CoQ10-ZC50 (Heart Health)

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  • The smallest CoQ10 capsule
  • Zero Chinese Ingredients


What makes This CoQ10 unique from all other CoQ10 on the market?
Solubility > Bioavailability > Absorption
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CoQ10-ZC is a unique, Stabilized
 form of ubiquinol — Patented by SGT developed world-first robust formulation with ingredients that protect it from being oxidized and crystallized.
Strongly dependent on stomach contents: CoQ10 is a large molecule contributing to its 1% poor absorption. Plus, when CoQ10 is produced commercially, Crystals have formed that melt when they reach 118°F or 48°C.  (The average normal body temperature is 98.6°F (37°C).   
Why We All Need CoQ10? 
Dr. Terry Dubrow: "Every cell in your body contains CoQ10. CoQ10 converts ADP into ATP!


Chrystal Free CoQ10,  the world's first stabilized, translucent, and 100% (soluble) patented Zero Crystal,
  • 430% higher plasma area under the curve of reduced and total CoQ10.
  • 330% higher plasma area under the curve of oxidized CoQ10.
Book Over-The-Counter-Natural-Cure:  
WITHOUT IT THE HEART WILL FAIL. Statin Drugs Reduced CoQ10 by 50% in just 30 days!
However, there's a long list of pharmaceuticals drugs that rob your body of CoQ10, Without it, the Heart Fails. Congestive Heart Failure is the outcome!  

Dr. Al Sears says: 
"When we ran one of the first clinical studies on CoQ10, we discovered that 87% of my patients had low levels of CoQ10".




Dr. Dwight Lundell  Says:
After dinner, check your blood sugar one hour later, if it's over 130, don’t eat next time what you ate. (you can do that with any meal.)
Keeping blood sugar low is the path to good health and especially good heart health. The path to ill health is CHRONIC Hyperglycemia, which leads to Insulin resistance. It’s basically a condition caused by eating too many carbohydrates.


Heart Health Protocol Recommendation: 



2-Glucose Balance-X100

3-Advanced Pre/Probiotics-X20 

4-Liposome C

5-Salmon Oil



What you don't know, you don't know if it's going to heal you or kill you!


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