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Daniel E. Lieberman, Harvard University. Professor of Biological Sciences and Professor in the Department of Human Evolutionary Biology. (Professor Daniel Brief Message)

Why Nitric Oxide Is So Important? 

Here's a brief video with Dr. Beth Shirley regarding Nitric Oxide...

Dr. Beth Shirley briefly explains...

Dr. Beth Shirley briefly continues...

Dr. Rachael interviewing Dr. Beth Shirley continues briefly regarding how even off-counter medications depletes your Nitric Oxide!

Dr. Micheal Greger briefly explains how essential eating pesticide free fruits and vegetables...

Bryan Johnson spend 2 million dollars annually to reverse his aging!

(Here's a brief video)

Do you think you're a healthy person just because you're young?
Kate in her mid 20's after completing her base-line tests for anti aging showed that her Biologically age was 90 years old on the cellar level!
(Here's a brief video)
"Healthy living is the best Revenge" Dr. Michael Greger briefly explains...

it's 92% EPIGENETICS which means:  "You're in control of 92% of what you put in your body"! 

"The average study subject had a Full mg/dL (mg per dL) reduction in hemoglobin A1C and that added on average 22 years of quality low cost life to that individual who follow our program!"

"A couch potato live several years longer than an athlete"

Young high school student was able to prove that OREGANO oil works better than AMOXICILLIN and how big pharma with all the billions of dollars couldn't!


(Here's a brief video from one of our guests in Dubai)


Dr. Michael Greger: "We have tremendous power over our health destiny and longevity"

Dr. David Sinclair Medical Harvard School Says Butter and Eggs don't increase cholesterol"! (One minute video)   

Cardiologist and Vitamin C researcher Dr. Thomas Levy explains briefly the immense health benefits of vitamin C!

Dr. Thomas Levy Says

"There's not a single virus in existence that has been tested in anyway in the test tube, in the body, or in the animals that vitamin C is not been completely effective in eradicating it" 

nNaturalnews says: “Looking vibrant technology has changed the game when it comes to delivering antioxidants /nutritional supplementation to the bloodstream”.  REF:  

Kidney Stones VS Vitamin C!!

Dr. Russell Jaffe briefly explains how the right form of vitamin C can help dissolve kidney stones.

Brief Message of Wisdom with Jim Rohn👍

Emanuel James Rohn (September 17, 1930 – December 5, 2009) professionally known as Jim Rohn, was an American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker.
Dr. Zoltan P. Rona, MD, M.Sc.
Dr. Abram Hoffer
Abram Hoffer was a Canadian biochemist, physician, and psychiatrist known for his "adrenochrome hypothesis" of schizoaffective disorders. According to Hoffer, megavitamin therapy and other nutritional interventions are potentially effective treatments for schizophrenia and other diseases.
(Less than 3 minutes video clip)
Cardiologist and nutrition expert Dr. Stephen Sinatra in a few minutes discusses the essential role of CoQ10 for heart health!
(Shane Ellison MS. is an EX  biochemist for Eli Lilly and Co.)
CCHR: The Psycho/Pharmaceutical Industry with Shane Ellison
You Still Trust In Big Block Retailer Supplement Quality?
Before you rush to purchase your supplements,
Not all vitamins are created equal!
The New York Attorney General conducted an investigation on supplements sold at major national retailers — GNC, Target, Walgreen, CVS, Wal-Mart and found that 4 out 5 supplements tested didn't contain the DNA from plant species listed on labels!
Big Block Retailers advertise that their supplements verified by a third party lab test USP for purity, and now  you can kiss their third party USP lab test good buy.

New York Attorney General Targets Supplements at Major Retailers

GNC, Target, Walgreen, and Walmart were accused of selling fraudulent and potentially dangerous herbal supplements and told by New York State officials to…(WELL.BLOGS.NYTIMES.COM |BY ANAHAD O'CONNOR.)
How about bodybuilding, performance and weight loss supplements?


Tags: dietary supplements, criminal indictments, Department of Justice According to the DOJ, USP Labs in Texas imported bulk isolated chemical ingredients from China and then mislabeled them as plant-based ingredients. They also engaged in deceptive marketing and even the chemical adulteration of their product, says the DOJ, causing liver damage in numerous customers and putting hundreds of thousands of people at risk. In a widely publicized announcement today, the DOJ, FDA, FTC, and DoD all urged consumers to beware of what they call “high-risk supplements” which are:
  • Weight loss dietary supplements made with chemical stimulants and marketed with outrageous claims of magical weight loss.
  • Bodybuilding supplements made with chemical ingredients that promise unreal muscle gains but actually contain potentially hazardous chemicals.
  • Performance-enhancing supplements that may contain banned substances (doping)which may also pose a risk to consumers. Criminal indictments were handed down today against at least four executives of the USP Labs company in Texas, plus at least 20 warning letters have been sent out to other companies for engaging in what the federal government described as misleading, even “criminal” behavior
Dietary Supplement Company Known for Popular Workout and Weight Loss Supplements Jack3d and OxyElite Pro DALLAS — An 11-count indictment has been unsealed today against USPlabs LLC, a Dallas firm that formerly manufactured highly popular workout and weight loss supplements.  The indictment charges USPlabs, S.K. Laboratories Inc. and their operators with a variety of charges related to the sale of those products.  The announcement was made today at a news conference in Washington, D.C. in which officials announced a nationwide sweep of dietary supplement makers and marketers. Jacobo Geissler, 39, of University Park, Texas, the CEO of USPlabs; Jonathan Doyle, 37, of Dallas, the president of USPlabs; Matthew Hebert, 37, of Dallas, responsible for product packaging design at USPlabs; Kenneth Miles, 69, of Panama City, Florida, the quality assurance executive in charge of compliance at USPlabs; S.K. Laboratories, Inc.; Sitesh Patel, 32, of Irvine, California, the vice president of S.K. Laboratories; and Cyril Willson, 34, of Gretna, Nebraska, a consultant to USPlabs, are charged with various counts associated with the unlawful sale of dietary supplements. Additionally, USPlabs, Geissler, Doyle, and Hebert are charged with obstruction of a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) proceeding and conspiracy to commit money laundering. 
WHAT FOOD SCIENTIST MIKE ADAMS FOUND IN TOP QUALITY BRAND NAMES SUPPLEMENTS IS 1000%-10,000% higher heavy metals levels than California Prop65 allows... And all these contaminated supplements are imported from China Sold at your big block retailers and including more than 98% sold on AMAZON.  bon appétit


Biochemist Mike Adams (CEO of Naturalnews and LabsNaturalNews.comFOUND MANY SUPPLEMENTS CONTAINS HIGH HEAVY METALS SUCH AS,

* Starwest Botanical

* nowfoods

* Irwin Naturals

* Frontier Co-op

* RAW Protein Company



Dr. Russell Blaylock Says: Your ensure drink will harm you💀
Dr. Russell Blaylock explain briefly!
NaturalNews Says: “Looking vibrant technology has changed the game in the supplement industry."
Dr. Russell Blaylock: "The developing brain" (Approx. 3 min video)
Interview with Dr. William W. Li. MD. (Eat to Beat Disease)
Healthy life habits should starts very early in life!!  
Cardiologist and nutrition expert Dr. Stephen Sinatra in a few minutes discusses the perfect storm for Chronic inflammation.
What foods are killing us & how the food industry lied to us!
Dr. Mark Hyman 
Dr. Michael Greger: Why You Should Care About Nutrition?
Most deaths in the United States are preventable and related to nutrition 😳

"A pregnant woman should not take medications unless it's urgent"! I've told a young pregnant lady to question her MD physician / She texts me back, Good morning, I wanted to share this with you...

I was at my Maternal-Fetal Medicine doctor yesterday and I told him (as you've suggested) I stopped Bayer Aspirin and the thyroid medication and gave him my reasons, Guess what he said?

Based on research Aspirin's effectiveness to help with preeclampsia is 3 out of 500 pregnant women 😲 can you believe this?


I asked him why he prescribed it to me when its effectiveness is so low?

He said because I had preeclampsia in the past and the American College Of Obstetrician and Gynecology recommends that doctors prescribe Bayer to patients like me with a history of Preeclampsia. Same thing with Thyroid medication 😟 with low effectiveness!

He did say I agree with 90% of what your friend told you about medications and their side effects😟... they know and like you said they just prescribe and that's all they care about... unfortunately! 

I will be ordering some vitamins from looking vibrant soon🌺
Keto Diet
For Keto Diet and Weight Loss

Get yours today:


“90% OF U.S. SOIL IS DEPLETED FROM MINERALS” (Ref: U.S. Department of Agriculture)
After age 28 you have to watch what you eat, because at young age Your enzymes are working right and no problem with Diabetes or digestion But at 30 and 40 years, old you start feeling the acid reflection, bloating and indigestions problem with many meals.

How to start?

  • Bring Your PH Level to 7.3+
  • Detox
  • Replenish daily with supplements
  • Fresh daily Juices of greens, and carrots 2-3 times daily 
Make sure to control your sugar (Glucose balance-x100). 
Drink clean water with lemon. Absorb more of whole food nutrients liquid vitamins and see How good you feel in a few weeks with endless energy full of life with more healthier you & more productive = Successful Life Full Of Health.
New Zealand 60-Minutes TV Program
How Liposomal Vitamin C saved a New- Zealand Man From Complete Coma!


How vitamin C contribute to your healthy Collagen?


 Cardiologist Dr. Thomas E. Levy  discusses how he became interested in researching vitamin C more (especially Liposomal vitamin C) 
Dr. Andrew First Question: How Do You Treat Cancer Using Vitamin C?
(Dr. Victor Marcial-Vega is a Radiation Oncologist)


Dr. Davide Sinclair explains briefly:  Xray's in the airport and your dentist office. 

Introducing Liposomal  VITAMIN-C from Lookingvibrant

Liposomal Pure C (60 CAPs)

We Use Fully Buffered L -Ascorbic, fully buffered & reduced (Alcohol, Soy, BPA, and EDTA Free)


“Glutathione is connected to every cell in the body and almost all Sick patients (in Doctor Hyman office) were tested with Low Glutathione”





It's the mother of all antioxidants and the master detoxifier, and the mystery of the immune system. Good news that your Body produces its Glutathione, But the bad news is, our poor diet, medications, toxins, stress, trauma, and infections. All deplete your body's Glutathione Levels, and this leaves you suitable to uncertainty, cell disintegration from Oxidative stress and free radicals to infections and cancer, and the liver gets over-loaded, making it damaged. THUS Unable to do its job of detoxification. Dr. Hyman Continues to say: In treating chronically ill patients using functional Medicine for the last ten years, I’ve found the Glutathione deficiency is found in nearly all of my very sick patients. Those who have chronic Fatigue, Heart disease, Cancer, Chronic Infections, Auto-Immune disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson, Arthritis, Asthma, Kidney problems, Liver diseases, you name it. If you are very sick, you likely have a Glutathione Deficiency. At first, I thought this was questionable, but over the years I come to realize that our ability to produce and maintain a high level of this Glutathione Molecule in our bodies is critical to recover nearly from all chronic illness, prevent diseases, and maintain optimal health and performance. So, as the author of 76,000 medical articles on Glutathione.


OK, what’s Glutathione? What does it do for us? How can we get more of it?

It's a very simple Molecule. Its produced naturally in the body. It's a combination of three simple building blocks called--- Amino Acid, Cysteine, Glycine, and Glutamine. The fact is we all evolved in the time before that 80,000 toxic industrial chemicals were introduced to our world, before electromagnetic radiation, before we bolted our lakes, rivers, and skies, and oceans with Mercury and Lead.]


Why is Glutathione so important?

It recycles all the Antioxidants in the body and helps us deal with Free Radicals. Free radicals get passed around from Vitamin C, then to E then Lipoic Acid and finally reaches Glutathione which cools it off and recycles the other Antioxidant. Then the body can reduce or regenerate another Glutathione molecule, and we’re back in business. The problem occurs when we have too many free radicals / oxidative stress or too many toxins, Then, Glutathione becomes depleted leading us to a terrible illness. We can no longer protect ourselves against free radicals, infections, Cancer and we can’t get rid of toxins, and this leads to further accumulation of toxins and more illness. Glutathione is also critical in helping your immune system do its job in fighting infection and preventing cancer. That's why studies show that it can help in the treatment of Aids. Glutathione is also the most critical and iatrical part of your detoxification system. All the toxins stick onto Glutathione (Like Glue) then are passed out through the Bile, the stool and out of our body which is great. Lastly, IT HELPS US REACH PEAK mental and Physical Functioning. In fact, research has shown that, Raised Glutathione decreases muscle damage, reduces recovery time, increases strength and endurance, and shifts metabolism from Fat Production to muscle development. So if you’re sick, you're likely to have a glutathione deficiency. SO Keeping your self-healthy, boosting your performance, preventing diseases and aging will depend on keeping your Glutathione high. Dr. Mark Hyman. 


What’s Glutathione? What does it do for us? How can we get more of it?

 It's a very simple Molecule. It's produced naturally in the body. It's a combination of three simple building blocks called--- Amino Acid, Cysteine, Glycine, and Glutamine. The fact is we all evolved in the time before that 80,000 toxic industrial chemicals were introduced to our world, before electromagnetic radiation, before we bolted our lakes, rivers, and skies, and oceans with Mercury and Lead; and who knew we’d be poisoning ourselves and would be eating a processed nutrition depleted diet and that more than half of the population is missing GSTM1 Function and can’t get rid of toxins in their bodies…Nearly All my sick patients including me, Why I switched to explain, why I became mercury poisoned suffering from Chronic fatigue, missing this Particular GENE GSTM1. 


INTRODUCING L-Glutathione 500MG

L-Glutathione Reduced is produced exclusively in Japan through a fermentation process.

Setria® L-Glutathione 500mg (Reduced From) is a naturally derived substance that is a biologically active sulfur amino acid tripeptide compound. And it contains three amino acids: L-Cysteine, L-Glutamic Acid, and Glycine 

Dr. Mark Hyman daily supplement recommendation / Everyone should supplement daily with products such as;


  • DHA / OMEGA 3----------------      = 100% Wild Salmon)

  • Vitamin D-3&MK7-------------------= Bone&OsteoX1000 or Complete Structural Renewals-X3)

  • Pr/Probiotics---------------------------    (Advanced Pre/Probiotic-X20 Billion)

  • Magnesium    ---------------------------- Available in Your Daily Foundation And Complete Structural Renewal-X3) 



(PBS 2016)

“B12 Deficiency is dangerous and can kill. The body can’t make it and vegans or vegetarians can’t get it through diet. Even if you eat lots of meat, you can still have a deficiency in B12 because of Gluten sensitivity or Acid imbalance. People with Silica disease are deficient in B12. Also, any acid-reducing drugs (Off counter or Prescription medications) can reduce the body's ability to absorb B12. Chemo, Radiation or X-rays also can reduce B12 in the body, Plus decrease Folate and CoQ10, which is dangerous” 

Vitamin B-12 is required for the proper function and development of the Brain, Nerves and Blood cells. Helps convert fats and carbohydrates into energy. 

Why Our Liposomal Is Superior?

Liposomal Pure C + Choline
  • The only Liposomal Vitamin C comes with a clinical trial: "233% higher retention by the human body".
  • Peer-reviewed + research conducted at Adelphi University, NY. And University of Miami School of Medicine.
  • Liposomal  Pure C® is more rapidly absorbed and more highly retained (233% higher) by the human body than all forms of vitamin C tested for all time points. (The University of Miami.

  • Peer-reviewed + research conducted at Adelphi University, NY. And University of Miami School of Medicine.

We use, No Pressure, No Toxic Solvents, And No Heat in our Manufacturing process


ABC- The Doctors Show (Fri,  March / 2019) Dr. Travis Stork  

Lets’ separate fact from fiction!
Q: Which risk factor your most concern can cause cancer? Answer: #1 Obesity!
Only 12% of viewers were concern about obesity as a cancer risk.
Cancer association with being obese, make up 40% of the cancer diagnosis in the U.S. Obesity can lead to low-level chronic information in the body and over time causes damage to your DNA.

What is cancer?
That’s when your DNA’s are off... when those cells keep growing/keep proliferating and your DNA is Damaged.
Body fats are associated with 13 different types of cancer from Liver, Kidney, Breast, Gallbladder, Thyroid cancer and so many more ...In a country where obesity keeps on growing…

M. Cristina Negritto, Ph.D. (Dept. of Biology, Pomona College) Says:  "Double-strand breaks in DNA can be lethal to a cell".

DNA double-strand breaks: "their cellular and clinical impact"
P A Jeggo & M Löbrich 

    Oncogene volume 26, pages77177719 (2007) 
    DNA, the central store of our genetic information, constantly incurs damage from agents generated within the cell as well as chemicals or radiation that arise externally. 



    Dr. Bruce Ames Stated in His Research Paper

    “Deficiency in Vitamin D, ZINC, Calcium, Folate, Magnesium, Potassium, B12, Selenium, Omega-3 EFA, Niacin, Choline, and E, Cause DNA Damage /Mutation (Double Strands Break) just as if you are exposed to Radiation 24/7. Which leads to many diseases including Cancer and accelerate aging". DID YOU KNOW THIS?


    What happens inside the human body when we're deficient in just one vitamin?

    DR. BOB MARIA  (The Drugless Doctor)  How Does your body functions When you're Deficient in Just one Nutrient? “Carrots are a source of vitamin A. And the liver is the storehouse for vitamins A, D, and K.  Your body will take vitamin A from your eyes to support the liver if your liver is deficient in A".

      Dr. Bob" continues to say that: "Thousands of people visit his office annually. He said: “People with darker skin such as people from the Middle East and Indians that come to his office, never have vitamin D levels above 20.  Normal is 60-80.”  

      Also Dr. Russell Jaffe noted in his research paper that: "Vitamin D level should be 60-100 is safe". "It plays a big role in ordering the cell to stop dividing". 



      As a chemist, I'm very vocal about not vaccinating my children. In a world where Congress has admitted to having a full-on epidemic in vaccine-related illnesses, we couldn't be happier about our choice. It's paid off more than any other decision we've ever made for them.

      Over the last 15 years, my wife and I have watched their peers get vaccinated and go downhill mentally and physically due to severe neurological damage. Sometimes the changes were drop-dead shocking...and sad beyond belief. Meanwhile, our kids have prospered. And when they get sick, they rebound lightning fast thanks to natural immunity...which technically is their immune system building and adapting to its surroundings.

      You see, everyone is at risk from various "biological nasties." Invisible threats are everywhere. A single gram of feces can contain more than 10 million viruses, 1 million bacteria, 1,000 parasite cysts, and 100 parasite eggs!

      From the hands we shake, the water we drink and the mats we wrestle on, nowhere is safe…unless you’ve built natural immunity. This firewall acts as our God-given protection from the incalculable number of threatening microorganisms.

      The importance of our body’s ability to protect itself is best identified by Professor S. Gard, member of the Staff of Professors of the Royal Caroline Institute. Speaking to The Nobel Prize Committee, he warned that "The capacity of developing [natural] immunity is one of the most important means of defense, of decisive importance for the survival of the individual and the species."

      In time, demystifying the mysterious complexities of self-protection and how to harness it became the focus for some of the top scientific minds. One of the most exciting discoveries in natural immunity occurred in 1908.

      Venerable scientists Ilya Mechnikov and Paul Ehrlich revealed how our immune system is armed with a unique set of destroyer cells known as phagocytes. Robust and resilient, the average person has about six billion of these armed sentries ready to engulf and eliminate foreigners - bacteria and virus. 

      In 2011, Bruce Beutler and Jules Hoffmann observed that the immune system is preprogrammed to identify self and non-self. This discovery single-handedly proved that we are hardwired to build immunity, outside of vaccination. This work paved the way for future scientists to discover how our body thwarts numerous types of pathogenic microorganisms-bacteria, virus, fungi, and parasites. 

      Arguing in favor of vaccines, pro-vaccine parents insist that newborns lack immunity. Pushing for more shots for everyone else, they shout that herd immunity is the best protection for the young, unvaccinated. They couldn't be more wrong.

      Natural immunity is a biological gift from our mothers and DNA. According to more award-winning scientists, natural protection is fully developed in the earliest stages of life.

      First, it’s passed from mom, and after a few weeks or months, it’s fully developed in newborns. Plus, thanks to "immunological memory, it lasts a lifetime and elucidates why we are protected from the millions of other known microorganisms that we don't have vaccines for!

      Scientist Sir Peter Medawar and his coworkers presented their experimental evidence to prove the validity of immunologic memory in 1963. "Immunity is our perhaps most important defense against a hostile surrounding world. By penetrating analysis of existing data and brilliant deduction, and painstaking experimental research you have unveiled a fundamental law governing the development and maintenance of this vital mechanism. On behalf of the Caroline Institute, I extend to you our warm congratulations, and ask you to receive the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine from the hands of His Majesty the King," wrote the Nobel Prize committee.

       To this day, Medawar's observation has been abundantly confirmed. His work was the foundation for developing medicine to shut down organ rejection among transplant patients. Otherwise, immunological memory would work against patients and attack foreign tissue as if it was being infected from outside threats. This same observation also puts a spotlight on the Achilles tendon of vaccine supporters who insist that vaccination is the only road to protection from childhood diseases.

      But, you have to support these Gatekeepers of health with proper hygiene, sanitation and, what I term, nutrient logic. Without phagocytes, the ability to identify self from non-self and immunological memory, natural immunity is diminished. This forgotten logic dictates that today’s health and protection threats are simply the results of gaping nutrient deficiencies, which denies the body its’ ability to grow, build immunity and protect itself.

      Nutrient logic addresses the deficiency by filling the nutritional void or malnutrition to restore proper cellular and immune function. Asking to be a pharmacist rolling out meds; the body becomes its advocate and begins to produce custom-made medications to enhance survival, through nutrient logic.

      The process is as straightforward and logical as resurrecting a dying, sun-deprived plant with sun exposure and water, which initiates photosynthesis for the production of life-giving glucose. That same innate intelligence guides our health and immunity when we obtain essential molecules - nutrients - from nature. 

      Just as hand washing and soap (Recommend with No nasty chemicals) saved millions from infant mortality caused by unwanted intruders in a hospital setting, nutrient logic boosts our natural defenses. Realms of scientific data show that natural birth, breastfeeding, Norwegian’s mainstay of health, cod liver oil and Wild Salmon oil are among essential nutrients for building and protecting our children’s natural defenses. 

      According to Columbia University, An apple was tested in 1988 compared with an Apple from the 1950's: "You'll need to eat 26 apples in 1988 to equal the nutrients in One Apple from 1950's. (Showing soil depletion is a lot worse than we think!)

      • Remember to eat healthily

      • Take your daily Vitamins that will help boost your immune system

      • Feed your hungry cells with a true all natural Bio-Viable Nutrients to make ATP and to assist you in Recharge & Regenerate Your Mitochondria's.

      • Life and good health start at the cellular level, and that's why you'll find our supplements formulated based on real science and research data

        If You're so frustrated and disappointed with so many negative/shocking news regarding the supplement industry and Big Pharma, (we barely scratch the surface!) So Are We...Which have to lead to the inception of Looking Vibrant ... 

        Dr. Russell Blaylock’s: Health and Nutrition 


        Each Month in The Blaylock Wellness Report, Dr. Russell Blaylock offers you incredibly vital health information.

        In The Blaylock Wellness Report you'll find out the latest on:

        • Heart disease prevention

        • The natural cure for high blood pressure

        • The truth about cholesterol and the dangers of many prescription drugs

        • The best medical tests your doctor must give you

        • Cancer prevention and alternative treatments

        • How brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s can be prevented

        • Diabetes, joint pain, weight loss and dozens of other health topics!


        Dr. Russell L. Blaylock is a respected medical doctor who is unafraid to challenge establishment thinking. He doesn’t parrot what the New England Journal of Medicine — which receives heavy subsidies in advertisements — claims.

        Dr. Blaylock is a nationally recognized, board-certified neurosurgeon, health practitioner, author, and lecturer. He has more than a quarter-century of medical experience.

        His credentials include 26 years of experience in neurosurgery, editorship of the respected Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons and Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association.

        Dr. Blaylock edits The Blaylock Wellness Report because he believes that too many Americans are not getting the best advice for preventing and dealing with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, brain diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, and dozens of health problems now plaguing the American people.

        Dr. Blaylock receives no funding from the pharmaceutical industry. He has no deals to sell you the health products he may recommend.

        Looking Vibrant is a Game Changer according to raising the bar with breakthrough technology/innovations such as,

        COQ10-ZC50 (CRYSTAL FREE). 

        COQ10-ZC50  is completely soluble, liquid, crystal-free solution of CoQ10 forced from Kaneka in its Ubiquinol form that is clinically proven to provide superior bioavailability of this key nutrient. 


        COQ10-ZC50  is a unique, stabilized form of ubiquinol —  from SGT developed the world's first robust formulation with ingredients that protect it from being oxidized and crystallized: alpha-lipoic acid (ala), d-limonene, and capric & caprylic acid. 

        Upon microscopic examination at 200x, a paste of CoQ10 powder and soybean oil exhibits a crystalline structure, while coq10-zc50 is completely devoid of crystals because the CoQ10 has been solubilized. 

        COQ10-ZC50 has clinically proven superior bioavailability. a double-blind study found that, compared to a dose of 100 mg of standard CoQ10 crystalline powder, with a dose of 100 mg of coq10-zc50 from SGT  achieved: 

        • Significantly higher plasma concentrations of CoQ10 at various time points 

        • 430% higher plasma area under the curve of reduced and total COQ10

        · 330% higher plasma area under the curve of oxidized COQ10  

        · Faster peak blood levels Of COQ10. 

         Dr. Zoltan P Rona: Vitamin D!!





        Dr. Al Sears is a medical doctor (one of the nation’s first board-certified anti-aging) said: “when we ran one of the first clinical studies on CoQ10, we discovered that 87% of my patients had low levels of CoQ10.” 


        INTRODUCING Turmeric Gold-X100 (Mobility & Motion)







        "In clinical pilot studies in Taiwan and India, curcumin has been associated with regression of premalignant lesions of the bladder, soft palate, stomach, cervix, and skin, and with treatment responses in established malignancy."

        - William P. Steward, Ph.D. Department of Cancer Studies & Molecular Medicine, the University of Leicester (Head of Department, Professor, Chair of the NCRI Colorectal Cancer Clinical Studies Group)

        " The putative anticancer mechanisms of curcumin include up-regulation of carcinogen-detoxifying enzymes such as glutathione S-transferases, antioxidation, and suppression of the isoenzyme cyclooxygenase-2."

        -Francis M. Giardiello, M.D. School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University, USA Pharmacy Professor, Oncology Professor, Pathology Professor.

        Let's make a simple comparison with one of the leading Liposomal manufacturers in the U.S. such as, and compare it with Lookingvibrant Liposomal below.
        Regarding Liposomal Products reviews?
        Reviews below are copied from the AMAZON review page for customers;
        • This Lypo-Spheric C from LivON. It is definitely the culprit. Now that I've stopped taking it I have no more IBS! I have heard that it's the soy in the product that some people cannot tolerate.
        • LivOn Liposomes products contain 12% alcohol and will cause esophageal burning.
        • Here is the kicker. with LivOn Liposome products... it is NOT a drink that contains alcohol it is a GEL that contains alcohol... meaning it will STICK to your esophagus on The Way Down.
        • LivON other ingredients: De-ionized water, Alcohol 12% v/v (a natural preservative), EDTA." It's the EDTA that scares me...I know it is a dangerous preservative used in body care products etc...and not too excited about ingesting it or giving to my babies. However, the big problem with EDTA is its inability to biodegrade in the environment. EDTA is found in much natural water's and occurs at higher levels in Wastewater.  This can be a reason to try and avoid EDTA if you can, its inability to dissolve. Western European countries have banned the use of EDTA in detergents, where it is commonly used to chelate metal ions in tap water. A ban was adopted in Australia as well in 25 countries in Europe.

          Let's Compare Lookingvibrant Raw Liposomal C + Bioflavonoids (Capsule)

          Not All Liposomal Vitamin C Are Created Equal!

          Premium Products = Premium Quality Ingredients

          To make any premium product you must start with premium raw material Period!

          (Lookingvibrant is a China free company)

          Lookingvibrant Liposomal-C Efficacy statement, Superior quality, enhanced, absorption and enhanced delivery system of the manufacturing process of our Liposomal C-CTM powder, Certificate of Safety and Natural Origin and Non-GMO Material Gluten Free, Non-Irradiation, Non-ETO treated and Non-produced near Sewer Sludge and Residual.

          Lookingvibrant Liposomal C, hereby certify that Liposomal C-CTM - is composed of:

          1. Vitamin C (USP L-ascorbic acid fully buffered and fully  reduced)

          2. Citrus Bioflavonoids 

          3. Fatty Acids 

          4. Phospholipids

          • Fully Buffered sourced from USA

          • We use No Heat, Pressure or Toxic Solvents in our manufacturing process. 

          • We use The World's highest quality Liposomal Certified Non-GMO from USA. 

          • We cover all our Liposomal in a Nitrogen blanket to protect it from any airborne contamination from inception until production of each patch in BPA-Free Packaging in cGMP/FDA Approved facility in the USA.

          • SOY FREE

          • ALCOHOL-FREE

          • EDTA FREE 

          Why do we use vitamin C  the L-ascorbic form that comes from food and not the synthetic dL form?

          These ingredients are of natural origin and vegetable origin. These ingredients do not contain animal derivatives. No animal or human derived materials of any kind are used in the production of Liposomal C-CTM powder. They are not genetically modified. They do not contain any genetically modified material, are not produced from genetically modified material, in addition, there are no genetically modified organism's associated with the manufacturing of Liposomal C-CTM powder and are not produced near Sewer Sludge. They are not treated or sterilized by irradiations. They are not either treated or sterilized by irradiations or ethylene oxide (ETO). They are not treated with gamma rays. Liposomal C-CTM powder contains no solvents class 1, 2, 3 or any other solvents are used in the manufacturing process of the Liposomal C-CTM powder product. It does not contain any of the solvents listed in the United State Pharmacopeia (USP) <467>. All Our Liposomal -CTM powder manufactured in the U.S. contains no known common food allergens or aflatoxins. No potentially hazardous materials for aflatoxins are involved in the raw materials or the manufacturing process.

          Liposomal C-CTM powder is a unique form of vitamin C. It is made using a proprietary manufacturing process which results in a safe and effective product that contains naturally occurring vitamin C-lipid metabolites. These lipid metabolites activate the vitamin C molecules making it easier for the body to transport them from cell to cell for numerous health benefits.*

          Liposomal C-CTM powder does not require declaration of other ingredients and is in compliance to European Regulation 1169/2011. All Liposomal C-CTM manufactured IN THE U.S Labs, and related amendments. Liposomal CC-CTM powder country of origin is United States of America.

          How about eating organic food?
          We say good for you... but organic doesn't mean more nutritious. it only means it’s not sprayed with chemicals.

          According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, more than 90% of the U.S Soil is depleted from minerals!

          A study was done comparing one Apple from the 1950s that contained more nutrients than 26 organic apples in 1999.  Which makes daily supplements more important than we realize...

          Renowned researcher Dr. Bruce N Ames

          • “We are Starving,  Even though we are all getting fat, we are starving from vitamin and mineral Deficiencies!”

          • "In Addition You’ll need a bare Minimum of 15 vitamins and a Minimum of 15 minerals That are Cofactors for Protein that do some of your metabolism". "

          • "People are getting sick and dying mostly from Vitamin, Mineral, and trace mineral deficiency and their doctors have no clue because Nutrition is not something they learn about in Medical school Or the  FDA would never allow M.D Physician to prescribe for their patients as an alternative to Medicine".

          DR. Bob De Maria  (The Drugless Doctor)

          How Vitamin D Works?

          It takes the Calcium from Your Intestines and PUTS IT IN YOUR Blood.

          Then it will Take it from the Blood and put it in your SKIN... So, When you consume Trans Fatty Acids, your body is not doing a good job taking the Calcium from the blood to the skin and that’s we many have issues with Melanoma because we’re not getting the Proper Transport of Calcium movement in the body.

          Dr. Joel Wallach reveals in his book, Dead Doctors Don’t Lie, that "the main cause of sudden death in ALL 3,500 human autopsies and 17,500 animal autopsies that he carried out was: a Lack of nutrients and trace minerals in the body".  DID YOU KNOW THIS?  

          Dr. Joel Wallach also stated;

          • “Young athletes, physically fit and in the prime of their life, sometimes collapse on the field and die - this is because of nutrient deficiencies that cause heart failure." Dr. Joel Wallach.

            • “Your sweat will contain over 65 nutrients, but drinking water doesn't replenish the nutrients you’ve just lost.”

              • “Exercise without the right supplementation is dangerous.”

              • Dr. Joel Wallach had sued the FDA 8 times and won👍

              The lawsuit exposed the miraculous benefits of Selenium, a piece of information that the FDA kept under wraps otherwise.
              Don't Neglect The Mental Power of Positive Thinking. Dr. Bruce Lipton.