What's The Ideal pH for drinking water?

"Is alkaline water beneficial or is its long-term use is harmful"? 

Dr. Russel Jaffe'
The very important question as the water that we drink has a greater impact than the water we use in our food in regards to our mineral balance.
*I am reminded that a classic study was done in Massachusetts where they had two wells. On top of one well they put sodium chloride and the people of that side of town were taking in so much of sodium chloride and the chloride makes your body acidic. Sodium is important but it is kept outside the cell. You need a balance of sodium and potassium just as you need a balance of calcium and magnesium and a balance of copper and zinc because inside the cell it is mostly potassium, magnesium, and zinc.


*The way the Pellegrino water is packed if you measure its pH it is 6.5 and I like the effervescence sparkly water so that’s my preference. I recommend that you get the well water from below the bedrock level I call that the third aquifer. You don’t want to drink the groundwater or water that is just below the surface. You can ask any well-digger where the bedrock is and how far below it you will have to go to get the aquifer and you can get that. There also companies that can provide you fresh mountain water not purified water not water that is treated in their chemical plants not processed water but actually water that is from below the bedrock level.

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