Dr. Abram Hoffer: "Self Treatment, Safety of Vitamins VS Danger of Drugs"

Dr. Abram Hoffer MD

2006 Orthomolecular Hall of Fame Inductee Dr. Abram Hoffer MD, was a Canadian biochemist and physician.

Self Treatment, Safety of Vitamins VS Danger of Drugs

“Ideally, ideally, you should never have to treat yourself, ideally, but we, we don’t live in an ideal world.
And my feeling is that if you realize you have schizophrenia, and you read about the OM treatment,
And if you can’t find a doctor that’s willing to treat you… then you have to do it yourself.
And, you can’t do that with drugs, you can’t treat yourself with drugs, ‘cause they’re too dangerous.
But you can do that with vitamins because people don’t die from vitamins.
There hasn’t been a death from vitamins in the past 40 years.
Anywhere in the world!
But as you know in the United States alone, 110k people die each year, from the use of drugs prescribed properly in hospitals.
With vitamins, you can play with them because of their safety, so my recommendation is that they read the literature, read my books, other books as well,
Make the necessary changes in their diet, make the necessary changes in taking their vitamins. Try to get their GP or their doctor to cooperate with them, if they can’t, then go ahead on their own. 
Now, most patients don’t even ask me. They read, they read our books, so they go ahead on their own. They, they don’t need my permission to go ahead and start using vitamins.
And many people are getting well, and they’re just now, over the past 5 years, they’ve been getting to it, reveal themselves, and do let me know, this is what they’ve been doing.
Now overall, you can divide your schizophrenic patients who also have been sick for less than 2 years, and those that have been sick forever, almost from the time.
And then, with the 1st class of patients, and this is based upon my own experience on having treated over 5000 patients, since 1952,
If these patients will agree to accept the treatment for at least 2 years, 90% will be well.
90% of them will.
With the chronic group, the ones who’ve been sick a lot longer, I did a survey of my patients who had been sick, they had been sick at least 10 years. They had failed to respond to any modern treatment. And then they came under my control.
And I’ve had a large number, I’ve had about 500 schizophrenic patients that I’ve been seeing over the years,
Some of them I see once a year, sometimes once every 3, 4 years, some of them I don’t ever have to see them anymore, Some have become good friends of mine.
They’re happy, doing what they’re supposed to do. They’re getting along really well.
So I looked at these chronic patients. I did a survey of some of them. I couldn’t examine them all.
So I surveyed about 30, and I found that of these 30, who had been sick that long, half of them are well.
Half, the other half was better, but they hadn’t recovered.
And I’ve had a few patients where it’s taken 20 years. I have a few patients where it took 20 years of treatment before they became normal.
20 years!
– How long before the chronics showed improvement?
Some of them will start to show within a year or 2. Some will start within 5 years. And these 20-year-old ones, they didn’t show any improvement for at least 20 years.
– 20 years?


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