According to Columbia University research, "Statin Drugs Reduced CoQ10 by 50% in just 30 days".

According to Over-The-Counter-Natural-Cures written by an Ex Biochemist for Eli Lilly and Co.:

" There is a long list of pharmaceuticals drugs that rob your body of CoQ10, Without it, the Heart Fails / Congestive Heart Failure is the outcome".


Board-certified anti-aging specialist Dr. Al Sears said, “When we ran one of the first clinical studies on CoQ10, we discovered that 87% of my patients had low levels of CoQ10.”

Coenzyme Q10, also known as ubiquinone or CoQ10, is a naturally occurring substance in the body, which is important for supplying energy to cells and works as a powerful antioxidant. Statins and several over-the-counter and prescription drugs deplete the body of this important coenzyme.



Why You Need CoQ10 Zero Crystal

The Solution CoQ10-ZC, the world's first stabilized, translucent, and 100% (soluble) patented Zero Crystal with:


  • 430% higher plasma area under the curve of reduced and total CoQ10.
  • 330% higher plasma area under the curve of oxidized CoQ10.


    It is normal to expect that a CoQ10 deficiency is treated with a CoQ10 supplement, but, not all CoQ10 supplements are created equal.

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    The CoQ10 Absorption Dilemma (With Other CoQ10 Sold On the Market)

    CoQ10 is a large molecule, which results in only 1% of supplemented CoQ10 being absorbed by the body. This poor absorption by the body defies the purpose of taking the supplement. Further to this, commercially prepared CoQ10 is in the form of crystals; these crystals melt at body temperature and then re-crystallize into even larger crystals which reduce their bio availability even more.

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    Why Liposomal VITA-C is a Must Antioxidant?

    Dr. Bruce N Ames and Balz Frei said: “L-ascorbate/ascorbate is the safest and most versatile water-soluble antioxidant. This means that adequate L-ascorbate/ L ascorbic can protect directly or indirectly, every part of the cell or organ from free radical damage.”

    Ref: Interview extremehealthradio

    Dr.Thomas Levy (cardiologist) drops few bombshells regarding Liposome Vitamin C; 

  • 1- "Properly utilized Vitamin C can very easily displace or eliminate 50% of prescription medications". 

  • 2- "just “1000 mg Liposomal vitamin C technology effects is the equivalence to 15000 mg of regular Vitamin C”.

    3-Dr. Levy's Conclusion,"Liposomal is better than IV in the box"!! 

  • CurcuminX & resVITAL is a potent Liposomal formula for Anti Inflammation and Antioxidants.



    "Coronary Heart Disease, the cause of heart attacks and strokes is an early form of scurvy". Dr. Rath Matthias

    Dr. Rath Matthias discovery reveals that the development of atherosclerotic deposits in the arteries of the heart is triggered by a long term deficiency of vitamin C in the cells building the artery wall as countermeasure to loosening of the endothelial barrier function. Multiple pathomechanisms that lead to clinical manifestation of cardiovascular disease (i.e. lipoproteins deposition) are primarily defense mechanisms aiming at the stabilization of the vascular wall structure. Ascorbate deficiency is the precondition and a common denominator of human cardiovascular disease (CVD)


    Premature CVD is essentially unknown in all animal species that produce high amounts of vitamin C (ascorbate) endogenously. The genetic mutation that rendered all human beings today dependent on dietary vitamin C is the universal underlying cause of CVD. The development of this condition resembles scurvy when a lack of vitamin C and resulting from it failure in collagen production, increases permeability of blood vessel walls resulting in perivascular bleeding. Today, our average diet provides enough vitamin C to prevent scurvy, but not enough to guarantee stable artery walls. As a consequence of suboptimal vitamin C supply, millions of tiny cracks and lesions develop in the artery walls. Subsequently, cholesterol, lipoproteins and other blood risk factors enter the damaged artery walls to repair these lesions. With chronic vitamin C deficiency, this repair process becomes continuous leading over the course of many years to the development of atherosclerotic deposits which eventually can cause a blockage of a blood flow resulting in a heart attack or stroke.

    Conclusions: This discovery provides scientific basis for designing effective preventive and therapeutic approaches for heart disease. Modern approaches to heart disease need to refocus from ‘too high’ cholesterol in the blood to “too little” vitamin C and other natural components essential for the production of collagen, elastin, and other reinforcement molecules in the body.

    This groundbreaking discovery in heart disease should be taught in every medical textbook and school. It also explains why other cardiovascular conditions, including heart failure, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure and circulatory problems in diabetes, occur in the case of long-term vitamin deficiencies.

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