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Natural News, a science-based natural health advocacy organization led by activist-turned-scientist Mike Adams, called us a 'game-changer' in the supplement industry.

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This Liposomal Vitamin C from Looking Vibrant is HANDS DOWN the best on the market! This has helped my immune system stay strong, especially during this pandemic. Taking this vitamin C daily gives me a piece of mind.

George L.

Seriously, after using this product for almost one year, I just can’t live without it... I take medicine for Depression and it messes me up big time but for some reason this multivitamin brought some celerity and balance to my health especially when I feel out of energy due to my medicine draining all my energy.

Tania W. Ring

We were so grateful to find this liposomal C sourced from Scotland - many come from places where environmental and production regulations are few, so you have no idea how healthy the C really is! It helped our elderly parent recover from major gut surgery (strengthening the immune system), and we take it because of autoimmune issues.


Fantastic product supplying me with all the vitamins and minerals I need on a daily basis and more! The best quality around. Always previously taken in pill form and didn't realize liquid form is much more potent.

Kevin H.