All foods, including Herbs, Spices or Vitamins Should Always Be Taking Orally Not injected!


Dr.Joel Fuhrman

“Your Health is Your Responsibility, Not your physician”


California licensed naturopathic doctor Kim Kelly gave an intravenous injection of a turmeric solution to Jade Erick, 30, that resulted in her death, the San Diego Medical Examiner confirmed. Erick was being treated for eczema, a benign skin condition.


The turmeric solution was probably a preparation of curcumin, a constituent found in the plant’s roots that is widely believed by “natural health” proponents to have exceptional healing properties.


In a blog post she removed from her website Kim Kelly recommended intravenous curcumin for “any type of inflammatory condition, whether it be arthritis, autoimmune conditions, Alzheimer’s or dementia” and claimed that “promising effects have been observed in patients with various pro-inflammatory diseases.”

Ref: https://www.forbes.com/sites/brittmariehermes/2017/04/10/confirmed-licensed-naturopathic-doctor-gave-lethal-turmeric-injection/#2550cae36326


After all the years of workout, diet or health goals in general?

…where you realize nothing has been working?

You Keep Gaining Weight, Eating Junk and Feeling depressed!

How about taking handfuls of  "drugs" to get more sleep too!

Many spent years on this treacherous path, following the “health” advice of many so called gurus… and they get nothing.

Curcumin has a tremendous health benefits if its taken orally Not by  IV/ Injection but instead, it was too easy to hype and sell new “marketing flare”.


Food for thoughts;

Once you inject anything directly to the bloodstream the body is defenselessness against it!
The natural pathway entry point for any foods or nutrients is through the mouth and by the time any food you eat or supplement you consume reach the bloodstream it must pass through many natural check points in the body.. E.G. for example,  when you get food poising you start feeling sick, you'll have fever, chills and then vomit, etc. because the body detected the poison and alerted you through the natural warning signs of high fever, vomiting and nausea but most people they recover and feel better in in couple of days...
The reason why some naturopathic doctors use spices or vitamin like Curcumin or vitamin C in an IV because its much higher absorption than oral doses but what if i tell you that oral liposomal technology is better delivery than IV and 100% safer!!


Here's cardiologist and researcher Dr. Thomas Levy explain briefly how using oral liposomal for vitamins is better than using  IV vitamin?


Dr. Bharat B. Aggarwal, Ph.D.: “Curcumin can selectively modulate multiple cell signaling pathways linked to inflammation and to survival, growth, invasion, angiogenesis, and metastasis of cancer cells." 



We Use Patented All-Natural Active 3-peak Curcumin.
Our liposome is Derived From Non-GMO Certified Sunflower Oil Imported From Spain. 
Liposomal Curcumin and Resveratrol created in our state-of-the-art supplement manufacturing plant. The liposomes engulf and protect the Curcumin as it is digested, making more of the active compound available in the intestines after consumption. Ultimately, the lipids help the body absorb the Curcumin and resveratrol. 
Water in this product exceeds USP 645 specifications required for water injection. 



More health benefits,

Turmeric Curcumin vs. Exercise for Artery Function

They showed that regular ingestion of curcumin, or up to an hour a day of aerobic exercise training, significantly improved endothelial function. And the magnitude of improvement in endothelial function was the same. So does that mean we can just be couch potatoes as long as we eat curried potatoes? No, the combination of curcumin and exercise both may work even better than either alone.

Dr. Michael Greger: "Carcinogen-Blocking Effects of Turmeric Curcumin!"


Not all supplements are created equal!
The New York Attorney General conducted an investigation on supplements sold at major national retailers — GNC, Target, Walgreen, CVS, Wal-Mart and found that 4 out 5 supplements tested didn't contain the DNA from plant species listed on labels!
REF: https://lnkd.in/eEr726s


It doesn't end there,

...a well-known big brand name quality supplements found by LabsNaturalNews.com containing as much as 10,000 times higher heavy metals than California Probe65 limits such as, 

* Starwest Botanical

* nowfoods

* Irwin Naturals

* Frontier Co-op

* RAW Protein Company




What did Natural News says about Lookingvibrant?
“Looking vibrant technology has changed the game in the supplement industry."


At lookingvibrant all our products are,
Non-GMO. Soy-free and Naturally Gluten Free.
And remember all our products are Chemicals, Excipients and China FREE ingredients!
(No heat, pressure, or solvents used in our manufacturing process.)


All our 3d party lab tests are posted on each product page next to the product images.
Team- LookingVibrant
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