Chronic Pain: Treatments Beyond Opioids

Chronic Pain: Treatments Beyond Opioids

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Opioids are the most common forms of pain management. In the short term, they may not necessarily do harm, but for long-term use they pose a very real risk of developing an addiction. Fortunately, there are many choices among alternative treatments that can help you avoid an opioid addiction. If you have chronic pain and want to forgo the addictive pharmaceuticals, here are a few alternative options, courtesy of Looking Vibrant.

Diet Makes a Difference 

Your dietary habits have a direct impact on the way you feel, whether you suffer from chronic pain or not. However, for those who are living with chronic pain, there are certain foods to avoid as well as certain foods to add into your diet.

Inflammation is one of the most common causes of chronic pain. Therefore, foods that cause or exacerbate inflammation should be avoided at all costs. There are also foods that can work to reduce inflammation. Simply by reworking your diet, you may be able to get your chronic pain under control.

Herbal Remedies are Safe and Natural

Herbs have been used to treat a variety of illnesses and maladies for centuries. In modern times, you don’t need to have an herb garden to treat your pain. Pain-relieving herbs are available in the form of capsules, teas, drops, and essential oils. Be sure to do your research, avoiding any herbs that could interfere with other medications and ensuring you do not purchase homeopathic remedies.

Homeopathy is an approach often thought of as an herbal remedy but is actually a heavily diluted substance that, in larger quantities, would cause the ailment it is intended to be curing. The commercial product is unlikely to contain even a molecule of the “remedy” herb.

Yoga is the Best Exercise for Chronic Pain

Exercise is always a good way to fight chronic pain, however going for a run can be very difficult when you’re in pain. Yoga is a gentle, relaxing, and low-impact activity that can be tailored to particularly bad pain days. Stretching is a wonderful way to fight the inflammation that causes chronic pain while endorphins released by exercise can also work to dull pain.

Meditation Proves the Power of Mind Over Matter

Meditation is beneficial for a number of ailments including stress, depression, anxiety, and even chronic pain. The daily period of relaxation is good for muscle tension while the mental tranquility takes the mind off the pain. Buddhist monks have been known to do many more extraordinary things while meditating such as raise body temperature or withstand tremendous pain. A few hours of practice a week is sure to have a very positive effect on your chronic pain.

Consider Some Lifestyle Changes

If you find yourself stuck in a stressful routine, odds are that stress is making your chronic pain even worse. Maybe what you really need is a change of pace. If your career is dissatisfying, for instance, maybe it's time to empower yourself in a new direction. You’re never too old to learn, and the flexibility of online classes might be a great way to boost your career and change your life for the better.

There are also some simple changes you can try, like cleaning and decluttering your home. Just giving yourself more positive surroundings can greatly reduce your stress levels. If it’s been a while -- or never -- since you had your furniture cleaned, search Angi for furniture cleaning companies near you, and browse ratings and reviews to find the right professional for you.

Living with chronic pain is not easy. Living with both chronic pain and addiction is even less so.  Though opioids are the most commonly prescribed pain management, they are also very highly addictive. While many alternative treatments may not be as fast-acting or potent, they are not addictive.

Yoga, meditation, herbs, and a change in your diet are all positive ways to cope with pain as well as improve your overall wellbeing. One cannot meditate too much or eat too well whereas too much of an opioid can cause not only addiction but death. If you want to manage your pain risk-free, you may want to consider alternative treatments.


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