Sleep: 4 Sleep Secrets That Can Help You Manage Your Mental Health

Sleep: 4 Sleep Secrets That Can Help You Manage Your Mental Health


After countless articles and research on the importance of quality sleep, you likely know that you need good sleep in order to maintain good mental health. Still, many adults and children in Australia are missing out on the quality sleep they need to feel healthy and happy. That could be due to crazy-busy schedules, but it can also be due to some misconceptions about how to get the best sleep, especially on a tight budget. So if you need help falling asleep and getting more restful sleep, read these tips from Lookingvibrant to learn more.


You Should Invest in a Quality Mattress…

Search the web and you can find information to support just about any argument. One thing that’s not up for debate when it comes to your emotional health and sleep quality, however, is the importance of your mattress. When you sleep on a worn-out old mattress, you could be unknowingly contributing to feelings of stress and anxiety. So, if your mattress feels lumpy or if it’s been a few years since you purchased it, you should think about whether it’s time to invest in a new one.

...But You Can Probably Save on Sheets

If you can swing it, splurging a bit on a new mattress can provide a big boost to the quality of your sleep. But what you don’t need to splurge on is your bedding. You can save by opting for plain old cotton sheets instead of pricey pima options. Just try to avoid getting duped by the myth that higher thread count = more comfort. Even sheets with thread counts as low as 200 can be more comfortable than sets with a 400+ thread count. That’s because things like weave matter more when it comes to buying bedding. Of course, if feelings of anxiety tend to keep you awake, you may want to consider a weighted blanket, but look for sales and discounts to avoid paying higher costs.


There are also some inexpensive ways you can create a more sleep-friendly environment in your home and bedroom. Keeping an organized and decluttered space can reduce tension and promote sleep. A white noise machine and blackout curtains can also help you get better sleep. 


You Can Use Essential Oils for Better Sleep…


There’s a lot of confusion around the effectiveness of essential oils, but one thing is for sure: Certain scents can help you sleep better! The top essential oils for quality sleep include blends of lavender, sage, and cedarwood, and you should be able to find diffusers that fit into your budget as well. So long as you diffuse or roll these oils on, and you do not have any sensitivities, this should be a perfectly safe, natural, and effective way to reduce stress for enhanced sleep. Another safe and soothing alternative remedy for better sleep is tea. Chamomile tea is especially beneficial for sleep, but this herbal tea can also reduce pain and inflammation, so chronic pain sufferers may find this tea especially helpful. If you do have tea before bed, just make sure it’s free of common stimulants, such as L-theanine and theobromine.


...But You Should Probably Skip Sleep Aids

Teas and essential oils can be safe remedies for sleep issues, but you should exercise caution with prescription or over-the-counter sleep aids. Not only are prescription sleep aids habit forming, but they can leave you feeling groggy and sluggish the next day. If you’re currently using a prescription sleep aid to boost your sleep, know that you could actually be making your sleep issues worse and causing other damage to your health.


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Quality sleep plays a critical role in keeping your mental health in check. So use the tips above to improve yours.
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