"Sperm DNA damage caused by vitamins & minerals deficiencies" Dr. Bruce N Ames

"Sperm DNA damage caused by vitamins & minerals deficiencies" Dr. Bruce N Ames

Dr. Bruce: "Double Chromosome Break (DNA mutation) is what happens when someone is exposed to radiation (X-rays) or chemotherapy ".
When you’re exposed to these type of radiations causes DNA mutation (Double Chromosome Break) and that is very dangerous because it weaken your immune system and Cancer Cells/Zombie begin to grow including causing many other diseases.
Common micronutrient deficiencies, which are likely to damage DNA by the same mechanism as radiation and many chemicals, appear to be orders of magnitude more important (2, 10). We are currently working on comparing radiation with micronutrient deficiencies and trying to put risks in perspective. The poor are not served if huge resources are put into minor hypothetical risks and major risks are not addressed.

Sperm DNA damage and vitamins/minerals

We are investigating the effects of inadequate micronutrient intake on genetic damage to sperm (2). We have shown that folic acid deficiency decreases sperm count in rats by 90%, and that uracil is found in sperm DNA of men on low-fruit and -vegetable diets. Our recent work on folate inadequacy in humans in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Agriculture Human Nutrition laboratory (11) shows an inverse association between the level of the nonmethyl-tetrahydrofolate pool but not the methyl-tetrahydrofolate pool with both sperm count and quality, which is consistent with a uracil-misincorporation mechanism. We had previously shown (2) that men with low–vitamin C intake had more oxidative damage to their sperm DNA, and that male smokers (smoking depletes the vitamin C level markedly) had more oxidative damage to their sperm. Recent epidemiological data support the notion that smoking males have more offspring with childhood cancer.
Zinc deficiency may also contribute to sperm damage; zinc is known to be essential for normal male reproductive function. In the Middle East where low-zinc, high-phytate diets are common (phytate binds zinc so that it is nutritionally unavailable), zinc-deficient males exhibit delayed sexual maturation and hypogonadism. Zinc is present at very high concentrations in seminal fluid (∼100 μg/mL) relative to blood plasma (<1 μg/mL) and is mainly of prostatic origin. In a collaborative study between our laboratory and that of Janet King, a survey of 69 healthy men revealed suggestive correlations between seminal plasma zinc and both total sperm count and semen volume. In a recent intervention study (12), 24 subfertile men who took a daily supplement that contained both 66 mg of zinc sulfate and 5 mg of folic acid for 26 wk experienced a 74% increase (from baseline) in total normal sperm count. The study did not examine an independent effect of zinc and folate. Although vegetarian males are generally more healthy than nonvegetarians, those who consume whole grains (which contain phytate) could be at risk for low zinc intakes and possible reproductive problems in addition to the known possibility of vitamin B-12 deficiency.

What is DNA? / How Do We Keep Our DNA Healthy?

DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid is a long molecule that contains our unique genetic code. Like a recipe book, it holds the instructions for making all the proteins in our bodies.  
  • Your genome? is made of a chemical called deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA for short.
  • DNA contains four basic building blocks or ‘bases?’: adenine? (A), cytosine? (C), guanine? (G) and thymine? (T).
  • The order, or sequence, of these bases, form the instructions in the genome.
  • DNA is a two-stranded molecule.
  • DNA has a unique ‘double helix’ shape, like a twisted ladder.
An illustration to show the double helix structure of DNA.
Image credit: Genome Research Limited 
Double-strand breaks in DNA can be lethal to a cell. How do cells fix them? M. Cristina Negritto, Ph.D. (Dept. of Biology, Pomona College
  • Each strand is composed of long sequences of the four bases, A, C, G, and T.
  • The bases on one strand of the DNA molecule pair together with complementary? bases on the opposite strand of DNA to form the ‘rungs’ of the DNA ‘ladder’.
  • The bases always pair together in the same way, A with T, C with G.
  • Each base pair is joined together by hydrogen bonds?.
  • Each strand of DNA has a beginning and an end called 5’ (five prime) and 3’ (three prime) respectively.
  • The two strands run in the opposite direction (antiparallel) to each other so that one runs 5’ to 3’ and one runs 3’ to 5’, they are called the sense strand and the antisense strand, respectively.
  • The strands are separated during DNA replication?.
  • This double helix structure was first discovered by Francis Crick and James Watson with the help of Rosalind Franklin and Maurice Wilkins.
  • The human genome is made of 3.2 billion bases of DNA but other organisms have different genome sizes.
The fact is DNA mutation mostly caused by exposure to radiation, X-rays or Chemotherapy but also nutrition deficiencies is the bigger culprit!

Ref: Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum and Dr. Gottlieb’s book Real Cause Real Cure.

This state of disease due to nutritional deficiency is the basis of the propounded “triage theory” of world-class scientist Bruce Ames, Ph.D., professor of biochemistry and molecular biology at the University of California, Berkeley, and inventor of the Ames Test, the standard method used to determine whether a chemical can cause cancer.
The triage theory says that the body copes with micronutrient deficiencies by using available vitamins and minerals to ensure day-to-day survival.
The result: The body’s long-term needs are shortchanged, causing chronic diseases— specifically, the current plague of cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, arthritis,  osteoporosis, and Alzheimer’s.

Dr. Bruce Ames compiled the following list and it reads a lot like the label of a typical multivitamin/mineral supplement.

Acetyl-L-carnitine Alpha-lipoic acid Biotin Calcium Choline Cobalamin (vitamin B12) Copper Folate Iron Magnesium Niacin Omega-3 fatty acids Pantothenate Potassium  (vitamin B6) (vitamin B2) Selenium Thiamin (vitamin B1) Vitamin D Zinc In the following sections, you’ll find a nutrient-by-nutrient guide to the level of vitamin and mineral supplementation that can prevent these deficiencies and— most important— optimize your health. For each nutrient, we also present the diseases that can be prevented, and sometimes cured, by treating a deficiency.  This is one of the longest chapters in the book. Why? Because I think that nutritional deficiency is the leading cause of so many modern illnesses and that simple nutritional support is one of the most powerful weapons in your self-care arsenal. 
Professor Bruce explains in couple of minutes

Professor Bruce continues briefly explains building the cell research using Acetyl L-Carnitine & Alpha-Lipoic Acid in a few minutes...

Dr. David Kellen shows that Magnesium deficiencies induce mitochondria protein cross-link. There may be other mineral shortages that will cause similar things. Professor Ames continues by saying that he and Dr. Kellen plugged into Google 30 different vitamin and mineral deficiencies using key terms such as “mutation”, “cancer”, and “ double chromosome break” and found:
      • Calcium deficiency leads to chromosome breaks and colon cancer.
      • Folate deficiency leads to chromosome breaks in mice and humans along with colon cancer in humans.
      • Vitamin D deficiency leads to chromosome breaks and many types of cancer.
      • Magnesium deficiency leads to chromosome breaks in humans.
      • Zinc deficiency leads to Fong’s disease and esophageal cancer in humans.
      • Potassium deficiency leads to cardiovascular diseases.
      • Vitamin B12 deficiency leads to chromosome breaks.
      • Selenium deficiency leads to DNA damage and cancer in humans.
      • Omega-3 fatty acid deficiency leads to cancer.
      • Niacin deficiency leads to chromosome breaks (DNA damage).
      • Choline deficiency leads to DNA damage in humans.
Double-strand breaks (DSBs) in DNA form as a result of exposure to exogenous agents such as radiation, Xray's and certain chemicals but today's scientists showing us DNA mutation from deficiencies in specific nutrients as well as through endogenous processes.

Dr. Blackburn's research (a Nobel prize winner): "Consuming Vitamin D + Salmon oil Shown to Support Telomeres lengthening"     
"Investing in early childhood nutrition is a surefire strategy. The returns are incredibly high".  Anne M. Mulcahy.
A Study Reported by Advances in Nutrition (Danielle Swanson Robert Block Shaker A. Mousa.) Shows that higher fish oil intake is tied to having significantly smarter infants, but these effects are canceled out when high mercury levels are observed!
Dr. Rhonda Patrick: 33 Studies showed people with vitamin D level 60-70 was associated with the lowest all-cause mortalities and Telomeres was shown to be longest with people with Vitamin D level 60 -80. 

And what about athletes?

Athletes with exercise-induced fatigue have abnormally short muscle DNA telomeres TELOMERES >> EXERCISE & TELOMERES>> ATHLETES WITH EXERCISE INDUCED FATIGUE. 


Peer-Reviewed Scientific Journal: Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise Size of study: 13 subjects with FAMS, 13 healthy controls Summary This study found that endurance athletes diagnosed with fatigued athlete myopathic syndrome had shorter telomeres in their muscle cells than controls.
Although the beneficial health effects of regular moderate exercise are well established, there is substantial evidence that the heavy training and racing carried out by endurance athletes can cause skeletal muscle damage. This damage is repaired by satellite cells that can undergo a finite number of cell divisions. In this study, we have compared a marker of skeletal muscle regeneration of athletes with exercise-associated chronic fatigue, a condition labeled the "fatigued athlete myopathic syndrome" (FAMS), with healthy asymptomatic age- and mileage-matched control endurance athletes. Muscle biopsies of the vastus lateralis were obtained from 13 patients diagnosed with FAMS and from 13 healthy control subjects. DNA was extracted from the muscle samples and their telomeric restriction fragment (TRF) or telomere lengths were measured by Southern blot analysis. All 13 symptomatic athletes reported a progressive decline in athletic performance, decreased ability to tolerate high mileage training, and excessive muscular fatigue during exercise. The minimum value of TRF lengths (4.0 +/- 1.8 kb) measured on the DNA from vastus lateralis biopsies from these athletes were significantly shorter than those from 13 age- and mileage-matched control athletes (5.4 +/- 0.6 kb, P < 0.05). Three of the FAMS patients had extremely short telomeres (1.0 +/- 0.3 kb). The minimum TRF lengths of the remaining 10 symptomatic athletes (4.9 +/- 0.5 kb, P < 0.05) were also significantly shorter than those of the control athletes. These findings suggest that skeletal muscle from symptomatic athletes with FAMS show extensive regeneration which most probably results from more frequent bouts of satellite cell proliferation in response to recurrent training- and racing-induced muscle injury.
This study is intriguing because it hints at the long-term implications of intense training over long periods of time. Intense exercise incurs high oxidative stress loads and the repetitive injury to muscle requires high levels of cellular replication – both of these conditions are primary contributors to telomere attrition and also Lower Testosterone levels.
This study is intriguing because it hints at the long-term implications of intense training over long periods of time. Intense exercise incurs high oxidative stress loads and the repetitive injury to muscle requires high levels of cellular replication – both of these conditions are primary contributors to telomere attrition and also Lower Testosterone levels.
For Men: Here's an interview with Dr. David Sinclair (Harvard medical School) explains briefly the importance of maintaining your healthy Testosterone for maintaining muscle mass and longevity.  (Couple of minutes video clip)

Scientists reverse aging-associated skin wrinkles and hair loss in a mouse model when adding antibiotic!. Keshav Singh, Ph.D. Ref, https://www.uab.edu/news/research/item/9607-scientists-reverse-aging-associated-skin-wrinkles-and-hair-loss-in-a-mouse-model 

The mutation in the mouse model is induced when the Antibiotic Doxycycline is added to the food or drinking water. This causes depletion of mitochondrial DNA because the enzyme to replicate the DNA becomes inactive.
aging mouse
These photos show the hair loss and wrinkled skin after two months of doxycycline induction, and the same mouse a month later after doxycycline was stopped, allowing restoration of the depleted mitochondrial DNA.
The mitochondria of induced-mutation mice had reduced mitochondrial DNA content, altered mitochondrial gene expression, and instability of the large complexes in mitochondria that are involved in oxidative phosphorylation.
Reversal of the mutation restored mitochondrial function, as well as the skin and hair pathology. This showed that mitochondria are reversible regulators of skin aging and loss of hair, an observation that Singh calls “surprising.”
“It suggests that epigenetic mechanisms underlying mitochondria-to-nucleus cross-talk must play an important role in the restoration of normal skin and hair phenotype,” Singh said, who has a secondary UAB appointment as professor of pathology. “Further experiments are required to determine whether phenotypic changes in other organs can also be reversed to wildtype level by restoration of mitochondrial DNA.”

Your Health Coach Dr. Khurram Pervez: As you can see there's a host of things you need to take such as premium quality vitamins and a few daily diet habits you need to avoid such as artificial sugar, GMO / Junk foods, fried food, refined carbs, dairy (with exception to Goat / Sheep dairy) and let's start nourish, repair, and lower your NDA mutation with daily supplementation...

Supplement protocol I recommend starting with gut health
* Probiotic 40 Billion


  • Cleans


Skin & Joints Health (Collagen is one-third of its protein composition)
    * Collagen Peptides-1000 (Blend of Hydrolyzed Collagen + Protein Peptides)
    • Daily Essential / Oxidants 
    * Raw Liposomal C + Bioflavonoids (90-servings vegetarian capsule)



    •  Men Fuel
    * TESTO-PURE-MAX (For women replace with organic MACCA)



    •  Brain Fuel 
    * Vitamin B12 Nano Drops (All Natural Active methylcobalamin imported from Austria)


    •  Replenish & Energize
    * Multivitamin Vegetarian (Liquid)



    • Fuel for your brain & your heart
    * Extra Virgin Norwegian Salmon Oil 


    • Building block
    * RAW D3 VEGETARIAN + K2 (180 Servings / 6 months supply)


    • Promotes youthful gene SRT1 called the calorie-restricted gene (Harvard Medica School. Dr. David Sinclair)
    * Resveratrol 600mg (One capsule contains 600mg Resveratrol with 50% Trans-Resveratrol)



    Coach Dr. Khurram Pervez continuous
    With daily exercise or a 30 minutes walk, following a healthy diet and using these daily supplements, you should notice a good health results in 3-6 months.
    (Always consult your physician if you'r using any medications)


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