What's the ROI for spending 250 million on preventive healthcare using vitamin? Dr. Zoltan P. Rona, MD,M.Sc.

What's the ROI for spending 250 million on preventive healthcare using vitamin? Dr. Zoltan P. Rona, MD,M.Sc.

Spending 250 million on Canadians for vitamin can save well beyond 20 billions in healthcare cost.!

In a Nutshell, Each dollar spent on preventive healthcare saves a whopping 80X ROI on healthcare expenditures!.
"The cost of ultra process of food on our healthcare system? Professor Robert Lustig briefly elaborates...

Robert Lustig, Professor: "If you've been fed disinformation, you've been hacked"
Dr. Mark Hyman Says,
"The way we grow our food costs 84% of our 3+ trillion healthcare expenditures for chronic diseases".
The U.S government faces a looming challenge today, to tackle a major national security threat. Our medical expenditures passed 3 trillion!  
Dr. Mark Hyman Explains in one minute the food we eat and the reason for increasing sickness, diseases and health care cost!

The unsinkable Titanic received six warnings of sea ice on 14 April but was traveling about 22 knots when her lookouts sighted the iceberg and we all know the disaster outcome for not listening to the warnings!
HONEST PHARMACY: "We’re selling pills with side effects guaranteed” said Chris van Tulleken a British physician.
Dr. Mark Hyman states that, this backward thinking begins with their education and training. In medical school doctors learn that vitamins are important to prevent deficiency diseases—that is, diseases caused by a lack of specific vitamins or minerals," says Hyman. "Deficiency diseases include things like scurvy from too little vitamin C and rickets from too little vitamin D, etc.
Dr. David Sinclair (Medical Harvard School) a few seconds about the economic savings of living longer and healthier.
Dr. David Sinclair: Living longer and Healthier is less costly for healthcare system!

Dr. Jed Fahey briefly discusses, Frugal Medicine "Green" Chemoprevention!
CAPT Joseph Hibbeln M.D.: "Adequate nutrition =  Better Human Behavior" 
How much can each state save on prisoners incarceration by spending just 75c per a day on specific vitamins?
Dr. Rhonda Patrick: Explain in less than two minutes how dangerous vitamin D deficiency?
THE UAE: Abu Dhabi: TV Chanel, Oloom Al Dar Medical Advice TV Show (Sat April 4th 2015.)
“Apex. 80% of the UAE people have shortage in vitamin D in on of the Sunniest region on earth!”
According to Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum and Dr. Gottlieb’s book, Real Cause, Real Cure: "D deficiency causes tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths every year in the United States from heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and dementia"! He continues to say that, “70% of whites, 90 % of Latinos, and 97% of blacks in the United States have low blood levels of vitamin D, reported researchers at Harvard and the University of Colorado in the Archives of Internal Medicine. 

Ref: https://lnkd.in/g8AdTDj

The impact of Mental illness alone in America Costs America $193.2 Billion in lost Earnings per year.

* One in 4- adults-apex. 61.5 million Americans experience mental illness in a given year and the list goes on...

* 60% of the families have hyperactive children’s have diabetes, obesity, and alcoholism.
Ref: https://lnkd.in/gRFwT7M
* The majority of potential Army reservists are either hooked on prescription drugs, are overweight, or have mental conditions that prohibit them from joining the military, recruiters say.
* 7 out of 10 applicants fail to meet Army Reserve standards on “mental, moral and physical reasons,” said Capt. Eric Connor, U.S. Army Reserve Command spokesman.
Over the counter pain killer medication ☠️
Hematology researchers says: "Many Painkillers (like Tylenol or Bayer, etc.) leads to 42 percent of acute liver failure cases in the U.S. and 30 percent of the deaths".
Those of you who are using over the counter pain killer medication like candy and especially athletes, listen to Dr. Gundry's warning!  
Dr. Steven Gundry briefly explains how dangerous over the counter pain medicine?
 Dr. Robert Rowen MD and Terri Su MD turned from M.D. To Holistic Doctor.   
The three main causes of all disease are bad nutrition, toxins, and stress, and when we compromise our immune system with these, that’s when we get sick.
Dr. Rowen lives by the belief: "if God didn’t make it - don’t eat it".


Dr. Berg's Anti-Aging Seminar.
Is the absence of diseases means you're healthy?
Its the wrong approach to wait until you're diagnosed with disease to start changing your lifestyle / diet!?


lDr. David L. Katz explains how your food supply is willfully engineered to make you fat, sick  and diabetic for corporate profits! (2 minutes video clip).

Liposomal C is superior to IV vitamin C!
Researcher and Cardiologist Dr. Thomas Levy explain how liposomal vitamin C works in less than 3 minutes.

Dr. Russell M. Jaffe
is a Senior Fellow with the Health Studies Collegium. Dr. Jaffe received his MD degree from the Boston University School of Medicine in 1972. He completed his residency training in Clinical Pathology at the National Institutes of Health, where he was on the permanent staff as a practicing molecular biologist and molecular pathologist. In addition, he has studied extensively in the area of nutrition. He was asked by Norm Shealy to be the founding chairman of the Scientific Committee of the American Holistic Medical Association. He was the first Course Director of "Oriental Medical Strategies in Western Medical Practice." 
51 second video with Dr. Russell Jaffe': Environmental Toxins Zap Your Body From More Than 80% Of Essential Nutrients! 

(1 minute video clip)

Biochemist Mr. Shane Ellison Wrote: “You Might Be Dying FOR Nutrient Logic”
“According to the national center of health statistics, up to 90% percent of Americans are nutrient deficient—Lacking essential nutrients required for proper metabolic harmony. This Malnourishment stems from overuse of prescription drugs, sugar, artificial flavors, preservatives, fast food, or some combination of these. These environmental factors deplete our bodies of life-saving nutrients. The end result has been a ghastly epidemic of illness. The Journal Family Practice reported physicians have Little Or No training in the proper use of a nutritional supplement. And the study of proper nutrition Was Removed from Medical School Curriculum over 90 years ago!”
“The big problem is that nutrient logic isn’t profitable for big pharmaceutical companies. I’ve witnessed Big Pharma investigate and prove the value of these nutrients using state-of-the-art technology. But rather than offer this information to the masses, pharmaceutical companies cover it up and try to mimic these substances and their actions with synthetic and often expensive drugs. Historically, these companies often fail to create drugs as powerful, safe, and effective as their natural counterparts”.
“Filling a nutritional void with disease-beating nutrients is of no interest to Big Pharma and supplement hucksters hell-bent on profits”.

One minute video clip with Dr. Russell Jaffe.

it's 92% EPIGENETIC which means:  "You're in control of 92% of what you put in your body"! 
"The average study subject had a Full mg/dL (mg per dL) reduction in hemoglobin A1C and that added on average 22 years of quality low cost life to individual who follow our program!"
Cancer researcher and pharmaceutical medicine developer,
Dr. William Li who wrought the book, "EAT TO BEAT DISESE" Says,
"One Z-Pack (antibiotic) wipes out your good gut bacteria leaving you vulnerable for many diseases"
Dr. William Li : "Tests results in the lab for specific foods turned out to be as potent as some cancer medicines"

Based on Dr. William Li Research, Lookingvibrant developed the world most dense, raw, vegetarian multivitamin on the planet with over 200 nutrients! (Delicious - liquid. - Non-GMO)

Product link: https://lookingvibrant.com/collections/shop/products/your-daily-foundation-apex-45-days-supply-china-free-non-gmo-and-bpa-free-bottle-product-video

Most deaths in the United States are preventable and related to nutrition😳
(Dr. Michael Greger explain briefly)

lEnd the diet sanity 😖

Scientific literature shows that the nutrition of quality of the protein, or carbs or fat Micronutrients are available in beans, nuts and seeds and the consumption can protect you against heart attack cancer and dementia. (You have Bad fast food, and Nature Food)
"Get ready of the Fast food with high fat, calories and they fill them in extra salt. 3 stooges of American Cuisine, White flower, White sugar, White salt and fat and. Once u eat sugar and fat together your body stores it". Dr. Bruce N Ames
Dr. Bruce N. Ames
Micronutrient under Nutrition in America
  • 80% deficient in Magnesium
  • 49% deficient in Vitamin B6
  • 65% of women deficient in Folic Acid
  • 80% deficient in Vitamin D
  • 93% deficient in Vitamin E
  • 61% deficient in Vitamin C plus K, Calcium, Potassium and Omega 3’s. And the list goes on…
“In addition, you’ll need a minimum of 15 vitamins and a minimum of 15 minerals that are cofactors for proteins. These proteins are needed for your metabolism to function. If you don’t get any one of these 30 substances you should die!”
“So these are just the minimum 30 essential micro-nutrients that we need to barely survive. You pay a heavy price if you are deficient  just a little in just one of these nutrients. You pay a heavy price by aging you faster!”
Dr. David Kellen shows that Magnesium deficiencies induce mitochondria protein cross-link. There may be other mineral shortages that will cause similar things. Professor Ames continues by saying that he and Dr. Kellen plugged into Google 30 different vitamin and mineral deficiencies using key terms such as “mutation”, “cancer”, and “chromosome break” and found:
  • Calcium deficiency leads to chromosome breaks and colon cancer
  • Folate deficiency leads to chromosome breaks in mice and humans along with colon cancer in humans
  • Vitamin D deficiency leads to many types of cancer
  • Magnesium deficiency leads to chromosome breaks in humans
  • Zinc deficiency leads to Fong’s disease and esophageal cancer in humans
  • Potassium deficiency leads to cardiovascular diseases
  • Vitamin B12 deficiency leads to chromosome breaks
  • Selenium deficiency leads to DNA damage and cancer in humans
  • Omega-3 fatty acid deficiency leads to cancer
  • Niacin deficiency leads to DNA damage
  • Choline deficiency leads to DNA damage in humans
"You need 90 essential nutrients daily the body doesn't make"! Dr. Petter Glidden
(“I am a politically-incorrect, outspoken advocate of Wholistic Naturopathic Medicine”)

  • Dr. John Lin discovered in 1747 that orange and lemons produce relief from scurvy, and recommended it for the Royal British Navy After more than one Million Navy men had died from Scurvy. It’s a different thing that it took 48 years for this to be implemented!
Another small example with large consequences,
  • Hundreds of thousand in the American SW were decimated by Pellagra, decades ago. Dr. Goldberger served medical evidence that revealed Pellagra is a diet-related disease and it can be solved by including yeast / liver in the diet in 1914. Of course, the medical community did wake up to these findings, that it indeed was a Vitamin B deficiency that caused the disease, only 30 years later!
By taking a step forward and joining hands with Lookingvibrant, we can help  you eliminate billions in healthcare costs especially in Asia and Middle East like the GCC countries, with a simple preventive health care protocol alternative for less than 10 percent of Western Healthcare System Cost and help your citizens save big from what would have otherwise been spent on expensive medications and surgeries.
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