Links Between Dementia, Hypothyroidism, B12 Deficiency, and Lyme Disease Revealed

How I Recovered From the Devastating Effects of Lyme Disease

Losing one’s mind is a horrible experience. The irony is that you need some of your mind still available to recognize that you are losing it, so you can stop the loss. This is my story of a sudden, unexpected descent into a black void from which there seemed to be no escape. Yet in the end, I did escape and am now approaching what I once took for granted as normal brain function.

To prepare for this feature, I read more than 2,000 mainstream medical articles on PubMed, downloaded about 100 for intensive study, and read a dozen books on Lyme disease, thyroid disease, and vitamin B12 deficiency.


I have never before done such an extensive survey of medical research on any topic. Why? There is nothing like personal experience to unleash my focused rage at a medical system that allows such avoidable suffering. As has been my usual experience, the published research is superb and produced by the world’s top universities, but the actual treatment of Lyme disease, thyroid disorders, and nutrient deficiencies is distorted by politics and prejudice.

According to the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation, “Lyme is a Borreliosis caused by the Borrelia bacteria, which commonly infects animals like birds, mice, other small rodents, and deer. Ticks pick up the bacteria by biting infected animals, and then pass it on to other animals, including human hosts. There are many strains or genospecies of Borrelia that cause Lyme disease in humans just as there are many strains of the ’flu virus that cause ’flu symptoms in humans, with some strains more virulent than others.”

Thanks to the international attention which has now been focused on Lyme disease, extensive research has taught us that the Lyme bacteria can be transmitted by ticks, mosquitoes, through bird poop, sexual intercourse with an infected person, saliva from an infected dog, and blood transfusions from blood donors.


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My Own Story of Infection and Recovery

In 2012, I became sick with Lyme disease. It was mostly the strain of bacteria that causes arthritis. In fact, several members of my family were infected after one of our grandchildren returned from India sick with Lyme; there she was properly diagnosed but in Canada, it was a struggle getting proper treatment. Her Indian test results were dismissed by Toronto infectious disease doctors, and her Canadian test results came back as negative because it excludes testing the Borrelia species found in India. Fortunately, all of the infected people in my family were able to recover from this particular Lyme virus through treatment with Bioresonance therapy. [1]

Then in 2016, I became sick with Lyme disease a second time. After moving to Manitoulin Island in 2015, we were exposed to untreated rainwater for some months from our cisterns where rainwater is collected; it is our only source of bathing water (we drank and cooked with spring water). I suspect the rainwater must have contained traces of bird droppings (which Canadian researchers have found can contaminate water with Lyme bacteria, especially in the north country). Skin contact is quite sufficient to cause infection (like the scientist after whom the Lyme bacteria are named, Willy Burgdorfer, experienced himself). Testing showed that I was infected with more than 40 varieties of Borrelia, of which the Burgdorfer strain is only one. All of these varieties have the ability to invade the brain with Lyme infection. (We now have an ultraviolet water treatment system.)

Because I am allergic to antibiotics, I was unable to take them for treatment of the Lyme bacteria. So I was once again fortunate to undergo an extended period of bioresonance vibrational therapy to clear the Lyme infection. It took almost a year and it worked, although halfway through the treatment regime I suffered a classic Lyme stroke. But fortunately, I was able to regain use of my right arm and leg as well as my vision within about 12 hours of the stroke, due to immediate administration of bioresonance therapy on the day after the stroke.

There was excellent research done in Germany, Poland, and the U.S. on how Lyme bugs attack the brain and cranial nerves, causing strokes. It showed that the classic Bell’s Palsy symptom which signals a Lyme infection is caused by Lyme attacking the seventh cranial nerve.

Link Between Lyme Infection, Thyroid Disease, and B12 Deficiency

What I did not consider, while fighting this second round of Lyme infection, was that Lyme on the brain also harms the thyroid, and drastically depletes vitamin B12 reserves in the liver. Both of those problems are exacerbated by another debilitating condition familiar to chronic Lyme patients – namely adrenal fatigue. Lyme disease can cause an overgrowth of H. pylori bacteria in the gut, which also depletes B12. So for anybody with a history of stomach ulcers, like myself, a Lyme infection can cause a triple whammy to the brain, the central nervous system, and the thyroid. All are dependent on optimal levels of active Vitamin B12, not just liver reserves.

From the time of infection in 2016, through the summer and fall of 2018, my deterioration progressed slowly. But by late 2018, my deterioration started to accelerate. It got to a point where I could no longer understand a written sentence unless I read it three times. So I just stopped reading. My hands and feet were always cold, my vision was getting worse, and I had to get special glasses for driving. It was only while driving that my severe balance problems and vertigo did not bother me, so I drove as often and as long as I could because that was the only time I felt like myself.

My ears were ringing all the time, making it hard to fall asleep. Fatigue became so overwhelming that the smallest chores were a pain. I slept 12 hours every night, but it was not restful sleep. And upon waking, I found the room spinning. Even watching a video was too much; I would find it hard to breathe and my heart felt like it was thundering against my chest. Only music was still a pleasure, as were our gorgeous views over Georgian Bay and the Killarney Provincial Park.

My hair became dry and brittle and kept falling out with every brushing. My fingers became stiff and it was hard to make both my thumbs touch my forefingers. My hands were too shaky for keyboarding so I bought a dictation device. My breathing was basically panting unless I sat still or lay down. When getting dressed I would often stumble and fall on the floor. My voice was so hoarse that it was difficult to keep up a conversation. I walked like a rag doll, arms and legs barely controlled. Then my right leg started to drag so I bought a walking stick.

“Who the hell is this?” I used to think when looking into a mirror. My face was swollen and looked like a pancake, my eyebrows started thinning. One day, looking at this strange face, the fog bank in my mind stopped long enough to reveal a ray of memory, namely the book by Dr. Mark Starr, Hypothyroidism Type 2: The Epidemic (2005). Maybe my swollen eyelids caused this recall because there were so many pictures in that book of women looking like me. Or maybe it was the memory of my interviews with the late Dr. R. Kidd who specialized in thyroid issues. I asked my husband to read the book.


The Light Bulb Goes On

After Bob read Dr. Starr’s book on hypothyroidism he immediately recognized the same symptoms in me – they are very pronounced and clear even before the blood is tested. Additionally, I remembered that hypothyroidism is a common, almost inevitable, secondary health issue directly caused by Lyme infections. It was, after all, in the book I had written on Lyme [2]: the entire protocol used by ILADS is reproduced in it and specifically mentions this problem and makes B12  a mandatory treatment, in addition to antibiotics. That was when the light bulb went on! I was tested and found to be extremely low in both thyroid hormones and B12 levels. So a treatment regime was instigated by Dr. Fred Hui to bring my thyroid function back to normal, and raise my blood levels of B12 back to optimal range.


B12 is to life what gasoline is to transportation. A patient with a Lyme-damaged thyroid gland, and a brain fighting to recover from Lyme damage to the myelin sheaths encasing nerves, and also with stressed-out adrenals, can only have a hope of success if  B12 is made available in very generous amounts. While it is important to get the full complex of all B vitamins together every day because they work synergistically, B12 is one of the most critical keys to health. This is because B12 performs specific tasks which are the equivalent of the energy supply for all organs and systems in the body. Once blood levels of B12 go below 300, all systems can start crashing. Also, desiccated thyroid supplements must be provided to Lyme patients with low thyroid function (the synthetic thyroid drug works only on about 40% of people, but desiccated thyroid works on everybody).

Cutting out gluten is very helpful, too. Also, avoiding all forms of fluoride (toothpaste, shower water, kitchen tap water) is absolutely necessary so that a person’s B12 reserves are not destroyed or further depleted.

Furthermore, it is vital to reject the current status quo dispensed by most doctors on what constitutes normal thyroid hormone and B12 levels. (That is unless you live in Japan, which has the lowest rate of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, or the Netherlands where they treat B12 and thyroid issues properly according to symptoms, not the one-size-fits-all tests based on poor science.) What Western medicine has accepted as “the normal range” is not based on science. You would be well advised, if you ever had Lyme or barely functioning adrenal glands, to get your B12 levels tested and get a thyroid test. Go to a naturopath, or a doctor who makes this testing available, even if it is not covered by OHIP.

I have Dr. Fred Hui to thank for starting me on this enormous research journey into the true science behind Lyme disease and recovery. If he hadn’t, Vitality might have had to publish a nice little obituary about me before the end of this year. Instead, I am almost free of symptoms today, after four months of treatment.

The following references are of top scientific and clinical quality, but so enormous as to stretch the mind. I am posting a short version here and an extended version further down, of a reading list and scientific sources, fully annotated, to help you find your way back to the brain, thyroid, and adrenal health, and keep the Lyme bugs away.


Resources and References – Short List
[1] More information on Bio-resonance therapy can be found in my tribute to Dr. Korman at
Clinics where bioresonance is currently available include:
  • KORMAN LIFESTYLE COUNSELLING, 19718 Kennedy Road, Sharon, Ont. 
  • EUROPEAN HEALTH CARE CENTRE, 168 Sheppard Ave. West, Toronto
  • ECOHEALTH AND WELLNESS, Dr. Jozef Krop, MD (retired) 6517A Mississauga Road, Mississauga, Ontario.


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