Resveratrol: 10 Evidence-Based Health Benefits William Wallace, Ph.D

Resveratrol: 10 Evidence-Based Health Benefits William Wallace, Ph.D

William Wallace, Ph.D

William Wallace, Ph.D

Ph.D. | Product Development, Scientific Affairs, and Regulatory Compliance | Dietary Supplements, Ingredients and Health Education

What is Resveratrol? Resveratrol (pronounced rez-vair-ah-trol) known as a red wine molecule.

1 vegetarian capsule contains 600mg of Resveratrol and (50%) 300mg of Trans-Resveratrol*

William Wallace, Ph.D

1) Reduce blood pressure* - A meta-analysis published in 2016 reviewed 16 studies in 810 people with high or borderline high blood pressure. It was shown that 100-800 mg daily for 8-16 weeks had the strongest effects for lowering blood pressure

2) Improve blood flow* - up to 400 mg of proanthocyanidin from GSE has been shown to improve blood flow and reduce the risk of blood clotting - benefiting those with circulatory problems.

3) Reduce cellular damage* - Research shows 300 mg and 400 mg of GSE reduced oxidation of facts in the blood after a high-fat meal (compared to 150% in those without GSE) and reduced cellular stress in people after heart surgery, respectively.

A quick note from Dr. David Sinclair who discovered the Resveratrol molecule:
  • Resveratrol protects against high fat diet.
  • The Resveratrol molecule stimulates the SIRT1 gene known as the calorie restriction gene, which is the only gene expression proven to extend human life.
  • Mice Given Resveratrol Live 30% Longer. 
Dr. David Sinclair briefly explains
Dr. Johan Auwerx (The research was conducted at the Institute of Genetics, Molecular and Cellular Biology in Illkirch, France) 
  • Resveratrol makes you look like a trained athlete without the training.
  • An ordinary laboratory mouse will run one kilometer on a treadmill before collapsing from exhaustion but mice given Resveratrol run twice as far. 
William Wallace, Ph.D Continues

4) Improve collagen levels and bone strength* - Human research is lacking here. Animal studies show promise to help treat arthritic conditions and promote collagen health.

5) Protects aging brain* - Cell data suggests GSE can inhibit the accumulation of misfolded proteins in the brain. One study in humans showed 150 mg for 12 weeks improved attention and memory in older individuals.

6) May improve kidney function* - Animal studies demonstrate that GSE may reduce kidney damage and improve function.

7) May inhibit infectious growth* - GSE displays promising antibacterial and antifungal properties.

8) May reduce cancer risk* - Human data is lacking. GSE reduces chemotherapy-induced toxicity in animal studies. GSE inhibits cancer in different human cell types (cell studies)

9) May protect liver* - GSE may protect your liver against drug-induced toxicity and damage. More human data is needed.

10) Enhances wound healing* - proanthocyanidins from GSE in cream form have been shown to promote wound healing in humans. Results are seen with as low as 100 mg and up to 800 mg for 8-16 weeks, with some effects seen more acutely (e.g., blood flow).

     Dr. David Sinclair (Harvard Medical School) noted in his research paper:
  • “When we add the Resveratrol “molecules” to a healthy diet and exercise in animals, they do even better. It’s like a supercharged mouse.”

  • "It’s been found that when we give Resveratrol to Fat mice, it drastically improves their health – they live just as long as healthy mice, and don’t get heart disease".

Dr. David briefly explains how Resveratrol's second trial was 100% successful!

Additional Notes:

The results were reported by Dr. Ronald Carsten, who led the studies investigating the preventive effects of Resveratrol on irradiated mice. The mice consumed the Resveratrol powder two day before radiation and showed significantly improved radiation protection when compared to mice that received no powder.

Dr. Carsten also compared the effects of the Resveratrol powder which also showed evidence of protection. He concluded the Resveratrol powder also contains additional beneficial nutrients. Some cancer patients that undergo radiation treatment unfortunately develop leukemia. This occurs when normal stem cell found in bone marrow mutate and grow into tumors, causing leukemia’s or blood cell cancers. A safe and natural way to protect patients is needed and this may be through the use of dietary supplements containing Resveratrol powder.

In the study reported, Dr. Carsten was able to measure early gene defects in the stem cells in the bone marrow of irradiated mice. These cell changes precede cancer of the blood cells seen in leukemia. Mice fed Resveratrol powder had protection against gene defects.

Dr. Carsten’s findings included dose response curves in which he observed that 1200 plus micrograms of resveratrol were optimum for the protective effect against gene defects in normal cells. 

* 1 vegetarian capsule contains 600mg of Resveratrol and (50%) 300mg of Trans-  Resveratrol* * 60-servings HIGHLIGHTS All our products are 

  • Non-GMO
  • Soy-free
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  • Not Irradiated or Fumigated With Ethylene Gas

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