We’re consuming 49 different shots before the age of 7 years old 🧐

What depletes Glutathione? Medications!
(Prescriptions and off counter medications especially pain medications like Bayer and Tylenol)

Glutathione helps bind to heavy metals and prevents them from actually going through the Brain Barrier. The brain-blood barrier is not fully formed until age 7. Now, how many Shots are we consuming before the age of 7 years old? We’re consuming 49 different Shots before the age of 7 years old!

(You need to take Glutathione in Liposomal Form in order to have the highest Absorption for detoxification)

Let's take a look at the SHOTS we’re taking:
  • At 2 months, we’re taking the DTP Shot (Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Pertussis)
  • At 4 months, another dose of DTP
  • At 6 months, another dose
  • At 12 months, another dose
  • Between 2-6 years you take another dose APS/DTP. etc.
    But this can’t have any heavy metals in them, Is that right?

    Well if you look at the CDC web site you’ll find exactly what's in this shot (SNAPShot Oct 2013 Aluminum phosphate, phosphate, Polysorbate 80, formaldehyde, sucrose, glutaraldehyde, bovine serum albumin, Mueller,-Miller casamino acid medium (Without beef heart infusion), Stainer-Scholte medium (Modified by the addition of casamino acids and dimethyl-beta-cyclodextrin) MRC-5 (human diploid) cells, CMRL 1969 medium (supplemented with calf serum) ammonium sulfate, and medium 199.

    But let's concentrate only on a few of them: Aluminum is 7 times more toxic to your brain than Mercury! So when shot companies start to take out Mercury replacing it with Aluminum, That's not better and they’re both Neurotoxins (Neuro means Nervous system / your brain. Toxic means it goes into the Blood Stream and into YOUR BRAINS.

    • Polysorbate 80:  Makes your brain yet more permeable from formaldehyde and that’s most toxic substance ever. That’s why Aspartame converts into formaldehyde in your body and it can cross the brain barrier. (Many Kids Vitamins like FLINTSTONES OR CENTRUM Contain this ingredient and other harmful ingredients!)
    • MRC-5.  What is MRC-5? ☠️ This is found on the CDC website:“ MRC-5 (human diploid) cells.

    The MRC-5 cell line was developed in September 1966 from Lung tissue taken from 14 weeks FETUS ABORTED For a psychiatric reason”. 

    Your kids take these shots Before age 7 years old when their brain barrier hasn't yet fully developed... And here’s the Kicker, what do doctors give the little kids before they give them shots? Tylenol. It reduces the Glutathione levels in your body.

      But hey, physicians do it because kids might get a fever or you might get a headache, or might feel Nauseated... so doctors are going to give your kids a little Tylenol before so they make you feel good as parents / that you're in good hands!

      Dr. Mike (frustrated😖): It's a freaking joke... and This is evidence-based science😜 

      All autistic kids have very low levels of Glutathione. Although"Glutathione is most abundant in the cell with intracellular concentrations of 10mM". ( That means each cell contains 10 million mM per cell!) It goes down with age. Age 50 less than 50% and age 65 approx. 15%) and when you give kids Bayer or Tylenol you almost depletes Glutathione from their bodies / brain which is one of the main defense mechanisms / not allowing these toxic metals from entering the blood brain barrier.

      Dr. Mike continues

      Now, side effects are a known adverse reaction, it can happen because of medication, etc. For example, blood pressure medication can cause Headaches and dizziness from Less oxygen going to the brain and statin drugs have many side effects also, but did you know that shots have a package insert with the side effects written on the Inserts? Did anyone read that? It's also on the CDC.GOV web site side effects from shots, and these side effects are from the DETAP shots as well and here it is: anaphylactic reaction, Autism, and SIDS (directly from the CDC.GOV web site) and that means that the CDC is admitting Autism is one of the side effects.

      The CDC is essentially directly admitting that Autism is a side effect and we still have people who try to argue that there isn't a link between shots and autism!

      Steven Kirsch B.S.&M.S. (MIT) says: 1 in 4 kids having Autism from kids Vacs! 

      And the CDC is suggesting in 2024 annual vaccination from 12 years old to 64 years old. (Here's a brief video with Tucker Carlson)

      Dr. Mike continues

      He had a baby cousin that died from SIDS and his Mom who's a pediatrician blames everything but the shots 😢 (I guess loyalty to big pharma pays big dividends but at what price!!!)

      Dr. Mike said tell me, what did that child do with anything that shows the side effects SIDS On it? Nothing!

      A Study in the Journal of Human and Experimental Toxicology:

      - The more shots given the greater amount of SIDS. SIDS MEANS: SUDDEN INFANT DEATH SYNDROME (SIDS)

      Dr. Mike, "Re-Think Vacks shots"

      If you mixed Mercury, Aluminum phosphate, Ammonium sulfate, and Formaldehyde with VIRUSES, then got a syringe and INJECTED it into your child, You would be ARRESTED and sent to JAIL for child endangerment and abuse... then why is it legal for a Physicians to do it?! And why would you let them!!!

      Educating yourself is the only way escaping the matrix death traps!!

      Dr. Mike is showing a graph that Autism in 1975, was one in 5000. 1985 was one in 2500.  In 2001, one in 250. In 2004 one in 166.  In 2007 one in 150. In 2009, one in 110 and in 2016 one in 45 and today in 2024 (as Steve Kirsch had mentioned in the video above with Tucker Carlson) it's one out of four. This is called the exponential growth of Autism!

      If this projection is true, with all the shots forced on us and all the GMO Foods we’re consuming, etc. 1 out of every 2 kids will have Autism in 2040 😢
      Dr. Mark Hyman Says: “Glutathione is connected to every cell in the body.” 

      Dr. Mike recommends using premium quality nutrition like Nano Glutathione to help cleanse Heavy Metals from the body & the brain especially when combined with other nutrients such as Chlorella. (They also need to add vitamin B12, multivitamins, Minerals, vitamin C and Fish oil if they want to maximize the positive effects on autistic kids. The sooner the kids can take these supplements especially after the shots the more positive effects it will have / by lowering the harmful side effects of shots)

      Remember, all medications including off counter medications like Bayer, Tylenol, and Antibiotics, etc. depletes many nutrients in the body but in particular Glutathione in Autistic kids.

      What about CV19 kids vaccines? It must be much safer!

      Brian Hooker PhD.: "So the risk/benefit ratio, in terms of mortality, is 30:1."

      Qu: "Doctor have you looked at the risk/benefit ratio of the Covid vaccines in children?" Brian Hooker PhD. "When I do the analysis, I see that for every one child that is saved from death from Covid-19, there are 30 child deaths associated with the covid-19 vaccine.

      Unfortunately Big Pharma, The WHO and the social media watch dog removed the video from our blog but here's below a link to Senator Ron Johnson 39 second video clip.

      Imagine, how much damage was done on the cellular level for these lucky kids who didn't die from CV19 (thanks to God) and how much their bodies will need nourishment for many years to come to fix the damage!

      • By the way, this blog is not pro or anti-shots. It's just unknown information for you to know.

      • Before using any supplements consult with your physician before using any supplements for you or your kids. 

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      Supplements Recommendation


      -Glutathione Increased by 804%*

      -No sulfur flavor and no sulfur smell

      -Dr. Bruce Ames: "Glutathione is most abundant (in the cell at a young age) with intracellular concentrations of 10mM"

      -NIH: Another way glutathione protects cells from oxidants is through recycling vitamins C and E.

      -Liposomes are microscopic spheres made of essential phospholipids that, when wrapped around a nutrient, protect it from destruction in the stomach and deliver it to the power centers of the cells.

      -Water in this product exceeds hospitals' USP specifications required for water injection.

      • L-Glutathione Reduced, produced by “Sigma Aldrich” labs (Canada) one of the world's highest quality.  
      • All Our Liposomal Derived From Non-GMO Certified Sunflower Oil from Europe.
      • Manufactured with no heat, chemicals, or pressure. (non-hydrogenated and non-hydroxylated phosphatidylcholine)
      • GSH is synthesized in cells, with intracellular concentrations of 10mM. (The concentration of GSH in most cells, including neurons)
      • Glutathione in liposomes (double-walled micelles)

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      2-Raw Chlorella (Broken Cell Wall)

      "Chlorella's ability to bind to heavy metal toxins, allowing them to be safely excreted from your body. The heavy-duty superfood is most known by us who use it as the most practical way to remove mercury and other heavy toxic metals from the body*

      Chlorella has been at the top of this research list for over five decades. This is mainly a result of its perfect nutritional array including over 100 nutrients as well as 45%- 55% protein (double the content found in meat, fish, or chicken)*


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