Biochemist Mike Adams (CEO of Natural news) says: "Many of the so-called premium supplements containing much higher amounts of heavy metals than what Prop California 65 allows".

Supplements companies such as,

* Starwest Botanical

* nowfoods

* Irwin Naturals

* Frontier Co-op

* RAW Protein Company



(At Lookingvibrant: You'll find most of our supplements 3D party test copy next to the product image)


"Most popular supplements on the market are actually a cocktail of synthetic chemicals and Kids most popular supplements can even cause Brain Seizures" ☠️☠️☠️ 
Dr. Ted Continues
Many popular adults and kids supplements sold at big block retailers like Centrum, Flintstones, Gummy bears and Nature Made (including your MD prescription vitamins) are just chemicals cocktails full of Artificial Colors, Flavors, Sweeteners and also contains TALC, Aspartame plus Corn syrup which can cause brain tumors, brain cancer, seizures, headaches, and so on...
These supplements also contain hydrogenated palm oil, GMO cornstarch, petroleum-derived vitamins from coal tar, and other pure chemicals.
Most of the supplements sold at big block retailers like CENTRUM contain similar harmful ingredients listed in red font below with 3 products samples.

Centrum Kids


Centrum Silver Women Multivitamin/Multimineral Supplement

Centrum Silver Men Multivitamin/Multimineral Supplement


Are you still trusting in Big Block retailer supplements, THINK AGAIN!
The New York Attorney General conducted an investigation on supplements sold at major national retailers — GNC, Target, Walgreen, CVS, Wal-Mart and found that 4 out 5 supplements tested didn't contain the DNA from plant species listed on labels!


New York Attorney General Targets Supplements at Major Retailers

GNC, Target, Walgreens, and Walmart were accused of selling fraudulent and potentially dangerous herbal supplements and told by New York State officials to…(WELL.BLOGS.NYTIMES.COM |BY ANAHAD O'CONNOR.)
Dr. Ted: Unfortunately most American consumers look for cheap stuff including skipping on their own health. "You want cheap supplements? 
THUS Most supplement companies focuses on the right pricing algorithms and with their endless marketing, American consumers are easily fooled by thinking they're getting some health benefits!

Dr. Ted Continues: developing premium supplements requires utilizing good quality raw material from all natural sources which will price most American consumers out of the supplement market but luckily, we have a few supplement companies in the U.S. that are dedicated for developing premium quality supplements like, GAIA, and THE SYNERGY COMPANY.

(Note: Dr. Ted Says, I have no affiliation with these three supplement companies i've mentioned as a premium supplements).

Even Bodybuilders, Weight loss and Performance-enhancing supplements don't fare better!  



Tags: dietary supplements, criminal indictments, Department of Justice According to the DOJ, USP Labs in Texas imported bulk isolated chemical ingredients from China and then mislabeled them as plant-based ingredients. They also engaged in deceptive marketing and even the chemical adulteration of their product, says the DOJ, causing liver damage in numerous customers and putting hundreds of thousands of people at risk. In a widely publicized announcement today, the DOJ, FDA, FTC, and DoD all urged consumers to beware of what they call “high-risk supplements” which are:
·       Weight loss dietary supplements made with chemical stimulants and marketed with outrageous claims of magical weight loss.
·       Bodybuilding supplements made with chemical ingredients that promise unreal muscle gains but actually contain potentially hazardous chemicals.
·       Performance-enhancing supplements that may contain banned substances (doping) which may also pose a risk to consumers. Criminal indictments were handed down today against at least four executives of the USP Labs company in Texas, plus at least 20 warning letters have been sent out to other companies for engaging in what the federal government described as misleading, even “criminal” behavior.
No wonder why millions of American consumers have been using supplements for many years with no noticeable health benefits and actually many more Americans are sicker now than 30 years ago!
Let us take a detour for a moment and show you a few samples from the world resound health experts / how nutrition deficiency causes many illness, accelerate aging, even cause death and Unfortunately "Doctors suffer from a severe nutrition deficiency in education". Mildly put by Dr.Michael Greger 😊 
When our foods are mostly GMO's, full of pesticides & herbicides with very little nutrition left in it thus how important nutrition supplements in your daily diet? (Dr. Michael Greger explains in couple of minutes)

Dr. Mark Hyman: "The tsunami has come". What foods are killing us & how the food industry lied to us! (A few minutes with Dr. Hyman)
 Dr. Mike Vndershelden reveals the shocking truth about eating healthy, thinking we're getting enough vitamins & minrals in our daily diet  / from raw organic foods! (One min video)
Apparently, even wealthy people have a sever lack of knowledge regarding the essential role of premium nutrition in their daily lives (either because they're purchasing cheap  supplements or by assuming that their good quality organic foods contain enough vitamins & minrals), YET "their blood tests is terrifying the level of nutrition deficiency" according to Dr. Mark Hayman. (One min video)

Dr. Bruce Ames 
  • Q: "What's the major factor in acceleration our aging?
  • A: "Nutrition deficiency".  (Couple of minutes with Dr. Bruce)

You put the best gas in your vehicle, what about your body?

Dr. Russell Jaffe: "The take-home message". (One min video)

Integrated Cardiologist & nutrition expert Dr. Stephen Sinatra briefly discusses the essential role of CoQ10 for your heart health. (Two min video)

Dr. Russell Jaffe': "How Ascorbate vitamin C protect every cell directly or indirectly from free radical damage". (20 seconds video)

Dr. Daniel Amen explains how essential to include Multivitamins with Omega3 for your brain health? (45 seconds)

We have a lot more science research based evidence regarding nutrition but we're trying to keep your super informative read as brief as possible hoping by now we've showing you more than enough evedence / how being proactive in your own health should be #1 investment priority with best ROI's for you & your loved ones reaping many years of joyful rich life full of good health and longevity...
Why lookingvibrant vitamins cost more? Because premium raw material cost more...
For example, our B vitamins imported from Austria staring at $179 per a kilo with 100 kilos Min purchase.

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We also use the world highest quality Liposomal vitamin C made in the USA. (Non-GMO with research conducted at the University of Miami with liposomal vitamin C costing us over $67+ per a kilo with 200 kilo min purchase).

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All our products are made in cGMP/FDA approved facilities in the U.S., chemicals free, undenatured, with no heat, solvents or pressure approach to manufacturing set us apart from all other supplement companies.   
All our supplements are 3RD party tested by Summit Nutrition Lab in UTAH and by Advanced Botanical Consulting & Testing Inc. in California.
We're sharing with our gusts a brief video journey in the Amazon-rainforests that cultivates exotic herbs & fruits for lookingvibrant and we're proud to support the Amazon indigenous tripes by supporting reseeding the Amazon rainforest. 

You put the best gas in your vehicle, what about your body?
Lookingvibrant ultimate goal is to heal the world…the best way we can do that is by empowering you to learn how to heal yourself…

No Artificial Colors, Flavors, Sweeteners Chemicals, Fillers or Excipients👍 

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