AKA problems with blood sugar!

AKA problems with blood sugar!

Everyone should know that drinking excess calories via soda, juice,
coconut water, Gatorade, almond milk and Vitamin Water will lead
to pre-diabetes and/or insulin resistance.

How safe is Metformin? (Fox news video clip 38 seconds)

AKA problems with blood sugar.

....that's how it works.

It's very easy to understand, minus a few big words.
Think of insulin as a sugar taxi.  It carries sugar out of the blood
and into the cell, where it is burned for energy.
“Insulin resistance” is a description for what happens when muscle cells resist the glucose (sugar) and nutrient delivery actions of insulin,
causing blood sugar to soar. The normal range for fasting blood sugar is
85–95 ng/dl. But when insulin resistance sets in, levels spike to
110–125. That’s the start of hormonal ignorance.
Like an alcoholic who has to consume more drinks to get the same intoxicating results, the pancreas responds to higher blood sugar by unleashing greater amounts of insulin to force-feed the muscles. But the cells continue to resist the sugar push. Chemically, the tidal wave of
insulin causes receptors to get “gummed-up.” The muscle cells fail to vacuum sugar from the blood in response to the actions of insulin.
Without sugar and nutrients entering muscle cells, hormonal dynamics that control metabolism and health go AWOL. The hormones ghrelin, leptin and cholecystokinin fail to work in an orchestra-like unison.  Therefore,  they
can no longer regulate hunger, appetite, food intake, and the feeling of being full.
How Does the Body Control Blood Sugar Levels?

Ultimately, our hormone receptors become incapable of recognizing their
hormone counterparts and metabolism comes to a screeching halt as blood
sugar and insulin levels rise. Our willpower becomes wiped out and the
brain screams eat, eat eat... we start eating way too much while
the body does nothing but store, store.

Over time, appetite and food intake can diminish, but hormonal ignorance will continue to prevent weight loss, as calories consumed continue to be packed away as visceral fat. As you may remember, this is the abdominal fat which accumulates around your organs. This is the most dangerous type of
fat, because it “oozes” inflammatory chemicals, which fuel the flames
of heart disease.

As hormonal ignorance dominates, human growth hormone (HGH) fails to
preserve the skin and muscle tone, and a host of other hormonal systems
fizzle out, making us candidates for high blood pressure, Type II diabetes,
cancer, stroke and heart attack. The output and balance of testosterone and
your sensitivity to it also dissipates.

This hormonal nightmare is a global phenomenon that affects hundreds of millions worldwide and can eliminate decades from our lifespan. We are now
living in the first generation of man where life expectancy is moving
backward because of insulin resistance.

But you're not doomed.  You can fix the "gummed-up" insulin
receptors with four easy steps!

Take a supplement with cinnamon and Enzymes (Like GLUCOSE BALANCE-X100) plus add Liver and Kidney Detox that contains milk thistle (Unless you’re allergic to milk thistle) to reprogram your insulin receptors and lower deadly blood sugar:

  • Get off sugary drinks and start drinking spring water and eating healthy

  • Fat meals of humane-raised grass organic beef, chicken, eggs, avocados, veggies, butter, seeds and nuts.

Cholesterol Drugs: Pfizer faces lawsuits that claim that Lipitor can increase women's risk of developing diabetes by as much as 700%.

Ref https://www.modernhealthcare.com/article/20140517/MAGAZINE/305179980/pfizer-faces-lawsuits-that-claim-lipitor-caused-diabetes

A Summery,
1.    Blair Hahn, an attorney with South Carolina-based Richardson, Patrick, Westbrook & Brickman, the lead law firm in the litigation, said clinical evidence shows that Lipitor can increase women's risk of developing diabetes by as much as 700%. “They knew that when they launched Lipitor,” he said. “That information was in the new drug application, but it was not spelled out directly.”

Amount of sugar in various soft drinks.

Curbing Overconsumption

While obesity has many causes, overconsumption of sugary drinks is a big one we can address using a proven public policy tool: the excise tax. Vermont’s excise tax on tobacco has succeeded in reducing smoking rates, particularly among younger consumers, and in raising revenue to fund other public health initiatives. Leading economists, including those at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, have long predicted that a tax on sugary drinks would have a similar effect. Raising the price of those drinks roughly ten percent could decrease consumption eight to ten percent. That decrease is significant: a person who reduces sugary drink consumption by one drink per day could lose fifteen pounds per year if they otherwise maintain the same diet and exercise routine.

Mexico—which has the world’s highest per capita consumption of sugary drinks and one of the highest rates of obesity in the world— implemented a tax on sugary drinks in January 2014. Early evidence demonstrates that Mexicans are now making healthier beverage choices as a result: sales of taxed sugary drinks have decreased by about ten percent while sales of bottled water are up thirteen percent and other untaxed beverages like milk and sparkling water have increased by seven percent. This month, the city of Berkeley, CA, became the first U.S. municipality to enact a similar tax.

Ignoring facts leads to unnecessary suffering 😢 & death

Dr. Russel Jaffe’: "550,000 dies from avoidable cardio vascular events every year and of those 500,000 Thousands Deaths are caused from complications of diabetes".

The take-away is to be proactive in your own health...start eating healthier diet + supplementing with all natural premium supplements to help nourish your healthy blood sugar stay more balanced naturally before you become pre-diabetic.
Your Personal Health Coach Dr. Khurram Pervez Recommends;
        • Stay away from all artificial sugar and diet sugar including Glucose, Sourceless  and Corn syrup.
        • Lower the consumptions of refined carbs / baked goods.
        • Eliminate eating fried food, canned food and junk food.
        • Eliminate soft drinks.
        • Exercise at least 3 times a week or walk daily (twice minimum 30 minute) especially after dinner.
        • No starch, Carbs or Fruit  for dinner. (Prefer smoked Fish like Salmon, Backed Chicken, Eggs,  Cottage cheese, Feta cheese and salads)
        • Don't stuff yourself. Eat slowly, chew your food, (enjoy your food) and stop before you get full.
        • Eat your organic seasonal fruits before 3 PM separately from food meals by at least one hour.
        • Choose foods that will help you get healthier and enjoy more of a healthy living with your loved once. 
        • Snaking on 75%+ dark organic chocolate + nuts including drinking 100% organic chocolate. 
    • Dark chocolate contains a higher concentration of cacao (that's the term for all of the ingredients derived from the cocoa bean). Milk chocolate is between 10 and 50 percent cacao, but this all depends on the chocolate-maker.
Fill up your gas tank with premium nutrition daily such as,
1-Glucose Balance-X100 (60 servings)


2-Beetroot 1300MG (100% Organic Beetroot)


3-Apple Cider Vinegar


4-Liposomal Pure C (60 CAPs)
5-Probiotic 40 Billion


6-Multivitamin Vegetarian (Liquid)



Team-Looking Vibrant

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