CDC: One person dies every 33 seconds in the United States from cardiovascular disease.

CDC: One person dies every 33 seconds in the United States from cardiovascular disease.

Heart disease remains the number-one killer in the world

CDC: Heart disease is still the leading cause of death for men, women, and people of most racial and ethnic groups in the United States. One person dies every 33 seconds in the United States from cardiovascular disease.

Some big athletes are not spared either...Ref: Zem Fitness 36 Bodybuilders Passed Away in 2022❗Another Devastating Year !!! 

Last Year again Bodybuilding Community witnessed large numbers of Sudden deaths, 2022 has been marked with too many deaths in the sport of bodybuilding. But why are they dyeing? Because the goal is muscles not health!

Unfortunately you can be in a prefect physique shape and full of muscles, etc. Yet not a single beautiful prefect part in your body (from your eyes to your toes) matters once your heart stops!

And its all related to lifestyle & changing your diet you can help avoid being a stetestic. Ref

If what you thought what you knew was true but you'll find out It wasn’t, when would you want to know?

Ladies and Gentleman:
Why do you spend so much time worrying about your job, your car, your house, your retirement and your finances? If you don’t have a good health, you have non of these to worry about!

Why your heart ❤️ health should be the #1 investment!
Lack of nutrition still is the #1 reason for people dying from preventible heart attacks😢
Ignoring your heart health can lead to unnecessary suffering & death ☠️ 
Dr. Joel Fuhrman Says: 40% OF HEART ATTACKS DIED ON THE SPOT”. (Here’s a few seconds video clip)

When should we learn & understand that foundational health & wellness is non-negotiable!

(We bring you hundreds of hours of research knowledge in a coffee ☕️ break infusion.)

First: Why all all odd's are stacked stacked against you and how they manipulate so called research science?

Briefly exposing the food industry by Calley Means who was a consultant for Coke and big pharma.

 Lookingvibrant Message: "Applied Knowledge Is Power".

Change your diet = change your life. Pastor Rick Warren
"A couch potato lives several years longer than an athlete". Dr. Joel Wallach

Andrew W. Saul, Ph.D. explains briefly the publication of the Theoretical bases of high doses of nutrient therapy by Dr. Linus Pauling. 

Calley Means Says: Our U.S. healthcare system lacks integrity, clarity and honesty! (Briefly explained)

Dr. Michael Greger: "We have tremendous power over our health destiny & longevity".

Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum Wrote in his book Real Cause, Real Cure
"The triage theory says that the body copes with micronutrient deficiencies by using available vitamins and minerals to ensure day-to-day survival".

The result: The body’s long-term needs are shortchanged, causing chronic diseases— specifically, the current plague of cancer, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, arthritis,  osteoporosis, and Alzheimer’s.

Dr. Jacob continues

Dr. Bruce Ames compiled the following list and it reads a lot like the label of a typical multivitamin/mineral supplement.

Acetyl-L-carnitine Alpha-lipoic acid Biotin Calcium Choline Cobalamin (vitamin B12) Copper Folate Iron Magnesium Niacin Omega-3 fatty acids Pantothenate Potassium  (vitamin B6) (vitamin B2) Selenium Thiamin (vitamin B1) Vitamin D Zinc In the following sections, you’ll find a nutrient-by-nutrient guide to the level of vitamin and mineral supplementation that can prevent these deficiencies and— most important— optimize your health. For each nutrient, we also present the diseases that can be prevented, and sometimes cured, by treating a deficiency.  This is one of the longest chapters in the book. Why? Because I think that nutritional deficiency is the leading cause of so many modern illnesses and that simple nutritional support is one of the most powerful weapons in your self-care arsenal. 

You'll need a minimum 15 minerals and 15 vitamins but if you don't get any one of them you should die ☠️ (Dr. Bruce briefly explains)

Dr. Joel Wallach briefly explains how lack of nutrients can kill you ☠️

Dr. Joel Wallach: "Most wealthy people die on average at 66 years of age yet they eat very well".
Why all odds are stacked against you?

Dr. David L. Katz explains how your food supply is willfully engineered to make you fat, sick and diabetic for corporate profits! (couple minutes video)

Video #7

Dr. Mark Hyman says, “I’m beyond shocked at the level of nutrition deficiencies in most of my clients who are well off”. (one minute video)

Want more confirmation!

If wealth is a sign of wisdom / having access to the world best diet can make wealthy people healthier / live longer, Think again!
One of the most concentrated wealth on earth is in the UAE, with higher standards of living than most western countries!

Dr. Joel Wallach: "Not a single heart disease is caused by cholesterol".

Neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock

Dr. Russell Blaylock

  • B1 deficiency could be responsible for up to 75% of heart attacks. 😢
  • When using this organic B-Complex from Looking Vibrant you’ll be surprised by the results". 
Dr. W. Gifford-Jones: "How lives being lost, due to oversight of vitamins like vitamin C?" 

A Miracle Cure is about the fact that Vitamin C has been used to save lives for centuries, but most doctors still refuse to use it! 

Dr. W. Gifford-Jones, MD. is a graduate of the University of Toronto and the Harvard Medical School. He trained in general surgery at Strong Memorial Hospital, University of Rochester, Montreal General Hospital, McGill University and in Gynecology at Harvard. (Here's couple of minutes video clip with Dr. W. Gifford-Jones)

Understand that structures determine function?

Dr. William Li: "One Z-Pak prescription wipes out good gut bacteria in your body leaving you vulnerable to many diseases" (Scientist & Researcher Dr. William Li explains in less than 2 minutes)
How many times should they lie to us before we stop listening to them!

pubmed: Recent studies of medical errors have estimated errors may account for as many as 251,000 deaths annually in the United States (U.S)., making medical errors the third leading cause of death.

Cardiologist and nutrition expert Dr. Stephen Sinatra discusses briefly the essential role of CoQ10 for your heart health. 

Below (a must watch) remarkable life-saving short story!!!

Big Sean is an American rapper (briefly explains) how he had a very serious heart complication and avoided open-heart surgery by consulting integrated health physician David Brownstein, MD. (a holistic physician) who gave him Magnesium (with a few other supplements) and a few days later his doctors were able to cancel his open-heart surgery (his brief video story)

Aquamin Magnesium Complex Containing
  • 72 additional trace minerals derived from the Clean Waters Of The Irish Coast.
  • This Unique Aquamin MAGNESIUM COMPLEX contains a Chemically validated (FTIR fingerprinted).
  • Quality Magnesium like Aquamin is attached to KREBS CYCLE INTERMEDIATES.
  • The Krebs cycle is part of aerobic for respiratory / breathing mechanism.

Dr. David Kellen shows that Magnesium deficiencies induce mitochondria protein cross-link. "Magnesium deficiency leads to chromosome breaks in humans".

Product link:

Dr. Bob DeMaria NHD (Holistic Natural) Says: "Beetroot is one of the most significant foods on the planet  that can lower cholesterol by up to 40%." (one minute video)

Organic Beetroot 1300MG: It contains 1300mg Pure beta Vulgaris organic beetroot extracts.

Beetroot’s effect on the vasculature is largely attributed to its high inorganic nitrate content.

Peter Glidden ND briefly explains how the human body needs a min of 90 nutrients daily to function correctly.


Joel Kahn, M.D. integrative doctors – including world-renowned holistic cardiologist Joel Kahn, M.D.

A growing number of integrative doctors – including world-renowned holistic cardiologist Joel Kahn, M.D. – believe that atherosclerosis is not only treatable but reversible.
Dr. Kahn maintains that a routine of supplementation, nutrition and exercise can help reverse the artery-clogging effects of atherosclerosis and prevent life-threatening cardiovascular events.
Final message from one of our founders / health Gurus.

What Is the best heart healthy diet plan?
Cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra (Stephen T. Sinatra was a board-certified cardiologist specializing in integrative medicine)

Nutrients play an important role in heart health. Here's my own current, complete daily regimen for plaque stabilization and reversal—which is the key to protecting yourself from coronary artery disease. I realize this list is long and comprehensive, so I have broken it down into two sections.

Big Pharma keep telling you don't listen too the holistic doctors  / nutrition researchers, they're slick oil sales men 🤡... I wonder then, who's bankrupting the U.S. government with the biggest useless healthcare budget cost on the planet?!

"Just one antibiotic prescription for one week wipes out your good gut bacteria for approx. 2 years" Dr. Eric Berg 

Cardiologist and integrated physician Dr. Stephen Sinatra Suggest,

Automate your heart health with these amazing premium supplements:

At a minimum I highly recommend these key nutrients:

1- A good daily multivitamins / multi-minerals nutritional supplement.

Your Daily Foundation with over 200 nutrients sourced from the Amazon Rainforests

2 - Zero Chrystal CoQ10: 150-200mg mg daily.

3 -Magnesium: 500 mg daily.



NCBI: Among supplements, fish oils, which are derived mainly from Wild Anchovies, are considered the best and generally safest source of omega-3. Taking into account (i) the anti-autoimmunity and anti-cancer properties of the omega-3 PUFA, (ii) the increasing incidence of both autoimmune thyroiditis and thyroid cancer worldwide, (iii) the predisposing role for thyroid cancer exerted by autoimmune thyroiditis, and (iv) the risk for developing metabolic and cardiovascular disorders conferred by both elevated/trendwise elevated serum TSH levels and thyroid autoimmunity, then there is enough rationale for the omega-3 PUFA as measures to contrast the appearance and/or duration of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis as well as to correct the slightly elevated serum TSH levels of subclinical hypothyroidism.

5-Vitamin K2 Menaquinone-7 (MK-7) (150 mcg twice daily)  


Dr. Stephen continues

You also need to add,

  • Pomegranat Juice: 2–3 ounces daily (You'll find 100% Pomegranate in many supermarkets)

  • Organic B-complex vegetarian vitamins 

  • Garlic 

  • L-carnitine

  • Vitamin C (Min 5000mg daily)

  • Vitamin E

In this custom formula, CARDIO SUPREME-X1000 Contains B complex, Garlic, L-carnitine, Hawthorn berry, vitamin E and much more...


CARDIO SUPREME-X1000 contains more than 30 premium potent ingredients such as,

Vegetarian certified organic B complex (OrgaMax), Magnesium, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Hawthorn berries, Reishi mushroom, Cayenne fruit, Organic Vitamin D, Curcumin extract, Green Tea Extract, Resveratrol* Zinc, Potassium and much more...

Here are a few facts regarding about some ingredients health benefits:

Hawthorn berry

"Hawthorn can help improve the amount of blood pumped out of the heart during contractions, widen the blood vessels, and increase the transmission of nerve signals. Hawthorn also seems to have blood pressure-lowering activity, according to early research. It seems to cause relaxing of the blood vessels farther from the heart. It seems that this effect is due to a component in hawthorn called proanthocyanidin."

- Scientists writing for WebMD

"One study found that hawthorn extract taken for 2 months was as effective as low doses of captopril (a prescription heart medication) in improving symptoms of heart failure."

"These results suggest that the anti-hypertensive effect of proanthocyanidins [hawthorn] is due to vasorelaxation via an endothelium-dependent nitric oxide/cGMP pathway and that proanthocyanidins [hawthorn] might be useful in dietary lowering of blood pressure" 

Resveratrol University of Maryland Medical Center

"In this prospective cohort study of well-characterized young and middle-aged women with 18 years of follow-up and repeated measures of dietary intake, we observed that a higher intake of anthocyanins [from grape seed extract] was associated with a 32% reduction in risk of MI [heart attack] and that this inverse association was independent of established dietary and non-dietary CVD risk factors."

- Scientists from the Harvard School of Public Health in the United States and the University of East Anglia writing for The Journal of the American Heart Association


A new study compared garlic to the blood pressure medication known as atenolol. The results showed that garlic was more effective at lowering blood pressure than the popular drug!

Scientists from the College of Pharmacy at King Khalid University, compared both among those suffering from confirmed hypertension. After 24 weeks, the researchers found that “In the garlic treated group, a significant reduction in both systolic and diastolic pressures were observed when compared with atenolol and placebo.” 

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