8 Self-Care Activities You May Not Have Tried

8 Self-Care Activities You May Not Have Tried

by Jackie Waters 🌹 - of https://hyper-tidy.com/ - j_waters@hyper-tidy.com
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If you're like many other people, you often feel you live in a world swirling with stress, anxiety, and chaos. You're doing your best to keep your head above water, but you know the waves could come crashing at any moment. 


You need self-care. You need it for your mental health. You need it for your relationships and goals. You need it for your overall well-being. And now is the time to develop a routine.


Don't worry — we're not here to give you the standard advice on diet, exercise, and sleep. While those are critical self-care practices, we want to share some activities you may not have tried yet. Check out these practical ideas from Lookingvibrant:


  1. Get a furry friend


It is well documented that bringing home a pet can do wonders for mental health. Not only can it reduce the feelings of loneliness and isolation, but it also adds a companion to your life who is dedicated at all times to making your life easier and more enjoyable. In other words, get a pet and get healthy!


  1. Go to a game


If you're a sports fan, step away from the TV and see the action in person. You can easily find tickets online at discounted rates. You can find cheap Los Angeles Dodgers tickets and some fantastic seats with a few minutes of research. Use a 360-degree in-seat view before buying to get a feel for what you will be seeing.


  1. Make a lunch substitution


You don't have to transform your diet to improve your health and wellbeing. All you have to do is switch out that burger for a salad at lunch.


Eliminating the empty carbs and adding nutrient-dense veggies will go a long way in boosting your daily energy and long-term health. While you're at it, throw in a Lookingvibrant supplement for neuro support or anti-aging!


  1. Binge your favorite show (responsibly)


Who says you can't watch TV and be healthy? We live in an overstimulated world, but that doesn't mean you have to cut out all the electronic joy from your routine. Sometimes you just need to binge on your favorite show or film series with a bit of junk food. Just be sure to stay in bed or on the comfy couch to get the full effect.


  1. Listen to music you loved in high school


Music doesn't have to be good to bring you joy. Do you remember some of the bad pop music you listened to in high school? Remember how it made you happy and took your mind off your daily stressors for a moment?


You can bring back that feeling by making a playlist of some of your old favorites. Spend 15-20 minutes a day shamelessly listening to your jams, and don't be surprised if you start a dance party of one!


  1. Stay off social media for a week


Social media comes with pros and cons. Perhaps most significantly, it's a blessing because it connects us with others, and it's a curse because it leads to unhealthy comparisons.


Delete your social media apps from your phone for an entire week, and you will literally feel your mental health being restored. All you have to do is be in the present and stay in your lane, and you can allow other people to live their lives as they wish.


  1. Make your bed


An activity doesn't have to be lazy or relaxing to be defined as self-care. Sometimes work that provides immediate gratification can be just what you need for a mental health boon.


Each morning, make your bed as soon as you get up. This will help create a sense of organization for your day, which can come in handy later on when everything starts to feel chaotic; you will know that you have a clean bedroom and tidy bed to go home to.


  1. Tell people no


Finally, stop overcommitting. You only have so much energy and so many hours in the day, and every time you say "yes" to something you don't want or need to do, it leaves less room for something more meaningful.


You can say no politely to your employer, coworkers, family members, and friends. Learn to prioritize your daily commitments, and you will deal with much less stress and anxiety.


Try out some (or all) of the simple self-care activities above if you haven't already, and prepare to feel the mental health benefits wash over you. Before long, you will be helping your friends, relatives, and everyone else around you to find peace as you have! The world can feel chaotic, and it's up to us to foster our mental health and wellbeing in our daily lives.


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