Diabetes holistic approach is the safest option👍

Diabetes holistic approach is the safest option👍

Ladies and Gentleman: Why do you spend so much time worrying about your job, your car, your house, your retirement and your finances? If you don’t have a good health, you’ll have none of these to worry about!
Its not easy to exploring many years of research in a few minutes but we promise you to make this short presentation noninvasive and as painless as possible😊
The number #1 reason why you should consider investing more in your health? 
Let’s explore some facts, shall we...

As once stated by Hippocrates: "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food," which is a principle embraced and promoted by holistic nutritionists…
Let's start with diabetes medicine!
Are you over 30 years old  and not diagnosed with diabetes yet?
According to the CDC, approximately 84 million American adults are pre-diabetics yet 90% don’t know they have it!. 
Pre-diabetes puts you at an increased risk of developing type II diabetes leading to, heart diseasestroke, high blood pressure, blindness, and eventually will lead to diabetic neuropathy / limps ammunition😭😞
Let's start with the most prescribed diabetes drugs and the cheapest price, metformin!
Here's a few seconds news report regarding the side effects using Metformin! 
It all starts with Pre-diabetes and a few years later it turns into type2, then type1, and then it turns into Diabetic Neuropathy = Limp Amputations 😢
By using medicine approved by the FDA, covered by insurance trusted and prescribed by your physician!
Let's explore another popular diabetes drugs, INVOKANA. (Couple minutes video clip).



It gets worse!
Pfizer faces lawsuits that claim Lipitor caused diabetes😡 (Ref: modernhealthcare)
Here's A Short Summery,
  1. Blair Hahn, an attorney with South Carolina-based Richardson, Patrick, Westbrook & Brickman, the lead law firm in the litigation, said clinical evidence shows that Lipitor can increase women's risk of developing diabetes by as much as 700%. “They knew that when they launched Lipitor,” he said. “That information was in the new drug application, but it was not spelled out directly.”
How Diabetes Got To Be The No. 1 Killer In Mexico!
Type 2 diabetes is often considered a lifestyle disease because it's far more likely to develop in people who are overweight. Mexico has seen a rapid increase in obesity, with the number of people categorized as overweight and obese tripling over the last four decades.
The obesity problem is in part a side effect of Mexico's economic progress. As wages have risen, the average daily intake of calories has soared. In 2012 Mexico was the world's top per capita consumer of soda in the world guzzling 176 liters per person per year, according to the Mexican government. That's nearly 500 cans of soda for every man, woman and child. (Mexico was recently overtaken by Argentina, the U.S. and Chile.) Coca-Cola is practically the national drink in Mexico. Type 2 diabetes has skyrocketed as soda consumption has risen.
This trend, the New York Times has pointed out, is like: "Appointing The Fox To Guard The Henhouse."
Cardiologist Dwight Lundell Say’s:
"Their FDA approval Medicine is a reflection of false advertising and checkbook science as well-documented by the top researchers". 

Diabetes expenditures is the biggest burden on government healthcare budget not just in the U.S. but around the world!

Why would anyone believe that pharmaceutical companies want to find a natural / healthier alternatives when the annual diabetes market cap in the U.S is 250 billion+😉?!
In total, the economic burden of diabetes amounts to $404 billion annually, with an individual cost of $1,240 per American in higher medical costs and lost productivity nationwide. (Jul 23, 2019).
Want More Confessions From Big Pharma Insiders?
(35 years working for Big Pharma as Top Pharma Rep for Europe blows the whistle on Big Pharma in his book!)
Dr. John says, pharmaceutical companies want to keep people sick. "They want to make others think that they are sick. And they do this for one reason is MONEY.  More than 75 percent of leading scientists in the field of medicine Rep “Paid for” by the Pharmaceutical Industry! Pharmaceutical companies are increasingly targeting your children"!
Why are all odds stacked against you?
Dr. John Abramson, Regarding Big Pharma (who wrote the books Overdo$ed America and Sickening) explaining how they fooled us in marketing their products! (Less than two minutes video clip interview) 

More shocking confessions from Dr. John Abramson (Less than two minutes video clip)

Dr. David L. Katz explains how your food supply is willfully engineered to make you fat, sick and diabetic for corporate profits! (Two minutes video clip)

And to prove it to you that the food supply is willfully engineered to make you fat, sick and diabetic for corporate profits designed & developed by Monsters of modernity: Frankenstein and modern environmentalism...Here's Dr. Chris van Tulleken, UK doctor switches to 80% ULTRA-processed food diet for only 30 days 🍔🍕🍟 BBC and the results will shock you!!!

Dr. Chris van Tulleken short video continues with less than two minutes.
Now, let's merge back to our original subject!

Impact on your ❤️: In a study published in 2014 in JAMA Internal Medicine, Dr. Hu and his colleagues found an association between a high-sugar diet and a greater risk of dying from heart disease. Over the course of the 15-year study, people who got 17% to 21% of their calories from added sugar had a 38% higher risk of dying from cardiovascular disease compared with those who consumed 8% of their calories as added sugar.

"Basically, the higher the intake of added sugar, the higher the risk for heart disease," says  Dr. Hu.


Dr. Russell Jaffe: "The Goal Value For Evidence Based Health Care"
Dr. Russell Jaffe' Says: "We can document in 6 months following Lower blood sugar protocol the average study subjects had a full milligram per deciliter reduction in their Hemoglobin A1C and that added on average 22 years of quality low-cost Life to that individual". (One minutes video clip)

Ignoring facts leads to unnecessary suffering & death💀

Dr. Russel Jaffe’: "550,000 dies from avoidable cardio vascular events every year and all those 500,000 thousands deaths are caused from complications of diabetes".😢

Can money buy a better health? Not to the ignorant!
Even many wealthy people are suffering the same health problems as the less fortunate financially!
Dr. Mark Hyman said: "I’ve performed hundreds of blood tests on wealthy clients with terrifying blood test results".

This is about the important of Vitamin C with Dr. Russell Jaffe: "The take-home message"(approx. one minute video)

Dr. Russell Jaffe': "How Ascorbate Liposomal vitamin C Protect Every Cell, Directly or Indirectly from free radical damage"

Here's just one example how deficiency in just one vitamin like vitamin B can effects your blood sugar? (Dr. Eric Berg explain it in 24 seconds video clip)

Holistic health expert Dr. Peter Glidden explain briefly how the human body needs a minimum of 90 nutrients daily to function correctly!

Our recommendation

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Why not give mother nature a try before you're diagnosed with pre-diabetes and avoid the devastating consequences from this crippling disease by being proactive in your own health.
Take the challenge today as many of our pre-diabetes and Type2 diabetes clients ditched their medications with the supervision of their holistic doctor or by consulting online with Dr. Khurram Pervez https://lookingvibrant.com/pages/personal-health-coach
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3- Salmon Oil







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