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17 Viagra Horror Stories by Jim Goad : A litany of death, injuries, and personal humiliation blamed on Viaggravating circumstances!

Horror stories of Viagra

Viagra, containing sildenafil, has been associated with deaths since its introduction in 1998. A research done in 2000 showed 522 patients had died after taking Viagra within a year of its introduction. Doctors and experts have known that this drug can trigger or aggravate heart problems and can be fatal for those who are on other heart medications such as nitrates.

There are also associations of sildenafil with arrhythmias (irregular heart beat). Horror stories abound where those who have taken more than the recommended dose of Viagra have suffered heart attacks. In 2015, the Viagra producer was sued by a woman after her husband died of melanoma. He had been taking Viagra for 11 years. A 2014 study also showed those who take Viagra have 84% increased chances of developing skin cancer!

Other related drugs such as Cialis and Levitra were linked to hearing loss. About 47 cases where men experienced rapid loss of hearing after using Viagra and similar drugs were reported by the UK’s Telegraph.

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