Dr. Terry Dubrow, Why We All Need CoQ10?

"Every Cell In Your Body Contain CoQ10. It converts ADP into ATP and its the fuel for every cell in your body including your heart, brain and skin cells, etc...

(Ask any cardiologist for heart failure and one of the primary causes of heart failure is the lack of CoQ10"!)



"Every person taking Statins Drugs must, and I emphasize must take CoQ10 supplement daily".


Ref Book: Over-The-Counter-Natural-Cure; 
* WITHOUT IT THE HEART WILL FAIL. Statin Drugs Reduced CoQ10 by 50% in just 30 days.
* However, there's a long list of pharmaceuticals drugs that rob your body of CoQ10, Without it, the Heart Fails. Congestive Heart Failure is the outcome.



The Heart is the largest energy producer and in need of constant fuel...




De-crystalized CoQ10 as ubiquinol or Liposomal CoQ10 as Ubiquinone With Liposomal Delivery (High Absorption)


  • CoQ10 also plays a factor in muscular endurance. Ultra-runners who supplemented with Liposomal CoQ10 or with De-Cryestlized CoQ10-ZC  in a 50 km (31 miles) race in the Sierra Nevadas finished an average of 25 minutes faster than the placebo group. On top of that, there was a statistically significant difference in the inflammatory response between the control and placebo groups. 


  • Supplementing with CoQ10 has a powerful effect in limiting the cellular damage after intense exercise, which is linked to faster recovery. Taking it before a workout decreases the oxidative stress in muscle cells which helps reduce inflammation in the body.


  • A recent study showed a 43% lower risk for heart-related deaths among heart failure patients who took CoQ10 supplements.

The chart below reveals the high absorption into the bloodstream when using Liposomal to deliver vitamins/minerals. (University of Colorado) 

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