Not all Liposomal products are created equal!

Truth to be told...

The #1 Liposomal supplement brand name seller in the U.S. is

Take this revelation in good spirit...use the negative & the positive to enhance your knowledge decision making before you buy your next liposomal products!


The #1 rule for developing premium quality supplements must always start with premium quality ingredients, PERIOD.


Don't hate the messenger!

Let the fact sheet reveal the truth and let the Fat Lady 🎤  or  😭

LivOn established a good manufacturing liposome technology 👍
They use low quality ingredients (Listed on their labels and website) like Soy (Which interpret thyroid function) and they add harmful preservatives like gel alcohol... in some of their products they add inflammatory ingredient banned in Europe called, EDTA 👎
No cGMP/ FDA approved certification 👎
Below is a copy from labs Liposomal C fact sheet showing Essential Phospholipids derived from Soy Lecithin. And under Other ingredients, they've added Alcohol. 


Page link:


    Here's one review copied from Amazon regarding liposomal C product;
    • This Lypo-Spheric C from LivON. It is definitely the culprit. Now that I've stopped taking it I have no more IBS! I have heard since that it's the soy in the product that some people cannot tolerate.
    • LivOn Liposomes products contain 12% alcohol and will cause esophageal burning.
    • here is the kicker. with LivOn Liposome products... it is NOT a drink that contains alcohol it is a GEL that contains alcohol... meaning it will STICK to your esophagus for days all the Way Down!
    • LivON Other ingredients: De-ionized water, Alcohol 12% v/v (a natural preservative), EDTA." It's the EDTA That Scares Me...I know it is a dangerous preservative used in body care products etc...and not too excited about ingesting it or giving to my babies. However, The Big problem with EDTA is its inability to biodegrade in the environment. EDTA is found in many natural waters and occurs at higher levels in Wastewater. This can be a reason to try and Avoid EDTA if you can, its inability to dissolve. Western European countries have banned the use of EDTA in Detergents, where it is commonly used to chelate metal ions in tap-water. A ban was adopted in Australia as well.


    Why looking vibrant liposomal is superior? 


    • Says: “Looking vibrant technology has changed the game in the supplement industry." 👍
    All our products are made in the U.S. in cGMP/FDA approved and inspected Facilities👍
    No Soy👍
    No alcohol👍
    No EDTA👍
    Never with Sweeteners, Falvors or colors added 👍
    non-hydrogenated and non-hydroxylated phosphatidylcholine👍
    Our Liposomal Certified Non-GMO from Europe derived from sunflower. We use No Heat, Pressure, or Solvents in our manufacturing process. 👍
    Water in this product exceeds USP specifications required for water injection.👍

     Why our supplements cost more than other cheap ineffective brand names supplements? 
    I thought you'd never ask!
    Concerning herbs & vitamins' raw material: 
    More than 95% of all raw material are imported from China and approx 98% of all the U.S. & Canadian supplement companies utilize chinese ingredients.
    supplement raw material is just like everything else: 
    there's the Rolls-Royce, the Mercedes the Cadillac's and there's China!
    U.S., Japan, Scandinavia and Western European raw material for supplements can cost up to 10 times more than Chinese ingredients because it's higher quality, higher bioavailability and 10,000 times lower in heavy metals according to Biochemist Mike Adams.
    Here's a link revealing some of the raw material we use in our products.
    Liposomal C animation.



    mmmPreformed two clinical trial on Liposomal products👍👍👍  




    By the way, we cover all our Liposomal in Nitrogen blanket from inception to production to protect it from any airborne contamination until we complete development of each patch in BPA Free Packaging.
    How essential and effective is liposomal vitamin C for immunity?
    Dr. Richard Cheng Says,
    “50 Patients with COVID19 were treated with vitamin C (moderate cases 10g and more severe cases 20g in a drip IV for 10 hours a day). Out of the 50 patients with COVID19 moderate to severe cases, No one died and they’ll recovered"!
    Author of Curing the Incurable by Cardiologist Dr. 
    New York Times Best Seller,
    Nutrition researcher and Cardiologist Dr. Thomas Levy reveals: how liposomal vitamin C works in less than 3 minutes.

    Cardiologist Dr. Thomas Levy Says: Reveals more benefits for liposomal "Vitamin C!!
    (Explained in 54 second video clip)

    Linus Pauling Phd. 
    "I hear from patients who say their doctor said, 'If you want to take Vitamin C, go ahead and do it. It won't harm you, and it may do you some good.' More and more physicians are getting convinced about the value of large doses of Vitamin C."  


    "Coronary Heart Disease, the cause of heart attacks and strokes is an early form of scurvy". Dr. Rath Matthias
    “A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings, and learn how by his own thought to derive benefit from his illnesses.” ― Hippocrates


    Below is a copy of 3d party lab test (COA) 👍



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