Dr. Abram Hoffer MD: “So Nutrition Has Been Neglected"

Dr. Abram Hoffer MD: “So Nutrition Has Been Neglected"

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Dr. Abram Hoffer

Abram Hoffer was a Canadian biochemist, physician, and psychiatrist known for his "adrenochrome hypothesis" of schizoaffective disorders. According to Hoffer, megavitamin therapy and other nutritional interventions are potentially effective treatments for schizophrenia and other diseases.


 “So nutrition has been neglected and I think that the reason for that is that until 1950, Nutrition was an essential element of medicine. It was one of the most important aspects of medicine".


And between 1930, between 1930 and 1940, which were the golden age of vitamin discovery. The medical profession took vitamins extremely seriously. And every time a scientist got the Nobel prize for discovering a new vitamin,

everyone got very excited and alerted and, during these 10 years, a large number of very important papers where published by doctors dealing with these various vitamins. But in 1950, there was a major change.

The American medical, the medical profession, got the idea that we knew everything that was to know about nutrition.

Therefore they dropped it out of the medical curriculum. And they don’t teach it today, at UBC, that’s the University of British Columbia medical school, in 4 years of medicine, they get one hour of nutrition.

I spoke to a medical student from eastern Ontario, and I asked her, how many hours of nutrition did you get and she said, “nearly, one hour”. And I said, what do you mean, nearly one hour? She said he never showed up.

Can you imagine? Doctors being trained for 4 years in medicine without having more than 1 hour of nutrition which is usually given to them by a professor of biochemistry!. He may know his vitamins, he may know the chemistry of vitamins, but he knows nothing about nutrition.

There’s a major difference. So, doctors, today are almost totally ignorant and they know that the leaders in the medical profession know, that they don’t know anything about nutrition.

And now that’s a major problem so, nutrition has fallen by the wayside, it’s no longer taught anywhere. It’s left on its own, it’s kind of an orphan aspect of medicine. Now the genius of Dr. Linus Pauling was that the term OM highlighted what we were trying to do.

And it’s the best descriptive word there is. There’s no better word than that, ‘cause it refers to the use of the optimum amounts of the right nutrients, compounds that the body is familiar with. They're not strange, they're not things...



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