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According to the DOJ:

USP Labs in Texas imported bulk isolated chemical ingredients from China, and then mislabeled them as plant-based ingredients. They also engaged in deceptive marketing and even the chemical adulteration of their product, says the DOJ, causing liver damage in numerous customers and putting hundreds of thousands of people at risk. From Weight loss products to Bodybuilding supplements.

REF:dietary supplements, criminal indictments, Department of Justice.

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ABC- The Doctors Show (Fri/ March / 2019) With Dr. Travis Stork

"Lets’ separate fact from fiction" Which risk factor your most concern can cause cancer?


Only 12% of viewers were concern about obesity as a cancer risk. Cancer association with being obese, make up 40% of the cancer diagnosis in the U.S. Obesity can lead to low-level chronic information in the body and over time causes damage to your DNA. What is cancer? That’s when your DNA’s are off... when those cells keep growing/keep proliferating and your DNA is Damaged.

Body fats are associated with 13 different types of cancer from Liver, Kidney, Breast, Gallbladder, Thyroid cancer and so many more ...In a country where obesity keeps on growing…

By: M. Cristina Negritto, Ph.D. (Dept. of Biology, Pomona College)

"Double-strand breaks in DNA can be lethal to a cell".

Dr. Bruce N Ames Stated in His Research Paper: “Deficiency in Vitamin D, ZINC, Calcium, Folate, Magnesium, Potassium, B12, Selenium, Omega-3 EFA, Niacin, Choline, and E, Cause DNA Damage /Mutation (Double Strand break) just as if you are exposed to Radiation 24/7. Which leads to many diseases including Cancer and accelerate aging."



Another of our revolutionary product, Detox Kidney Aide + Liver Aide And ORGANIC HERBAL COLON CLEANSE is the perfect way to detox while you are on your way to achieving weight loss.

The all herbal, natural supplement is based on all of our core principles of using a non-GMO base that contains no artificial additives.

Your Daily Foundation (Liquid)

Boost your health and vitality with Your Daily Foundation that contains an amazing array of Essential Vitamins, 61 Minerals, and a Staggering 5,300mg Super-phytonutrient Food Complex, over 9 vegetables, 27 Fruit extract & Concentrates, with 12 Spices & Herbal Extract, Sea Minerals, Amino Acid from Organic Quinoa, Prebiotic, and much more!

We also have 100% Organic multivitamin (120 Vegetarian capsules) Iron Free.

And 100% Organic multivitamin with Iron Certified Organic By QAI 120 Veg capsules)