Flu Vaccinations risk serious Infections VS vitamin D supplementation is 10 times more effective!!

Flu Vaccinations risk serious Infections VS vitamin D supplementation is 10 times more effective!!

Annual Flu Vaccinations May Raise Risk of More Serious Infections

Other recent studies have shown that with each successive annual flu vaccination, the protection afforded by the vaccine appears to diminish. [19, 20] Research published in 2014 concluded that vaccine-induced protection against influenza was greatest among those who had NOT received a flu shot in the previous five years. [21] The flu vaccine may also increase your risk of contracting other, more serious influenza infections.
  • Data shows people who received the seasonal flu vaccine in 2008 had "twice the risk of getting the HAN1"swine flu" compared to those who didn’t receive a flu shot. 
  • Compared to children who do not get an annual flu vaccine, those who receive influenza vaccinations have a three times higher risk of hospitalization due to influenza. 
Research also shows that statin drugs — taken by 1 in 4 Americans over the age of 45 — may undermine your immune system’s ability to respond to the flu vaccine. [24,25,26] When you consider the low efficacy rate of the flu vaccine in any given year, getting vaccinated if you’re on a statin may well be a moot point.
Independent science reviews have also concluded that influenza vaccine does not appear to prevent influenza-like illness associated with other types of viruses responsible for about 80 percent of all respiratory or gastrointestinal infections during any given flu season. [27,28,29,30]
Vitamin D Works Better Than Flu Vaccine If Your Levels Are Low (Below 40)
Since then, a number of studies have come to similar conclusions. Most recently, a scientific review [5,6] of 25 randomized controlled trials confirmed that vitamin D supplementation boosts immunity and cuts rates of cold and flu.
Overall, the studies included nearly 11,000 individuals from more than a dozen countries. As reported by Time Magazine: 
“… [P]eople who took daily or weekly vitamin D supplements were less likely to report acute respiratory infections, like influenza or the common cold, than those who did not …
For people with the most significant vitamin D deficiencies (blood levels below 10 [ng/mL]), taking a supplement cut their risk of respiratory infection in half.
People with higher vitamin D levels also saw a small reduction in risk: about 10 percent, which is about equal to the protective effect of the injectable flu vaccine, the researchers say.”
Like Cannell before them, the researchers believe vitamin D offers protection by increasing antimicrobial peptides in your lungs, and that “[t]his may be one reason why colds and flus are most common in the winter, when sunlight exposure (and therefore the body’s natural vitamin D production) is at its lowest …” 
According to this international research team, vitamin D supplementation could prevent more than 3.25 million cases of cold and flu each year in the U.K. alone.  Another statistic showing vitamin D is a more effective strategy than flu vaccine is the “number needed to treat” (NNT).
Overall, one person would be spared from influenza for every 33 people taking a vitamin D supplement (NNT = 33), whereas 40 people have to receive the flu vaccine in order to prevent one case of the flu (NNT = 40).
Among those with severe vitamin D deficiency at baseline, the NNT was 4. In other words, if you’re vitamin D deficient to begin with, vitamin D supplementation is 10 times more effective than the flu vaccine.
Dr. Rhonda Patrick: 33 Studies showed people with vitamin D level 50-60 was associated with the lowest all-cause mortalities and Telomeres was shown to be longest with people with Vitamin D level 50 or higher.
Dr. Rhonda Patrick: Explains briefly How dangerous is vitamin D Deficiency? (one-minute video clip)

Why 50-80 vitamin D levels (nano gram range) are the best predictor for good outcome results and why you should not ignore the other essential nutrients? (Dr. Russell Jaffe explains briefly)

Low vitamin D may reduce telomere shortening! (Dr. Rhonda Patrick explains briefly)

Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum and Dr. Gottlieb’s book, Real Cause, Real Cure:  70% of whites, 90 % of Latinos, and 97% of blacks in the United States have low blood levels of vitamin D, reported researchers at Harvard and the University of Colorado in the Archives of Internal Medicine. That’s three out of four Americans with a vitamin D deficiency, which is so easy to prevent— causes tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths every year in the United States from heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and dementia.
Dr. Jacob & Gottlieb continue: “New research shows that these health problems are caused or complicated by vitamin D deficiency. (And you can add arthritis, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, depression, insomnia, fibromyalgia, and multiple sclerosis to that list of D-deficiency conditions.).
D targets more than 2,000 genes (according to Dr. Bruce N Ames)— including genes that maintain the health of the heart, brain, immune system, muscles, and bones.      
Not all vitamin D supplements are created equal!
Before you rush and purchase your vitamin D know this: Most commercial Vitamin D sold on the market are toxic ☠️ Did you know this?
Ex Biochemist for Eli Lilly and Company wrote in his book Over-the-counter natural-cures: "One of the most toxic vitamins is synthetic vitamin D, It makes great rat poisoning"☠️.
Over-the-counter natural-cures continues,
And 99% of supplement companies use it including your MD physicians produced by drug giants, Hoffmann-La Roche and BASF. 
The University of Colorado reminded the scientific community of this danger when they published: “…baits containing large quantities of vitamin D are used very effectively as rodenticides (rat poison).” Said another way…SUPPLEMENT HUCKSTERS ARE PUTTING RAT POISON (AKA SYNTHETIC VITAMIN D) IN YOUR MULTI VITAMINS simply because it's cheap to make!
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