Holistic Health for Busy Professionals

Holistic Health for Busy Professionals

by Sheila Olson🌹 of fitsheila.com | info@fitsheila.com

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Holistic Health for Busy Professionals

Our health is not something we should leave to its own devices. Instead, everyone, especially professionals, entrepreneurs, and self-employed people, should make time for self-care. By keeping yourself well, you can avoid the pitfalls of Western medicine and the expense of funding the pharmaceutical industry.

Today, we will look at a few ways you can prioritize your health naturally.

Lose weight.

While the numbers on the scale don’t define you as a person, your weight does have a significant impact on your health. Studies show that losing just 5 to 10% of your body weight can reduce the effects of hypertension, improve sleep apnea, and give you more energy. Instead of taking potentially dangerous medication, consider a natural B-12, D3, or prebiotic supplement, which is available online through Looking Vibrant.

Manage your anxiety.

While stress and anxiety come along with being a busy professional, these issues can take a toll. Excessive stress can trigger poor sleep, aching muscles, and even weakened immunity. All of these can reduce your productivity and make you a less effective entrepreneur or manager. While meditation and exercise can help manage anxiety, counseling is available online, often with a free consultation, to help you meet a therapist that works for you. Online therapy has many benefits. Not only is it often less expensive, but you won’t have to waste time away from the office driving back and forth to an in-person appointment that may or may not happen on time.


Keep your blood sugar in check.

Diabetes is a potentially life-threatening condition that is either triggered by the immune system or developed due to an inactive lifestyle. The National Institute Of Diabetes And Digestive And Kidney Diseases explains that type II diabetes, which most often arises in adulthood, is triggered by obesity, which is often caused by a poor diet and lack of exercise. To keep your blood sugar manageable without the potential bloating, B12 deficiency, and gastrointestinal disturbances of diabetes medication, make sure that you are eating right, getting enough sleep, and being active.

Focus on your heart.

You only have one heart, and you have to keep it healthy. If you currently have any form of cardiovascular disease, it’s time to make lifestyle changes that benefit your heart. Start by identifying your risk factors, which include smoking, diabetes, physical inactivity, being overweight, and having high blood pressure. While you can’t always overcome a genetic predisposition to cardiovascular disease, lowering stress with music, eating healthy fats, and reducing your salt intake can have a hugely beneficial impact on your heart.

Other Natural Health Tips

Anytime we think of holistic health, it’s important to remember that every aspect of our body is connected. With this in mind, a few things you can do to promote wellness from the inside out include meditation, drinking enough water, socializing, and practicing self-massage. Although we are all busy, there is no reason that we can’t work these and other healthy practices into our routines, even if it means getting off the internet for an hour each day.

In the Western world, we are conditioned to believe that our doctors' offices are the first place we must turn when our health takes a turn for the worst. This isn’t always true, and there are many ways to keep yourself healthy naturally. By eating right, getting mental health checkups when needed, exercising, and purging our lives of bad habits, we can prevent and even reverse the effects of many diseases that have no place in the human body in the first place.

Looking Vibrant is here for you when you need health supplements you can trust.

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