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Vitamin B12 Nano Drops 120 servings (Organic)

Vitamin B12 Nano Drops 120 servings (Organic)

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    We use all-natural biologically active vitamin B-12 methylcobalamin and vitamin B-12 Hydroxocobalamin.

    Delicious B12 drops for the whole family (especially for kids and elders)

    Premium quality all-natural active B12 imported from Austria.

    SUPER VALUE = 4-MONTH SUPPLY (2500mcg per serving)

    PANMOL® B-12 is produced by an Austrian company and extracted from non-GMO quinoa sprouts cultivation. (COC quality)

    Contains Organic Tart Cherry, Organic Watermelon, and Organic Glycerin.

    • Biologically active B-12 Methylcobalamin plus B-12  Hydroxocobalamin with a potent dose to maximize your body’s natural energy.
    • PANMOL® B-12 is produced by an Austrian company and extracted from Non-GMO quinoa sprouts cultivation. (COC quality)
    • NO SUGAR
    • SOY-FREE
    • Non-GMO
    Here's one remarkable B12 research summary by Professor David Smith regarding the prevention of cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease. 

    Head of Pharmacology at Oxford University, Professor David Smith explains his findings briefly regarding the link between nutrition (especially B12), the prevention of cognitive impairment, and Alzheimer’s disease. Here at Lookingvibrant, our mission is to help you care for the brain that cares for you.

    Adding Omega-3 with B12 creates a positive synergetic effect on your brain health as mentioned by Professor David Smith.

    Dr. Peter Osborn (PBS) Says:

    • B12 Deficiency is dangerous and can kill.
    • Vitamin B12 deficiency for a period of time creates cascades of dangerous side effects that are irreversible.
    • The body can’t make it and vegans or vegetarians can’t get it through diet.  Even if you eat lots of meat, you can still have a deficiency in B12 because of Gluten sensitivity or Acid imbalance.
    • People with Silica diseases are deficient in B12. Also, any acid-reducing drugs (off-counter or Prescription medications) can reduce the body’s ability to absorb B12. Chemo, Radiation, or X-rays can reduce B12 in the body which decreases Folate and CoQ10 in the body.
    • Brain Power—Vitamin B12 is required for the proper development and functioning of the brain, nerves, blood cells, and many other body parts. Many people also use vitamin B12 to promote memory and concentration.
    • Safe Energy—Vitamin B-12 has been used for years by health enthusiasts to promote energy in a sustainable, safe manner. B-12 fights fatigue and weakness by supporting the circulatory system and protecting against deficiencies in those vitamins necessary for energy production within the body. Because it supports your body’s natural systems, you can avoid the rebound drop in energy experienced by many of those who take less natural, inferior stimulants.

    This bottle is made from biophotonic glass: Miron glass is an antioxidant, biophotonic glass that acts as a natural filter to sunlight. It preserves the potency of natural products and extends shelf life by only allowing rays of light to enter that maintain the natural product's biophotons: visible violet light, non-visible UVA, and far-Infrared light. 

    COA is attached next to the product image. Other ingredients are not all listed on the label due to a small label and are listed on the COA as listed below. 


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