😭 Cheslie Kryst died at the age of 30

😭 Cheslie Kryst died at the age of 30

NBC NEWS: "Friends and family remember former Miss USA Cheslie Kryst." 😭  
Kryst died at the age of 30 after falling “from an elevated position” from a building in New York City.  🏙 
Suicidal thoughts are increasingly common among teens, and cause for alarm 🚨  among parents.☹️
New research links certain behaviors to an imminent risk of a child’s suicide attempt, including a dramatic increase in the time spent at home because of Covid19 lockdown in many places and a sharp rise in the use of negative words in texts and social-media posts.



Before we start listening and asking (the so called health experts) for more BIG PHARMA drugs based on their own scientific research to make additional billions with their new Frankenstein DRUGS... let's remember the fact below.!

"How your food supply is willfully engineered to make you fat, sick  and diabetic for corporate profits".  (Dr. David L. Katz 2 minutes video clip)

Anxiety is a nutrient deficiency!
Gary Brecka whoo's a mortality expert (human biologist, and a life bio hacker) he briefly explains.

Here's another big confession from an Ex Biochemist For Eli Lilly and Co. "Big pharma drug companies when developing drugs, Science was abandoned".! 


Get your knowledge infusion facts in just a few minutes from the school of hard knocks.!!
The media focus today on the soap news like, PELOTON 😩
Peloton will halt production of its bikes and treadmills because of falling demand 😞... Who cares?! Instead of asking the tough questions to those in power why is the health of our people and their mental health is in decline compared with other nations? Young people life at steak here.!

Grab your cub of ☕️ 😊 We bring you video confessions that leaves no room for doubts in your mind...GET READY OF YOUR FEAR & ANXIETY NOW 😇

..why not examine what the real science is telling us we can utilize today.!


(Most of this 10 minutes blog read contain short video clips (2-3 minutes) from the world top health researcher regarding-the link between nutrition and diseases including depression and suicide.

Your health responsibility and your loved-once starts here...
Starting with a few simple steps,
1- Its not Un-American to stop eating / buying artificial sugar and Junk-foods for you and your loved once. 
2-  Turn Off your TV & your CELL phone for couple of hours a day and Take a walk with your loved once...cook at home / involve your kids in the cooking process using whole-foods for god sake and get-of the ☠️ The Frankenstein Foods.
3- Invest in premium quality supplements not made by big pharma like CENTRUM OR GUMMIES that are full of dangerous artificial sugar and chemicals.!
Dr. TED BROER (UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI) Says: "Most popular supplements on the market are actually a cocktail of synthetic chemicals and Kids most popular supplements can even cause Brain Seizures." REF: https://lookingvibrant.com/blogs/news/dr-ted-broer-most-popular-kids-supplements-can-cause-brain-seizures


CAPT JOSEPH HIBBELN M.D: "How far can we change people behavior by giving them adequate nutrition?" (2 mintes video clip)

Want more confirmation regarding the effect of nutrition on mental?
Dr. Daniel Amen explains how essential to include multivitamins + Omega3 for your mental / brain health. (45 seconds video clip with Dr. Daniel Amen)

Dr. Abram Hoffer is a Canadian biochemist, physician, and psychiatrist known for his "adrenochrome hypothesis" of schizoaffective disorders. According to Hoffer, megavitamin therapy and other nutritional interventions are potentially effective treatments for schizophrenia and other diseases. (Less than 3 minutes video clip)

Head of Pharmacology at Oxford University, Professor David Smith,  explains briefly his studies on the link between nutrition and the prevention of cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease. Here at LookingVibrant, our mission is to help you care for the brain that cares for you. 


Hosea 4:6 "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge"

No country wants to buy our Frankenstein Foods... I wonder why 🤡
Ref https://www.newsweek.com/frankenstein-foods-166126 Groups such as Greenpeace, which have long fought biotech on both continents, are crowing. U.S. trade officials, who face a tough fight keeping markets open for American agricultural products, are worrying. And U.S. consumers, who have never really thought much about genetically modified foods, are just plain confused. 🤔 
Dr. Peter Glidden explains briefly how the human body need minimum 90 nutrients daily to function correctly.


Dr. Michael Greger: Why You Should Care About Nutrition? "Most deaths 💀 in the United States are preventable and related to nutrition". 


"Applied Knowledge Is Power"


Regarding supplements, you chose whichever supplement company you like. 😊
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Our deep condones to Cheslie Kryst and her family.😢
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