Organic Hair & Nail (Certified Organic by QAI.*)

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Healthy People = Healthy Planet 


Original Whole Food Supplement for Hair and Nails Since 1995

(4 capsule contains 100% organic herbal blend:1425mg)


Give your hair and nails a natural boost with these powerful, organic wholefood vegetarian capsules. Formulated with natural ingredients, the product is isolate and synthetic vitamin-free and there are no fillers, additives, or preservatives either.

  • 100% pure and all-natural
  • Made with certified organic ingredients
  • Totally isolate and synthetic vitamin-free
  • Filler free, additive-free, preservative-free
  • Free from yeast, gluten, dairy, soy, and corn
  • Free from artificial colors, flavors, preservatives
  • Non-heated, non-irradiated natural hair vitamin
  • Not fermented, magnesium stearate free capsules
  • Vegetarian and vegan hair and nail nutrition
  • One of the first whole food supplement (since 1995)
  • Proudly Made in the USA

Here are a few more benefits to the product:

  • It’s free from yeast, gluten, dairy, soy, and corn
  • It’s a non-heated, non-irradiated natural hair vitamin
  • It hasn’t been fermented and it’s free from magnesium stearate

Most people experience some hair loss at some point in their lives, but the good news is you can put some steps in place to prevent it. While hair strands become smaller (and have less pigment) as you age, this product will ensure more volume, while also strengthening your nails.

Nails, particularly toenails, may become hard and thick and ingrown toenails may be more common. The tips of the fingernails may fragment, and longitudinal ridges can also develop in the fingernails and toenails.

Four capsules daily are all that’s required to help combat these signs of aging, though. Do be aware that you should consult your medical practitioner if you’re pregnant and before taking any hair and nail nutritional supplements. Suitable for people aged 16 and over, these supplements will give your hair and nails all the nourishment and encouragement they need. 

  1. This hair and nail vitamin uses all organic whole food ingredients to increase the nutrients required for maintaining healthy hair and nail growth;
  2. The capsules are purely derived from whole food organic ingredients. You may find a natural vitamin that contains capsules with fillers, binders, and lubricants such as magnesium stearate which uses stearic acid and other binders for faster production. There are studies that show that these chemicals have negative effects on the immune system;
  3. This is an excellent vegan supplement suitable for Lacto vegetarians;
  4. Hair and Nail supplement is probably the purest supplement that you and your family will ever take.

Take 4 capsules daily. Please note that this is a natural supplement that is purely derived from food ingredients that are rich in nutrients which the body assimilates and absorbs better than synthetics.


Organic Celery (seed), Organic Sesame (seed), Organic Sunflower (seed), Organic Cayenne (fruit), Organic Lentil (pulse), Organic Turmeric (root), Organic Pumpkin (seed), Organic Kelp (aerial), Organic Bladderwrack (aerial), Organic Horsetail Herb.

Consult your medical practitioner if pregnant before taking any hair and nail nutritional supplement. Suitable for age groups above 16 years old.
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