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“Flipping a Switch” in Your Cells = Expending Telo-life


Age Is Controlled By These “Time Clocks”


Combining Nobel-Prize Wisdom of science with Energy of Youth in a Bottle… 


Looking Vibrant promise you highly effective formulations that will work much better and are much more cost-effective
(Non-GMO, BPA free, With no synthetic, soy,  fillers, expedients or Chinese ingredients. Simply no artificial anything.) 




Before we tell you the good news regarding our breakthrough Anti-Aging protocol, let's examine some facts...
What are telomeres and how are they linked to aging?
Telomeres are very much similar to the plastic tips that protect shoelaces! Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes that are packed units of genes. These genes contain DNA which is the chemical blueprint for heredity. Telomeres protect the structure of chromosomes and prevent them from getting damaged by many actions within the cell including degradation or irregular recombinations.
Telomeres have a length of 10-15 kb on an average. They are shortened in the normal process of cell division. But studies also show that risk factors such as smoking, oxidative stress, obesity, deficiency of vitamins, minerals and even exercise also can shorten the length of telomeres.
When their length gets progressively shortened, they can cause the cells to age which then stops functioning. This is why telomeres are called the “aging clocks” of the human body.

"How Telomere Research is Turning Back the Aging Clock"

Bill Andrews, Ph.D. Says,
  • "Wrinkles, age spots to aging are related to your telomeres"
  • “Bad Things Happens When Telomeres Get Short”
  • “If you can help keep your cells healthy, your whole body will be healthy”
  • “All current Telomerase products available in the market may only slow down the shortening  speed of telomeres, but they do not stop the process nor do they help Telomerase grow”
  • "Stem Cell Therapy doesn’t work"
  • "Chronic diseases linked to Telomere length"

    Shortened length of telomeres linked to Aging and several age-related chronic diseases including:  

    Looking Vibrant is years ahead of the competition...

    Developing dynamic unique formulas like the New Protocol Essence-5 Anti Aging that's more comprehensive, potent, with the lowest price and highest quality.
    This Breakthrough Essence-5 Anti Aging  protocol is offered with AUTOSHIP monthly subscription program offered  for just under $390 (saving you more than $170 from retail price) with a minimum 12 monthly orders with Autoship subscription.
    Some of the so called Anti Aging/telomere products on the market such as TA-65 (with one main ingredient called Cycloastragenol imported from China) sell for $600 a bottle. And Defytime Anti-aging which sells for $800 (With unknown proprietary ingredients).
    Our new  Super Anti Aging protocol  supplements is designed to help halt the process of aging, making you biologically much younger than your chronological age...
    -First, you can start with DNA Telo-Test (Optional) and after six months of using Essence-5 Anti Aging protocol, a second Telomerase / DNA Telo-Test can be repeated to evaluate the progress (Optional). 
    Your Breakthrough Anti-Aging Essence protocol includes with 5 unique products,
      1. Return Signal-23 
      2. Body Vitality & Defense 
      3. 100% Salmon Oil 
      4. CoQ10-ZC 
      5. Advanced Pre/Probiotic-x20


    Why just one formula is not enough?
    Dr. Bruce Ames stated in his research paper:
    • Deficiency in Vitamin D, ZINC, Calcium, Folate, Magnesium, Potassium, B12, Selenium, Omega-3 EFA, Niacin, Choline, and E, Cause DNA Damage /Mutation (Double-Strand Break) just as if you’re taken Chemo or exposed to Radiation 24/7. Which leads to many diseases including Cancer and accelerates aging.
    • In addition, you’ll need a minimum of 15 vitamins and a minimum of 15 minerals that are cofactors for proteins. These proteins are needed for your metabolism to function. If you don’t get any one of these 30 substances, You'll Die. Even if you’re just a little deficient in one of these 30 essential nutrients, you pay a heavy price because it will age you faster.”

    Dr. Rhonda Patrick Says:

    * "A Double-Strands Break is a biomarker for inflammation, cancer, and aging caused by nutrition deficiency”. 

    * "The Cause of Heart Disease, "80% is preventable by diet alone”!

    Now we understand very clearly how we all need to consume a lot more than  just one, two or three vitamins to stop DNA mutation and start nourishing the whole body to re-energize & replenish the billions of Mitochondria's daily before we can start seeing any positive results regarding improving Telomerase health.
    Some of the benefits in each product included in the Protocol Essence-5 Anti Aging starting with Telomeres Support,



    1- Return Signal-23 
    (Anti-Aging + Cognition + Telomeres Support = Mitochondrial Biogenesis)
    • Promotes Anti-Aging Effects, Cognition Activity & Mitochondrial Biogenesis†
    • With Patented Ingredients Like Pycnogenol®, Telos95 ®, Cognizin® Plus 1200MG Resveratrol (French Muscadine), Albion® Chelated Minerals, ALA, and much more…
    Return Body Signal-23 packs a premier and patented potent ingredients of antioxidants that will help prevent cellular damage occurring due to oxidative damage.  
      Combining Nobel-Prize Wisdom of science with Energy of Youth in a Bottle
      Return Signal-23: is an unprecedented, comprehensive custom formula with patented ingredients for optimal Anti-Aging telomerase activators with premium patented ingredients that Stimulation of telomeres DNA life span of cells, effectively promoting less free radical and DNA mutation.
      Return Signal-23 Video

      Antioxidant + Anti-Inflammatory + Immunity


          2- Body Vitality & Defense-x7 
          (Antioxidants /Immune/ Anti –Inflammatory)  
          By James Meschino DC, MS, ROHP
          "Antioxidants is the Missing Link in Preventing Wrinkles, Skin Damage and Slowing Skin Aging"
          BODY VITALITY & DEFENSE-X7 Contains,
          • 1000 MG Organic Vitamin C,
          • 5000 IU Vitamin D3 (from Shiitake Mushrooms)
          • Albion® Chelated Minerals I Organic Vitamins
          • L-Glutathione Setria® I Amino Acid Complex I Turmeric Extract
          • 100 MCG Selenium, and much more...
            Body Vitality Defense-X7 Video


            Heart Health


            3- COQ10-ZC50 
            CoQ10 provides the best antioxidant protection and helps you generate more energy!  The potent free radical quencher fights all the processes of oxidative damage. The 100% (soluble) Zero Crystal form of the supplement is highly bioavailable as opposed to all other CoQ10 available in the market.
            Dr. Al Sears (is a medical doctor and one of the nation’s first board-certified anti-aging physicians) says: 
            • By Amping up your cellular energy With CoQ10+ALA, Resveratrol, and PQQ, You get a high-voltage boost that makes every tissue, organ, and system in your body run on a super-charged, Never-ending youthful energy.
            • When you lose your power generators, you become weak and helpless. Loss and damage to your mitochondria accelerate aging. But mitochondria have their own supply of DNA and that means they can REPLICATE and INCREASE their number within a cell if they have the right nutrient that sends them the right signal to divide.”
            CoQ10 Video


            Brain Health


            (First Cold Pressed, Pure, Raw, Not Distilled Or CO2 Extracted.) 
            Our Salmon oil is digested into oil from Norwegian salmon in less than 48 hours from when the fish are caught.
            According to Dr. Russell Blaylock: "If you’re deficient in these fatty acids, your brain will start to change its structure very quickly. The brain can’t function 100% if one of its vital components is missing and it only takes two weeks of Omega 3/DHA deficiency to produce one of the first negative brain signal /signs of this behavior".
            Why We Need Marine Omega-3 DHA?
            • 90% of the omega-3 fat found in brain tissue are long chain / Marine Omega-3 DHA (Not vegetarian Omega)
            • 30% of the fatty mass of the prefrontal cortex is DHA
            • Salmon oil supplementation is the best way to replenish DHA in the brain
            • Our Extra Virgin Salmon Oil (Raw-Pure-First Cold Press) has been rigorously tested and contains no mercury


            Digestion Health

            5- Advanced Pre/Probiotic-X20
            (Enteric Coated Caps)
            Non-GMO, SOY, BPA and Gluten Free. 
            Breakthrough Technology With Patented NG Probiome .
            (Pre/Probiotic Custom Formula Developed Exclusively by Biochemist Mr. Eric Baer For Looking Vibrant.)   
            “All disease begins in the gut.” ― Hippocrates 
            Our Pre/ Probiotic supplement is designed to provide a high potency and balance of beneficial bacteria. By taking this product on a regular basis. Advanced Pr/Probiotic-X20 can help assist in maintaining healthy intestinal flora. This supplement also contains FOS to help with the healthy growth of acidophilus and bifidus organisms.
            Book Ref: MISSING MICROBES By Martin J. Blaser, MD;
            “Why is it that you are fat, your son has asthma, and your 13-year-old daughter is six feet tall? Your bodies are missing vital, beneficial bacteria and I guarantee that after reading this book you will agree. Take a pass on the antibiotics and read Missing Microbes".
             Advanced Pre/ Probiotic-X20




            Dr. Deepak Chopra says,
            • Your body makes a billion cell a day and loses a billion cell a day
            • Your skin rejuvenates every 28 days
            • While new blood cells are formed every 120 days
            • The constant replenishment and regeneration processes need multiple nutrients in the maximum bioavailable formats to provide optimum protection against all aging processes


            We also recommend that you add Liposomal Vitamin C and Increase Collagen.
            Dr. Steven Gundry Says, "Vitamin C Is Essential For Knitting Collagen, Not Collagen"!

            Science & Research + Passion = Looking Vibrant