Cancer: 1 in 3 adults in the U.S. diagnosed during their lifetimes 😢. Donald Abrams, MD

Cancer: 1 in 3 adults in the U.S. diagnosed during their lifetimes 😢. Donald Abrams, MD

We've chosen a few videos regarding holistic approach to cancer and prevention!!

Cancer has a major impact on our society with approximately 1 in 3 adults in the U.S. diagnosed during their lifetimes. This programs looks at the role of diet and health, with diets high in red and processed meat, sugar-sweetened beverages, trans fatty acids and sodium contributing to poorer health outcomes. Maintaining a healthy weight and eating a diet rich in whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and legumes can help prevent cancer.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick briefly discusses the effect of Vitamin C on Cancer.

William W. Li, MD, is a world-renowned physician, scientist, and author of EAT TO BEAT DISEASE EXPLAINS (in 18 seconds) THE IMMENSE HEALTH BENEFITS ESPECIALLY FOR WOMEN!

Less than two minutes video clip with Dr. William Li

Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum and Dr. Gottlieb’s book, Real Cause, Real Cure: 
70% of whites, 90 % of Latinos, and 97% of blacks in the United States have low blood levels of vitamin D, reported researchers at Harvard and the University of Colorado in the Archives of Internal Medicine. That’s three out of four Americans with a vitamin D deficiency, which is so easy to prevent— causes tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths every year in the United States from heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and dementia.
Dr. Jacob & Gottlieb continue: “New research shows that these health problems are caused or complicated by vitamin D deficiency. (And you can add arthritis, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, depression, insomnia, fibromyalgia, and multiple sclerosis to that list of D-deficiency conditions.) D targets more than 2,000 genes (according to Dr. Bruce N Ames)— including genes that maintain the health of the heart, brain, immune system, muscles, and bones.      
Russell M. Jaffe, MD.
  • We call it vitamin D3 but it's really Neuro hormones that have a unique molecule that has two arms and stretches between two cells; and when it can touch two cells on the molecular level, it tells the cells that there are enough of them and that they should stop dividing. (That can only happen when using premium quality vitamin D3 combined with K2). But if vitamin D3 doesn’t find a cell adjacent to itself, it tells the cells to keep dividing.
  • So, low vitamin D3 increases cell proliferation but, a more troublesome,  low vitamin D increases the risk of transformation/cancer formation!
  • You also need to measure your vitamin D3 level and it should be up to 80 for cancer patients if you want to reap most benefits from D3 vitamin. 
Starving The Cancer Is Actually A New Way To Treat Cancer - William Li, MD.

Dr. Andrew W Saul Ph.D. Interview with Dr. Victor Marcial-Vega (Radiation Oncologist) Andrew Saul has been a consulting specialist in natural healing for over 30 years. He has a Ph.D. in Human Ethology.
As an author and veteran lecturer for three colleges his command of clinical nutrition is second to none. 
Question To Dr. Vega: How Do You Treat Cancer Using Vitamin C? (Dr. Victor Marcial-Vega is a Radiation Oncologist)

Lee's Summit man used food as medicine to fight Stage 4 cancer!!

Dr. Richard Gerhauser M.D:  Prevention is always better than cure, but the causes of cancer are never addressed because there is no money to be earned from that. His personal approach when treating cancer is to try and find the cause and then make lifestyle adjustments for the patient that will eliminate that cause.
Treatments like chemotherapy and radiation can lead to more cancer and a host of other diseases because they destroy the immune system.


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