Control your blood sugar the natural way...

Control your blood sugar the natural way...

How healthy do you think you are in today's sugar fest Western diet on a Scale of 1-10?

CDC: 38.4 million people of all ages—or 11.6% of the US population—had diabetes. 38.1 million adults aged 18 years or older—or 14.7% of all US adults—had diabetes.

Diabetes: 90% of diabetics are type2 and majority of them are reversible Dr. Sarah Hallberg.

How can your physician lack of knowledge regarding the right nutrition impact your diabetes health negatively and how medications can cause very serious health complication when you're not considering the alternatives?

Dr. Sarah Hallberg explains in less than 1 minute.

Are you over 30 years old  and not diagnosed with diabetes yet😳?!

According to the CDC, approximately 84 million American adults are pre-diabetics yet 90% don’t know they have it!. 

Pre-diabetes puts you at an increased risk of developing type II diabetes leading to, heart diseasestroke, high blood pressure, blindness, low testosterone, and eventually will lead to diabetic neuropathy / limps ammunition.

Why would anyone believe that pharmaceutical companies want to find a healthier alternatives when the annual diabetes market cap in the U.S is 250 billion.

In total, the economic burden of diabetes amounts to $404 billion annually, with an individual cost of $1,240 per American in higher medical costs and lost productivity nationwide. (Jul 23, 2019)

Ignoring facts leads to unnecessary suffering & death

CDC: Limb amputations (LLA), which is surgery to remove a toe, foot, or leg, are increasing in the US, and 80% are a result of complications from diabetes. From 2009 to 2019, the number of diabetes-related hospitalizations due to amputation doubled.

It all starts with Pre-diabetes, you ignore it,  and a few years it turns into type2 diabetes, then it turns into type1, and then it turns into Diabetic Neuropathy >> Limp Amputations. 

You can decide to make your health the #1 priority investment today and turn into mother nature holistic approach or pay later with endless heart complications, surgeries and ambulations.

Remember, this and manny other dangerous medications are still prescribed today today because the FDA only requires more warning on the labels which is more than enough to warn diabetes patients of the dangerous sided effects from drugs like these😡

Dr. William Li: "If you can control your blood sugar, you can control your health destiny".

Do you think you're healthier than a person in her mid 20's!

Kate (in her mid 20's) after completing her base-line tests for anti aging showed that her Biological age was 74, 90, and 67 years old on the cellar level. (Here's a brief video)

The Hacking of the American Mind Speaker: Robert Lustig, Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics, Division of Endocrinology and Institute for Health Policy Studies, University of California, San Francisco; Adjunct Professor of Research, Touro University California.

What's wrong with our diet? (Dr. Robert Lustig brief video)

Continues briefly...

"You're in charge of your own health if you're willing to make your health  the #! investment

Here's a one-minute video clip with Dr. Russell Jaffe.

it's 92% EPIGENETICS which means:  "You're in control of 92% of what you put in your body".

"The average study subject had a Full mg/dL (mg per dL) reduction in hemoglobin A1C and that added on average 22 years of quality low cost life to that individual who follow our program".

More Cardiologists are coming on board telling us today what we've already known for several years! (Here's a brief video clip)

Dr. Russel Jaffe’: "550,000 dies from avoidable cardio vascular events every year and of those 500,000 Thousands Deaths are caused from complications of diabetes".

Dr. Nicolas Verhoeven Studies Cellular and Molecular Medicine at. University of Maryland, Baltimore. (Here's a brief video regarding the tremendous health benefits of medicine spices / herbs)

Daniel E. Lieberman, Harvard University. Professor of Biological Sciences and Professor in the Department of Human Evolutionary Biology. (Professor Daniel's  Brief Message)


Unfortunately some researchers like Dr. David Sinclair are promoting the use of Metformin as 100% safe to help keep blood sugar low for reversing aging instead using natural herbs like Cinnamon, Green tea, and Berberine, etc. 

Here's a brief video regarding Metformin medicine negative side effects that Dr. David Sinclair and a few other researchers like Andrew Huberman have never heard of.

One of our guests emailed us regarding the blood sugar balance protocol to say, “I have been using this protocol for about 9 months:

My A1C was always at 8 or above.  Just recently my
doctor told me A1C was now at 6.5!  As for me,  blood sugar balance protocol worked!!"
The blood sugar protocol added more measurable health benefits beyond just lowing blood sugar...

Are You Still Eating Cereal, Fried Chicken, Corn Bread, Junk Foods or Using Diet Sugary Drinks or Alcohol? then you most likely have "high A1C."'s a measure of your blood sugar levels over time.

Higher A1C, the higher your sugar levels are over a period of 4 to 
6 months.  High blood sugar leads to all kinds of health complications
like obesity, depression, heart disease, cancer, and dementia, usually
in that order.

Of course, your brain and muscles need sugar.  But your body can make it
from healthy fats and proteins...there's no need to be getting it from
sickening sweet drinks, cane sugar, soda, juice or otherwise.

To date, A1C has become the popular metric for "overweight" people
to monitor and test ad nauseum.  This is a trap.  

It take A1C  apex. 4 to 6 months to start showing a real difference.

Because it's slow to change, it's the hardest to control.  And, even if high, it has a very little role in your overall health.  That's because lowering your
A1C doesn't lead to beneficial changes in hormone balance, output
and sensitivity, which is the root of the problem?

Just Think about that!

Need to get your health back, you have to target your hormones in addition to 
your A1C!

By lowering A1C, this fan can now rest easy knowing that her insides
aren't being eaten away by sugar...But she also needs to target 5 more
health indicators:


2-Insulin levels

3-Body fat %



Add just 20 minutes of Workout/Exercise daily to sweat and detox. (Eliminate fried food, Junk foods, all sugary beverages and baked goods, canned foods and keep your eating window to 9 hours in the 24 hours time)

...then watch the magic happen every month as your body fat plummets and your 
hormone balance, output, and sensitivity are optimized! 

At Looking Vibrant our health gurus spent hundreds of hours searching for lifesaving informations so you don't have to😊

Listen to the real health experts that your MD Physician have no clue...

Here's a few Golden Nuggets lifesaving information all summarized for you in a few minutes video clip from Dr. Michael Greger!!

Dr. Michael Greger briefly explains: How breakfast skippers are associated with a significantly increased risk of T2D. 

Dr. Greger briefly continues for a few minutes... 



With the right diet plus the blood sugar balance protocol combined with key nutrient investing in your health today will reap the highest dividend Guaranteed!!

Here’s one of the reviews:
EXCELLENT QUALITY PRODUCTS. Dr. Hanny, G. on Sep 03, 2017
These supplements are as close to highly specialized custom clinical nutrition as you can get… 
If you're shooting up, you're screwing up!  Insulin is the

worst thing to Type II diabetics! 

If not today, when? Start today with the blood sugar balance protocol,



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