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A hive of rare Trigona bees (youngest & the smallest species of bees) produces about 0.5 kilo of honey annually.

The Smallest Trigona rare bees can only travel within a radius of approx. 700 meters from their hive. Thus, their hives are usually located in the mountains of the rainforest (in southeast Asia) that contains trees and fruit resins,
including conifers, cycads, Ginkgo Mangosteens, Lachie, and Passion fruits, etc. 

Product Benefits


24K-HONEY is more nutritious. According to the Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI), kelulut honey is two times as nutritious as common honey. It contains high mineral content, according to an extensive study on honey by Mohammed Moniruzzaman et. al., published in BioMed Research International Volume 2014. This is one big reason that MARDI has crowned kelulut honey as its first natural superfood.

Made by a rare species of stingless Trigona bees, this sweet-sour honey has only one third the Glycemic Index (GI) compared to manuka honey, thanks to its low sugar content. Trigona bees are customarily reared for pollinating fruits, and not so much for their honey. Thus, the honey they produce from fruit nectar is almost pure fructose with little glucose, in terms of sugar content. Kelulut honey is also known for its more complex flavour profile, with a mild sourness that adds depth to the sweetness of honey. Further research has found this honey to be with trehalulose sugar which is 70% as sweet as common sugar but significantly healthier. Trehalulose breaks down 3 times slower than regular sugar which makes it beneficial for patients with high blood sugar levels.


Tasting Test:


1-   Ranked #1

24KHoney (Southeast Asia) ranked number one for most exotic tastes (It tastes like the finest citrus champaign without alcohol)  $10,500 + per kilo

Here's a brief video 24KHoney #1

24KHoney video #2

Ranked #2

Centauri Honey (Turkey) – $10,500 per kilo

Very sticky but not too sweet.


Ranked #3

Tualang Black Honey with Comb – $500 per kilo

Tasted deep smooth / not too sticky.


Ranked #4

New Zealand 32+ UMF Limited Reserve Manuka Honey – $5,200 per kilo.


Ranked #5

Yemen Sidr Honey – $1,000 per kilo.

Smooth but sweetness hints to honey from palm dates trees.