Total Family Doctor Prevents Needless Surgery. W. Gifford-Jones, MD

Total Family Doctor Prevents Needless Surgery. W. Gifford-Jones, MD

Why do you spend so much time worrying about your job, your car, your house, your retirement and your finances? If you don’t have a good health, You’ll have non of these to worry about!
How important is what I like to call the “Total Family Doctor” (TFD)? For years, I’ve praised the hardworking family doctor for the role he or she plays in medical care. Now, many North Americans say it’s impossible to find a family doctor.  What has happened to them?
Prior to becoming a surgeon, I had the good fortune to spend time as a family doctor. And I nearly decided to follow this path. Why? Because I also watched Specialists performing the same task every day. It could become boring, I thought. So, surgery finally won. But I’ve never forgotten the challenges of being a family physician. I even experienced the roles of hotel doctor and ship’s surgeon during medical training.
I believe that people who are fortunate enough to have a family doctor have a better chance of living longer. Why? Because seeing a doctor regularly for checkups means they’re not playing Russian Roulette with their health. We all hope that nothing is going to go wrong with the only body we will have in this life. But when your family doctor finds you have hypertension, you can start to cut down on salt. Or when the doctor recommends you should avoid obesity, you can improve the diet and decrease health risks.
Getting a head start on problems cannot be overemphasized. Consider the woman whose breast malignancy is diagnosed early. Or the man who believes rectal bleeding is due to hemorrhoids. The “total family doctor” thinks otherwise and orders a colonoscopy which detects early cancer of the bowel. Or someone who believes a chronic cough is due to allergy. But an x-ray ordered by the family doctor finds early cancer of the lungs.
So give thanks to the Almighty if you have a “total family doctor” looking after you. Kudos if yours steers you away from the disease I call “Pillitis”, causing people to rush for painkillers at the first sign of a headache, ignoring the serious side effects of these drugs. Why not a cold towel on the brow? Or a quiet room to relax? And why the need to rush to the pharmacy after overindulgence in food? The family doctor may suggest just a change in eating habits as the right prescription.
It is also a plus to have a total family doctor who warns about the possible excess of radiation. He or she knows X-rays saves lives, but many patients are heedless of the damage of overuse. Patients should be hesitant to demand X-rays of the reluctant doctor.
Herewith relevant stories. Family doctors, because they know their patients well, are astute diagnosticians.  I’ve known many direct, decisive and empathetic TFDs. Patients appreciate these traits.
I witnessed a telling incident. Three specialists gathered around a patient were worried about his laboured breathing following gallbladder removal. They had decided the obstructed breathing was so serious it required an immediate tracheotomy to put a tube in his throat.
As they were about to wheel the patient into surgery, the family doctor arrived and listened to his long-time patient’s breathing. Promptly he said, “I’ve known Tom for 40 years and he always breathes that way!”  The operation was immediately cancelled. Three embarrassed specialists departed.  This illustrates why continuity of care is so vital.
There’s another way family doctors can be of tremendous help, when the problem is beyond the TFD’s range of expertise. A fast referral to the right specialist is something people without a family doctor rarely achieve.
Let’s train more TFD’s, the backbone of medical practice! In another life, I’d be one of them without hesitation.
A Miracle Cure is about the fact that Vitamin C has been used to save lives for centuries, but most doctors still refuse to use it! 😡
Dr. W. Gifford-Jones, MD) is a graduate of the University of Toronto and the Harvard Medical School. He trained in general surgery at Strong Memorial Hospital, University of Rochester, Montreal General Hospital, McGill University and in Gynecology at Harvard.
Here's a couple of minutes video clip with Dr. W. Gifford-Jones

Be proactive and take charge of your own health today...
Real science don't lie!
Today and perhaps for first time you'll be able to  visually see the ongoing battle inside of your body under a special microscope showing the tremendous oxidations damage when you're low on antioxidants (like vitamin C) that increase oxidation (Neutrophils) leading to more damage tissues in real time 🧐
Below a few short video clips  starting with Professor Margreet Vissers.
 Video #1 (Professor Margreet Vissers)

Video #2 (Professor Margreet Vissers)

Video #3 ( Professor Margreet Vissers)
Video #4 (Professor Margreet Vissers)

Video #5 (Professor Margreet Vissers)

Why do you need to supplement with premium supplements daily? Even most well off educated people that eat well are massively nutrients deficient!
Dr. Mark Hyman says, “I’m beyond shocked at the level of nutrition deficiencies in most of my clients who are well off”. (one minute video)

No evidence compels the conclusion that the minimum required intake of any vitamin comes close to the optimum intake that sustains good health. Linus Pauling
JACOB TEITELBAUM M.D:  "THE TRIAGE THEORY" Vitamins and minerals ensure day-to-day survival.
"The body copes with micronutrient deficiencies by using available vitamins and minerals to ensure day-to-day survival"  
Dr. Bruce Ames: They have been looking at adequate intake based on the acute but not the chronic effects of inadequate intake. So someone with an adequate’ intake might seem perfectly healthy today— but he’s setting himself up for chronic disease because of an ongoing deficiency of micronutrients. We need to be ‘tuned up’ with vitamins and minerals throughout life. Anytime we’re not, we pay the price in long-term damage. “Nutritionists say, ‘If you eat a good diet, you’ll get all the vitamins and minerals you need,” Dr. Ames continued. “Well, I eat a good diet— but I also take a good quality daily multivitamin and mineral supplements for insurance.
I don’t think Any diet can be optimum in every micronutrient.
The daily micronutrient deficiencies that are likely causing long-term problems?
Dr. Bruce Ames compiled the following list, and it reads a lot like the label of a typical multivitamin/mineral supplement.
Acetyl-L-carnitine Alpha-lipoic acid Biotin Calcium Choline Cobalamin (vitamin B12) Copper Folate Iron Magnesium Niacin Omega-3 fatty acids Pantothenate Potassium  (vitamin B6) (vitamin B2) Selenium Thiamin (vitamin B1) Vitamin D Zinc In the following sections, you’ll find a nutrient-by-nutrient guide to the level of vitamin and mineral supplementation that can prevent these deficiencies and— most important— optimize your health. For each nutrient, we also present the diseases that can be prevented, and sometimes cured, by treating a deficiency.  This is one of the longest chapters in the book. Why? Because I think that nutritional deficiency is the leading cause of so many modern illnesses and that simple nutritional support is one of the most powerful weapons in your self-care arsenal.
(Professor Bruce Ames explains in couple of minutes)

How our modern agriculture depletes our food from nutritional value & why we need to supplement our daily diet with premium nutrition? Dr. Mike VanDerschelden briefly explains why just eating a healthy diet is not enough.

Dr. David Kellen shows that Magnesium deficiencies induce mitochondria protein cross-link. There may be other mineral shortages that will cause similar things. Professor Ames continues by saying that he and Dr. Kellen plugged into Google 30 different vitamin and mineral deficiencies using key terms such as “mutation”, “cancer”, and “ double chromosome break” and found:
        • Calcium deficiency leads to chromosome breaks and colon cancer.
        • Folate deficiency leads to chromosome breaks in mice and humans along with colon cancer in humans.
        • Vitamin D deficiency leads to chromosome breaks and many types of cancer.
        • Magnesium deficiency leads to chromosome breaks in humans.
        • Zinc deficiency leads to Fong’s disease and esophageal cancer in humans.
        • Potassium deficiency leads to cardiovascular diseases.
        • Vitamin B12 deficiency leads to chromosome breaks.
        • Selenium deficiency leads to DNA damage and cancer in humans.
        • Omega-3 fatty acid deficiency leads to cancer.
        • Niacin deficiency leads to chromosome breaks (DNA damage).
        • Choline deficiency leads to DNA damage in humans.

“Everyone should know that most cancer research is largely a fraud, and that the major cancer research organizations are derelict in their duties to the people who support them.”― Linus Pauling

Dr. Petter Glidden ND (briefly explains) "Your body needs 90 essential daily nutrients ".

“If a doctor isn't 'up' on something, he's 'down' on it.”― Linus Pauling

"Frugal Medicine / Green Chemoprevention". Jed W. Fahey, M.S., Sc.D.

Dr. Fahey is a nutritional biochemist with broad training and extensive background in plant physiology, human nutrition, phytochemistry and nutritional biochemistry. (Here's a short video clip)

Dr. Michael Greger: "Most deaths in the United States are preventable and relates to nutrition". (Dr. Greger briefly elaborates)

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