picture. In the above picture, the mice are about 4 ½ years old and the mouse on the left is vitamin D deficient while the mouse on the right has normal levels of vitamin D. The lower picture has been taken 4 months later and the immense aging effects of vitamin D deficiency are clearly visible in the mouse on lower left.

          • Exercise: Exercise also increases telomere length. Research done on 2500 twin pairs showed that twins that were most active had longest telomeres while those sedimentary had shortest telomeres. They had a difference of 10 years in telomere length. 10 years biological age difference from people who were most physically active to those who were sedimentary.
          • A classic study done in Duke university highlighted the necessity of having a good diet. They took agouti mice having yellow fur that is caused by the agouti gene. This yellow fur predisposes them to obesity, cancer and type II diabetes. They took female mice and fed them a diet high in vitamin B, folic acid and B12 3 weeks before they got pregnant. They found that these mice had silenced that agouti gene. Their offspring had it but it was not expressed. So they no longer had that yellow fur and were not predisposed to cancer, obesity etc. This really highlights the importance of having a good nutrition.


          Dr. Rhonda Patrick: "How is it that we can change the expression of our Genes?

          (Less than 4 minutes video)



          Brief Summary
          Our diet especially micronutrients in our diet (vitamins & minerals), exercise routine, stress levels, sleep patterns and hyperthermic conditioning can change the expression of our genes. This change in our expression of genes affects how we age and also our performance in terms of endurance enhancements. This also affects our offspring dramatically by transferring healthy genes or unhealthy expression genes (nutrients deficient genes).



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