Why Are Consumers Spending Billions On Tea? 

A young entrepreneur from Australia who's a digital expert says, "We've used nice images with nicely designed water bottle infusers with added fruits to engage and build our audience with marketing messages around Detox Tea that led to more than $600,000 in sales in just a few months."
She goes on to say, "on the first birthday of our company, we've sold one million dollars worth of teas in just one day. 5 years later we've sold over $11,000,000". (She also went on to say that she has lost one million dollars worth of tea shipped from China which was rotted and molded by the time it arrived in Australia.)
Another Tech savvy entrepreneur said in an interview with Elena Cardone: "I've started selling Green tea online as detox tea (using influencers and social media marketing). I've sold over $400,000 the first year from my one-bedroom apartment in Tampa Florida".  "And Since then, our sales now increased to many millions in just a few short years".  

We're not against hardworking smart and successful entrepreneurs and we want to congratulate all entrepreneurs on their success...


Research Article: The Benefits, and Risks of Consuming Brewed Tea

Beware of Toxic Element Contamination!  
73% of teas brewed for 3 minutes and 83% brewed for 15 minutes having lead levels considered unsafe for consumption during pregnancy and lactation.


China burns about half of the world’s coal, spewing heavy metals such as mercury and lead into the atmosphere that affects the development of neighboring children. What if you don’t live in China or eat anything produced there? You could still be exposed to the mercury that settles in the oceans if you eat fish and other seafood. What if you drink something from China? Tea. China is one of the world’s biggest tea exporters, but their rapid industrialization has raised concerns about contamination with lead, a toxin that can affect almost every organ in the body. The more lead there is in the soil, the more lead there is that ends up in the tea leaves. And, the closer to the highway the tea is grown, the higher the lead levels. This suggests that leaded gas, which wasn’t banned in China until the year 2000, may be playing a role in the contamination of tea grown there.

Just like larger and longer-living fish accumulate more mercury, longer-living tea leaves accumulate more lead. Young tea leaves appear to have two to six times less lead than mature leaves, so the young leaves that are used to make green and white tea have significantly less lead than the older leaves used to make black and oolong tea. As well, the lead in black and oolong tea appears to be released much more readily into the tea water when brewed. This means the health risk from lead may be 100 times lower for green tea compared to oolong and black.

Because certain fungicides may have heavy metal impurities, one might assume organic teas would be less contaminated. However, a study of 30 common teas taken from North American store shelves showed no less toxic element contamination in organic teas than regular teas, though, organic teas would presumably have much less pesticide contamination. In terms of lead, the source of the tea—that is, the country of origin—appears to be the most important factor.

  • Drink spring water instead.
  • Add lemon juice and Oregano It will help you alkalize your body without spending money on a green/free from lead.
"What you don't know, you don't know if it's going to kill you or heal you"


Here are just a few facts that you need to know before you waste another dollar on Green Tea! 

  • "In the 1800s, more than One Million British Navy died from Vitamin C Deficiency. What’s known today as Scurvy disease".


  • Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum Says: "D deficiency causes tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths every year in the United States from heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and dementia". 


  • Book Ref Dead Doctors Don’t Lie: “The main cause of all sudden death syndrome in 3500 human autopsies and 17,500 animal autopsies that Dr. Joel Wallach carried out was a lack of trace minerals/micronutrients in the body”.


  •  Dr. Rhonda Patrick: "A Double Strands Break is a biomarker for inflammation, cancer, and aging caused by nutrition deficiency". 


  • Dr. Bruce Ames Stated in His Research Paper: “Deficiency in Vitamin D, Zinc, Calcium, Folate, Magnesium, Potassium, B12, Selenium, Omega-3 EFA, Niacin, Choline, and E, Cause DNA Damage /Mutation (Double Strand break) just as if you are exposed to Radiation 24/7. Which leads to many diseases including cancer and accelerate aging. 

  • Dr. Bruce continues: 'There is apex. 30 substances, 15 vitamins, and 15 minerals, if you don't get any one of these, you should die".

  • "Coronary Heart Disease, the cause of heart attacks and strokes is an early form of scurvy". Dr. Rath Matthias

  • Dr. Russell Blaylock (Neurosurgeon): “Most Cancer Are Caused by Poor Nutrition” And the list goes on...

As we can see from just these few facts presented that an increase in diseases, accelerates aging and even the cause of death is in direct correlation with Vitamins & Minerals deficiency and not the lack of herbs or Green Tea...


If you want the antioxidants benefits of green tea (Polyphenols), you're not going to get it from drinking green tea!


Let's Separate Facts From Fiction

Clinical Trial - University of Colorado




New Lipid CELLG (Liposomal) Technology Has Changed The Game When it Comes to Delivering Meaningful Antioxidants & Nutritional Supplementation to the Bloodstream.


The liposomal creators at Lookingvibrant.com tested bioavailability among the same group of respondents in the University of Colorado study, this time using Green tea with a new CELLG Lipid /Liposomal Powder Technology as a delivery method in a capsule.


A significant amount of Green tea EGCG (The antioxidant and pro-oxidant activities of green tea polyphenols) was detected in the participant's bloodstream 45 minutes after they had consumed the lipid green tea powder (capsule) as seen in the chart below.


If Knowledge is not used, its another form of waste!

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