As a heart surgeon and Ironman, I banned myself from ever using meds!

Dwight Lundell, M.D.

(Preformed Over 5,000 Heart Surgeries...)


Dwight C. Lundell, M.D. lost medical license in 2008. Since that time he has been promoting books that clash with an established scientific knowledge of heart disease prevention and treatment. His book, The Great Cholesterol Lie, invites people to "forget about everything you have been told about low-fat diets, saturated fats, cholesterol and the causes of heart disease." 
I’ve been a heart surgeon for more than 30 years…and during that time, medication prices have skyrocketed. Just last week, drug prices were supposed to be disclosed to the public. Apparently, this was supposed to counter future increases. 
It won’t.
Eli Lilly and Amgen, along with their trade group, the Association of National Advertisers, filed a lawsuit that successfully blocks the rule! 
(Big Pharma was not going to be shamed into risking their obscene profits.)
A medication that works, cures disease, reduces symptoms is almost priceless. But, guess what. Today’s medications are poisons and worse than the disease they are trying to treat. Their FDA approval is a reflection of false advertising and checkbook science as well documented by the top researchers.
The fact is, Pharma exaggerates benefits by using "statistical wizardry." For example, Lipitor claimed in its advertisements a 38% risk reduction of heart attack and death. The real difference between the drug and placebo was less than 1%! Side effects of this medication are seen MOST of the time: fatigue, muscle aches, dementia and Alzheimer’s in your later years. 
Dr. Dwight continues,
"Big Pharma has corrupted the U.S. government, the insurance companies, and the medical journals".
The evidence for statin effectiveness is close to zero but it is a $30 billion business!
The list goes on and on - antidepressants, blood thinners, BP meds...chemo.
You cannot medicate yourself to good health...and you can't rely on high priced meds or the government to increase your lifespan.
But you can help stabilize blood sugar with an all-natural botanical and herbal products...while simultaneously avoiding meds, Type II diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. 
Here’s why…  
Most conditions are the result of chronic inflammation which disrupts normal bodily functions. Your body is a healing factory. Just like women can create a human being, the body can create good health. No matter what it is from diabetes to cancer to heart disease, the body can eliminate all of them when sugar is controlled!
Even the bastion of medicine, the Mayo Clinic has confirmed that controlling blood sugar is your greatest health asset.
Most chronic inflammation is caused by high blood sugar. And when you start supplementing with high-quality all-natural products your body begins to convert excess, toxic sugar into energy!
  • Without it, excess sugar binds to fats to make triglycerides.  
  • Excess sugar binds to hemoglobin to raise A1C.
  • Excess sugar also binds to arteries, causing heart disease.
  • Excess sugar also feeds cancer.
The one test you need to do for diabetes/ how essential to keep your blood sugar low?!
Dr. Steven Gundry
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