"What Oral Supplement That Can Increase Skin Elasticity By A Whopping 61.4%?" (Susie Perry, Health Writer)

What if there's an all-natural oral supplement that can increase your skin elasticity/firmness by a WHOPPING 61.4% (in just 16 weeks) backed by a double-blind placebo study at Princeton consumer research center, Would you want to know what is it / how much it cost?! 


But first, how much are we spending on useless cosmetic products $$$? 
Like it or not consumers are still spending billions on cosmetic products full of harmful chemicals that smell good with nice packaging, that's all.

Wanna knows more about harmful cosmetics: https://lookingvibrant.com/blogs/news/ref-over-the-counter-natural-cures-are-you-smearing-this-age-accelerator-on-your-skin

There's not a single cosmetic product on the planet backed by an independent clinical trial/research that can increase Skin Elasticity by even 3%, Not even one! 




What About Stem Cell Therapy?

(Dr. Bill Andrews has spent two decades unlocking the molecular mechanisms of aging.)
Bill Andrews, Ph.D. Says: "Stem Cell Therapy doesn’t work"
And increase your skin elasticity by 61.4% in just 16 weeks without spending $$$$ on costly dangerous cosmetic surgeries or useless cosmetic products!?



Science Doesn't Lie...



Introducing our new breakthrough LIPONANO-C


NANO-C + LIPOSOMAL = LIPONANO-C  (Maximum Absorption & Bioavailability)
With 3000mg LipoNano-C daily for less than $129.00 a month that will help increase your skin elasticity /firmness up to 61.4%!



Nano Vitamins don't need to be broken down like regular foods because they are already in 'nanometer-size'. Imagine one-millionth of a millimeter! what does this mean?  It means that the absorption of Nanoparticles is not stopped by regular digestive processes and even cell walls. Accordingly, the bioavailability approaching tremendous with Liposomal as a delivery method and you have A SUPER POTENT FORMULA!
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Our Phospholipids and Nano-C imported From Canada. Non-GMO, Soy Free, Gluten Free, EDTA Free, and Alcohol-Free. (Made in cGMP/FDA Facility IN THE USA). Fully Reduced/Fully Buffered.  
What is liposomal?
Dr. Alec Banham, at the Babraham Institute in Cambridge, UK. Said; “Liposomal vitamin is packaged like a bodily cell so it passes through the digestive barrier and delivers more than 90% of the nutrient directly to the bloodstream within Minutes. With over 90% of your cells will be bathed in Liposomal vitamin C. “


We then wanted to understand the effect that vitamin C has on oxidative stress during a specific type of event called ischemia-reperfusion injury, which typically occurs during cardiac arrest and stroke. Ischemia-reperfusion describes a situation when your blood flow stops and deprives the tissue of oxygen (ischemia) and then the blood supply returns (reperfusion). This type of injury is characterized by high oxidative stress and oxidative injury due to the reactive oxygen species that are generated during the event.
The results from this study showed that if vitamin C is ingested prior to ischemia-reperfusion, the oxidative stress (as measured by lipid peroxidation) is reduced, even though it should have increased during ischemia-reperfusion.
Water in this product exceeds USP specifications required for water injection.
The liposomes in our custom supplements are the optimal size for absorption, as small as 100 nanometers. We use no soy ingredients, and our flavors are completely natural. Our liposomes are naturally non-gluten, alcohol-free, vegan, and made of non-GMO ingredients. 
Vitamin C Health Benefits Are Endless...
And here are a few samples below...
Dr. Steven Gundry Says:
"Liposomal Vitamin C is Essential For Knitting Collagen".
Dr. Gundry continues: Collagen Products are just a waste of money because the body can't use Collagen to build Collagen...it needs specific nutrients such as Amino Acids and E but the most important one is vitamin C.


(We've added all these ingredients recommended by Dr. Gundry such as Amino Acids, E, and much more to one product called: BODY VITALITY & DEFENSE-X7.  You can add it to your LIPONANO-C order to make your daily dose more effective/potent).


  • Oral Liposome Vitamin C will never fail you if you take enough of it in enough force. 
  • Oral Liposomal C better than IV in the box.


The science behind looking vibrant Liposomal


More amazing health benefits when using Liposomal C: "Vitamin C halts the growth of aggressive forms of colorectal cancer in a preclinical study"
High levels of vitamin C kill certain kinds of colorectal cancers in cell cultures and mice, according to a new study from Weill Cornell Medicine investigators. The findings suggest that scientists could one day harness vitamin C to develop targeted treatments.


Colorectal cancer is third-most-common cancer diagnosed in the United States, with about 93,090 new cases each year. Around half of those cases harbor mutations in the KRAS and BRAF genes; these forms of the disease are more aggressive and don't respond well to current therapies or chemotherapy.


"Our findings provide a mechanistic rationale for exploring the therapeutic use of vitamin C to treat colorectal cancers that carry KRAS or BRAF mutations," said senior author Lewis Cantley, Ph.D., the Meyer Director of the Sandra and Edward Meyer Cancer Center and the Margaret and Herman Sokol Professor in Oncology Research at Weill Cornell Medicine.


In a study, published Nov. 5 in Science, a team of researchers from Weill Cornell Medicine, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Tufts Medical Center, Harvard Medical School and The Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center found that high doses of vitamin C — roughly equivalent to the levels found in 300 oranges (Apex. 4,500mg)— impaired the growth of KRAS mutant and BRAF mutant colorectal tumors in cultured cells and mice. The findings could lead to the development of new treatments and provide critical insights into who would most benefit from them.

Enhanced mitochondrial pyruvate transport elicits a robust ROS production to sensitize the antitumor efficacy of interferon-γ in colon cancer.


Vitamin C Deficiency is a lot more dangerous than you think!
It's not only folic acid or iron deficiency that can cause real harm to your baby in your womb but Vitamin C deficiency in pregnant women can also cause fetal brain damage! 

 Find Out More: https://lookingvibrant.com/blogs/news/are-you-causing-your-newborn-baby-cancer-from-the-womb



Dr. Rhonda Patrick Says,
  • Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is an essential nutrient, widely recognized for its antioxidant properties. These properties arise from its potent redox potential due to its capacity to donate electrons to oxidized molecules. Even in small quantities vitamin C can protect critical molecules in the body such as proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, and nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) from damage by reactive oxygen species, which are generated during normal metabolism, by active immune cells, and through exposure to toxins and pollutants (e.g., certain chemotherapy drugs and cigarette smoke). The vitamin also plays a critical role as a cofactor – a molecule that assists enzymes in chemical reactions. This dual nature of vitamin C means that it is instrumental in multiple physiological processes, including those involved in the biosynthesis of collagen, carnitine, and catecholamines. As such, vitamin C participates in immune function, wound healing, fatty acid metabolism, neurotransmitter production, and blood vessel formation, as well as other key processes and pathways.


  • Vitamin C's role in immune function, in particular, is crucial. It stimulates the production of white blood cells, especially neutrophils, lymphocytes, and phagocytes, and promotes the cells' normal functions, such as their ability to detect, move toward, and engulf pathogens. Immune cells release large quantities of reactive oxygen species, often incurring damage. To protect themselves from this damage, immune cells accumulate large quantities of vitamin C, which serves as an antioxidant within the cells. Immune cells also release interferons, a class of proteins produced as a defensive response to viruses. Some evidence indicates that vitamin C promotes the production of interferon, a protein that participates in antiviral activity.
  • Finally, vitamin C is involved in many other physiological processes. For example, it influences physiological levels of other vitamins. It regenerates vitamin E from its oxidized form and increases the bioavailability of iron from foods by enhancing gut absorption of nonheme iron. In addition, some evidence suggests that intravenous administration of vitamin C might be effective in treating certain types of viral infections and as adjunctive therapy in various types of cancers. Although many members of the animal kingdom can synthesize vitamin C, humans cannot and must obtain it in their diets.
Last but not least,
Dr. Richard Cheng Says: "Recently in China, 50 Patients with COVID19 were treated with vitamin C (moderate cases 10g daily and more severe cases 20g-50g daily in a drip IV for 10 hours). Out of the 50 patients with COVID19 moderate to severe cases, No one died and they all recovered".
No More Guessing...We all know now that one of the MAGIC VITAMIN WAND is high doses of Nano C wrapped in Liposomes (double-walled micelles)!!


One of our clients Dominique Eraud ND. Says,
"You can’t dismiss the science & research behind this product with clinical trials. This company is the leader in liposomal technology. We've purchased hundreds of bottles and shipped to France".
You put the best gas in your vehicle, right? Why would you put anything less than the best vitamins in your body!? 



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    * Naturalnews.com says: “Looking vibrant technology has changed the game in the supplement industry." 
    * OrutoMedico Research Clinic of Tokyo Japan Video Presentation
    * All Our liposomes Are Derived From Non-GMO Certified Sunflower Oil Imported From Western Europe and Canada.  
    All our products are made in cGMP/FDA approved facilities in the U.S. with no pressure approach to manufacturing set us apart from all other supplement companies. 
    • Zero Chinese Ingredients 
    • Chemicals Free
    • Soy Free
    • Expedients Free
    • Fillers Free
    • Alcohol-Free
    • BPA Free
    • Third-Party tested
    • No artificial sweeteners, Flavors, or Colors.


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