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Regarding Alkaline Water. Dr. Debra DeMarta, MD.

Dr. Debra DeMarta, MD. 

Alkaline Water Filters produce living water that's energized structured water full of electrons to keep your family healthy. “In our practice of colorectal and rectal surgery, we need the best and most pure water for treating our patients. We realized that bad water kills and is an electron stealer. It creates oxidation, which robs the body and the immune system of the ability to fight age and disease. Quality structured alkaline water provides the antioxidants we all need.

It is an electron donor, which puts out the oxidation fire. We use pH Prescription Alkaline Filter is the true alkaline filter. (If you want to maximize your alkaline benefits, adding a daily antioxidants supplements to your diet such as vitamin A, C and Resveratrol, etc. that contains the highest antioxidants rich electron donors.)

A good filter should has extend the benefits including increasing the pH of tap water to 10, achieving an Oxidation Reduction Potential of -500mv, emitting far-infrared rays, and producing shorter cluster chains in the water molecule. Drinking pure clean water have real health benefits that you can see and feel.

Raising pH Alkaline Water to 8.5 – 9.5 to help reduce acidity in the body, a significant cause of many illnesses. Increases oxygen and electrons in the water to make “living” water. Water molecules are re-structured for better cell membrane assimilation and hydration. Real Alkaline Water is energized to work with all supplements especially antioxidants in full synergy.

 Cheers to your health-

Team Looking Vibrant