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Urinary Tract Complete XR

Urinary Tract Complete XR

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* Cleanse Urinary Tract
* Support Bladder Health
* No Artificial Anything
This custom blend formula is one-of-a-kind that supports Urinary Tract Infection Treatment, Kidney Cleanse, and as well help PH Balance for Women.
This custom formula delivers an all-natural, lasting, powerful urinary/UTI flushing, detox, and support.

Many people suffer from poor urinary tract health swear system so we’ve made D-Mannose a key ingredient. We’ve also included ingredients like cranberry juice powder, dandelion root extract, and hibiscus flower extract for our guests who are going to love the end results when using this product consistently with a good diet and drink plenty of water.
  • * D-Mannose 1000mg
  • * Cranberry Juice Powder
  • * Hibiscus Flower Extract
  • * Dandelion Herb Extract
  • * 3rd Party Tested
  • *Fillers & Excipients Free

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