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Liposomal Pure C (60 CAPS)

Liposomal Pure C (60 CAPS)

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Liposomal Pure C + Liposomal Choline*
What makes Liposomal Pure C superior?

The only vitamin C with a clinical trial!

* Clinical Trial: "233% higher retention by the human body". (The University of Miami.)

* Ingredients are of natural origin and vegetable origin.

* No artificial ingredients, binders, or fillers. (China Free)

Peer-reviewed + research conducted at Adelphi University, NY. And University of Miami School of Medicine.

  1. Vitamin C (USP L-ascorbic acid) natural origin and vegetable origin.
  2. Liposomal Choline 
  3. Fatty Acids 
  4. Phospholipids
  5. Fully reduced L-ascorbic & Fully buffered is better without masking agent.
  6. All Raw materials sourced from the USA
  7. Non-GMO
  8. Alcohol-Free
  9. Glyphosate Free
  10. Soy Free
  11. No Added Hormones
  12. Gluten-Free
  14. Made in GMP/FDA-approved facilities in the U.S.

Why do we use the Vitamin C form that comes from food and not the synthetic form?

Liposomal Pure C ingredients are of natural origin and vegetable origin. These ingredients do not contain animal derivatives. No animal or human-derived materials of any kind are used in the production of Liposomal C-CTM powder. They are not genetically modified. They do not contain any genetically modified material and are not produced from genetically modified material, in addition, there are no genetically modified organisms associated with the manufacturing of Liposomal C-CTM powder and are not produced near Sewer Sludge. They are not treated or sterilized by irradiation. They are not either treated or sterilized by irradiations or ethylene oxide (ETO). 

  • Liposomal  Pure C® is more rapidly absorbed and more highly retained (233% higher) by the human body than all forms of vitamin C tested for all time points. (The University of Miami.

  • Peer-reviewed + research conducted at Adelphi University, NY. And University of Miami School of Medicine.

Liposomal Choline (Ref,

Choline is a nutrient that is found in many foods. Your brain and nervous system need it to regulate memory, mood, muscle control, and other functions. You also need choline to form the membranes that surround your body's cells.

The Science Behind Liposomes

Liposomes are spherical structures enclosed by a phospholipid bilayer. Phospholipids are similar to the makeup of cell membranes, so when you consume a product encapsulated in liposomes, your body recognizes it as a cell.

By outsmarting the body, liposomes pass through the digestive tract without much nutrient loss and travel directly into the bloodstream where they can be delivered directly into your body's cells. As a result, liposomes maximize ingredient absorption more than any other nutrient encapsulation method.

The liposomal ingredient market is saturated with products that rely on "thin film dispersion" or "double freeze-dried emulsions" - methods that produce volatile liposomal delivery capsules where the nutrients disperse before making it into the cell.

After years of research and incremental improvements, Our Labs perfected an advanced liposomal delivery encapsulation technology that produces a stable and true liposomal delivery capsule where the encapsulated ingredient is protected all the way through cellular absorption.

Can you spot the difference? New TEM imaging reveals how our Liposoomlla C vitamin C ingredient is protected within a true spherical liposome, as opposed to competitor liposomal products with less uniform liposomes - which suggests they are more likely emulsions than true liposome delivery vesicles.

    • Fully reduced L-ascorbic & Fully buffered is better without masking agent.

    • Antioxidant | Collagen |  Immune |

    • Raw material sourced from the USA

    • Non-GMO

    • Alcohol-Free

    • Glyphosate Free

    • Soy Free

    • No Added Hormones

    • Gluten-Free


    • Not Irradiated or fumigated with Ethylene gas

    • Custom Formula 

    • Vegetarian capsule

    • No Excipients or fillers

    • Nothing artificial

    • Ethylene Dioxide & Glycol Ether Free

    Why do we use the form vitamin C found in food, L-ascorbic (Not the synthetic dL form)? Dr. Russell Jaffe' explains in 51 seconds.

    • Fillers & Excipients Free.

    • Certification: Kosher, Halal, GMP, and ISO. 

    • Fully reduced L ascorbate and fully buffered ascorbate are better sourced from the U.S. without masking agent.

    • We only use L form (Never dl from)

    • Manufactured with no heat, chemicals, or pressure.

    • Our liposome is derived from Non-GMO certified sunflower oil from the U.S.(Our Phospholipids non-hydrogenated and non-hydroxylated phosphatidylcholine)

    Oral Liposomal Vitamin C Works VS IV Vitamin C?

    Researcher & Author of Curing the Incurable Cardiologist Dr. Thomas E. Levy briefly explains how oral liposomal vitamin C works VS IV Vitamin C. 

    Cardiologist Dr. Thomas Levy Continues the benefits from liposomal Vitamin C. (54-second video clip)

    Dr. Rhonda Patrick briefly explains the effect of Vitamin C on Cancer.

    Dr. Russell Jaffe's: "How Vitamin C Protects Every Cell, Directly or Indirectly From Fee Radical Damage"

    Liposomal Pure C:
    Peer-reviewed + research conducted at Adelphi University, NY. And University of Miami School of Medicine.

    More rapidly stimulated healthy neurons (12-fold more efficiently)

    Promotes nerve regeneration more efficiently than all forms of vitamin C tested for all time points.

    More rapidly promoted wound healing (3-fold more efficiently)

    Stimulates wound healing more efficiently than all forms of vitamin C tested for all time points.

    More rapidly protected immune system (2.5-fold more efficiently)

    Protects the immune system from toxins more efficiently than all forms of vitamin C tested for all time points.

    Best reduces plasma levels of C-reactive protein (64% higher) and Oxidized LDL (83% higher) in human clinical studies.

    Liposomal Pure C® is an industry-leading vitamin C nutraceutical. In studies, it’s shown to outperform other leading forms of Vitamin C in terms of metabolic functions. LIPOSOMAL Pure Way C® offers better immune protection and higher free radical scavenging capabilities.

    Superior Formulation

    Due to our proprietary lipid metabolite formula, our LIPOSOMAL Pure C® is more rapidly absorbed and more highly retained in human cells.


    Research conducted at Adelphi University, NY compared cellular uptake of several forms of vitamin C and found that two hours after treatment with the vitamin, human T-lymphocyte treated with Liposomal Pure C® contained higher vitamin C levels than any other treatment group evaluated.

    A study conducted by researchers from the University of Miami School of Medicine found that the average serum vitamin C level was higher in the group taking Liposomal Pure C® for 24 hours following intake. The study consisted of healthy volunteers who went on a two-week-long vitamin C-restricted diet and then received a single 1,000 mg supplement of vitamin C taking either Liposomal Pure C® or one of several other vitamin C forms.

    The University of Miami School of Medicine researchers also determined that the level of C-reactive protein* and oxidized low-density lipoprotein (LDL)** decreased when healthy volunteers took Liposomal Pure C®. Researchers found that 24 hours after intake of Liposomal Pure C® the serum level of C-reactive protein decreased by 15.6% and oxidized LDL dropped by 8.4%.

    Liposomal Pure C® stands out as the new benchmark by which other vitamin C products will be measured (in capsule form, super convenient) to take with you anywhere without the need for refrigeration like liquid liposomal C.

    Absorption by mouth might help avoid a digestive upset as with regular oral vitamin C, beyond 4 grams per day.


    Dr. Rath Matthias: "Coronary Heart Disease, the cause of heart attacks and strokes is an early form of scurvy". 

    Dr. Rath has stated his hope that his Cellular Recommendations – which involve 3 grams of vitamin C a day, along with other antioxidants – could lead to the abolition of heart disease as a cause of human mortality.

    Linus Pauling Ph.D.: "I hear from patients who say their doctor said, 'If you want to take Vitamin C, go ahead and do it. It won't harm you, and it may do you some good.' More and more physicians are getting convinced about the value of large doses of Vitamin C."  

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